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Growl: The Animal Rights Memoir and Manifesto by Kim Stallwood

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In his Foreword, Queen’s rock legend Brian May, says Growl

“…opens the door to a world based on compassion, our greatest hope for us and our children, and our children’s children.”

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Kim says –

Why Growl?

Growl  is the book I wish I could have read when I went vegan and got involved with animal rights in the 1970s. Now I want to spread its message of compassion, truth, nonviolence, and justice in as many places as I can, and Ineed your help. I believe anyone who reads Growl  will

  • deepen their understanding of why animals matter.
  • discover key values in animal rights.
  • become even more effective advocates for animals.

But I need your help! Please help me grab every opportunity I can to Growl 

Where does my money go?

I have invested more than 1,600 hours on researching and writing Growl. To complete the project, I have a goal of $22,000. Your support will go directly to promote Growl and fund an international author’s book speaking tour. The more contributions I receive, the more I can devote to marketing, public relations, and even more speaking engagements. All of which maximizes the impact and gets the message out there. With the initial $22,000 I will:

  • organise an international book tour to speak out for animals with my message of compassion, truth, nonviolence, and justice for animals. This is mostly for tickets and fuel; however, where possible, I will stay with old friends in their homes.
  • arrange a major media outreach and PR publicity campaign to secure media attention for Growl (e.g., news releases, PR representation, promotional materials, social media)

For nearly 40 years I have helped to lead some of the world’s foremost animal advocacy organisations, including Compassion In World Farming, British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, The Animals’ Agenda magazine, Animals and Society Institute, and Minding Animals International. To learn more about myself and my animal rights work, please visit my website Here I am with Shelly, our rescued companion animal or refugee as I like to think of her. GrowlKimShelly

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