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Plant-Based Hunters: Dosa

Dosa San Francisco vegetarian IndianDecades ago, humans hunted for meat. Now it feels like we have to hunt for plant-based options. As we demand vegan and vegetarian options, we no longer have to hunt them down. Dosa House offers such a robust menu of vegetarian and vegan options that it has won the heart of Bay area plant-based hunters.

The rich, dimly lit ambiance punctuates the warm, exotic flavors of the Southern Indian cuisine. Coming early is highly recommended, as the place is frequently bustling with patrons salivating over the aromas wafting through the kitchen as they wait for a seat. Despite being perpetually busy, the raving reviews ensured a worthwhile wait.

Well-dressed staff provided exceptional service and guided me through the larger menu of purely vegan and vegetarian options. The Kale Pikoras, White Truffle Dosa, and Samosa came highly recommended.

The culinary adventure began diving into a fluffy, air-filled fried bread while dipping each piece into variety of tantalizing chutneys. Each plate tickled the palate with flavors, textures, and aromas. The White Truffle Masala Dosa’s delightful texture was by far the most acclaimed dish. The Kale Pikoras, lightly-spiced with a pleasing crunch, came in close behind.

Dosa San Francisco vegetarian Indian   Dosa San Francisco vegetarian Indian

Dosa leaves you feeling warm, nourished, and nurtured. The sexy decor with innovative Southern Indian fare gives a plethora of sultry options to satisfy even the most discerning of the plant hunters.

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