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Is Your Mom One of the Coolest Around?

Home Sweet Vegan Home Credit PETA

All year long, our moms are there for us, offering sage advice, rejoicing in our successes, and encouraging us when we’re down. We’d be lost without them, so for Mother’s Day, PETA and HappyCow are celebrating some of the coolest moms around.

We love:

Sweet moms, who are so compassionate that they wouldn’t hurt a fly. Or a cow, or a chicken, or a pig.

Fun moms, who would much rather take their kids on snorkeling trips to see fish than on fishing trips to catch them.

Sassy moms, who pack delicious vegan lunches for their kids and can spout off a long list of health facts about vegan eating to anybody who tries to give them lip.

Original moms, who are always thinking up something new and cool, such as whipping up soy ice cream shakes for their kids and their kids’ friends.

Eco-friendly moms, who teach their kids how to protect the environment. They can tell you all about how meat production is destroying the planet.

Savvy moms, who know that college and braces don’t come cheap but who still don’t say no to new clothes and video games. Instead, they save money on groceries by filling up their baskets with fresh fruits and veggies instead of meat and dairy products.

Healthy moms, who wouldn’t be caught dead without their soy, almond, or rice milk because they know that cow’s milk can lead to allergies, obesity, diabetes, and a host of other problems for their kids.

Trendy moms, who are hip to yummy mock meats such as Morningstar Farms Chick’n Nuggets, Gardein Home Style Beefless Tips, and Tofurky Pizza.

Smart moms, who know that eating vegan is best for their families, the planet, and animals.

We love all moms, but vegan moms get our vote for the best moms around. This Mother’s Day, give your mom a special gift: Whip up a delicious vegan meal for her or take her to a vegan restaurant near you!

Happy Mother’s Day, from your friends at PETA (& HappyCow)!

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