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Grilled Cheese- Convergence of Comfort and International Influence


Someone mentions “grilled cheese” and you cannot help but to feel as emotionally gooey inside as the sandwich’s main ingredient. Kids and adults alike get comfort from grilled cheese sandwiches. They just seem to make the day a little brighter.

As kids (and as adults when we get busy!), we kept it pretty simple – a few slices of cheese inside bread, and maybe the long shot of tomato soup on the side. But this was enough. We had achieved the goal – a comforting, delicious and melty mess.

With going dairy free or vegan, many of us gave up the dream of cheese and relented that the simple joys of comfort food like grilled cheeses were never more. But now – thanks to culinary genius – not only can we enjoy them, we can evolve them and allow our taste buds to travel the globe by adding a variety of different ingredients! So grab your grilled cheese passport and check out these ideas:

The Caprese Style Grilled Cheese from Spork Foods beckons the beautiful beaches and flavors of southern Italy with fresh heirloom tomatoes, GO Veggie! Dairy Free Vegan Mozzarella Style Shreds, and a divine mixture of olive oil,Caprese-Grilled-Cheese lemon and basil. Can’t you just taste summer now?

Let’s continue our world travels to make a Spanish Style vegan grilled cheese from the sisters of May I Have That Recipe. This super gooey mess of a sandwich with a salsa of roasted tomatillos, jalapenos, garlic and cilantro along up with GO Veggie! Dairy Free Vegan Mozzarella Style Shreds is definitely fork and knife material.

Sailing on to the rich flavors of the Mediterranean, we find a breathtaking Vegan Mediterranean Grilled Cheese Sandwich from Vegan Miam made with walnut pesto seitan, grilled eggplant and red peppers, baby wild greens and GO Veggie! Dairy Free Vegan Mozzarella Shreds.


But why stop here…how about all that goodness between two slices of crusty rosemary bread?

It is amazing where our minds can travel with the thoughts of grilled cheese sandwiches – from our childhood to the travel destinations on our bucket lists. Where can your favorite grilled cheese take you?

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