Ojai Valley Vegetarian Cookbook

This 274 page book is a collection of the 120 most popular recipes from the first two years of posts to my Valley Vegetarian blog. There’s nothing fancy here, just plain good home style cooking that appeals to everyone without regard to specific diet. The recipes tend toward comfort food with a taste of Ojai. Many have been published in the Ojai Valley News under the header Chef Randy.

All recipes are vegetarian, of course, but over half are vegan and/or gluten-free. To order, click here.

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Eat well! Eat local! Eat fresh! Vegetarian since August 1975. Trying to eat local, organic fruit and vegetables as much as possible - working to get to 100% organic. Love to cook for friends and family using ingredients from our vegetable and herb gardens. Sharing conventional, constantly good original vegetarian recipes; the majority of which are vegan. See my food blog at valleyvegetarian.blogspot.com.
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