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Feb 26th, 2008 

Today I tuned in onto the Opera Winfrey show in which the topic at hand was on freeganism. I would like to share with readers some of my favorite freebie and sharing websites. Upon reading the Veganism Vs. Freeganism post,I reflected on all of the no cost items that are available these days and that I have personally benefited from. Although I don’t obtain food and clothing items from the dumpster, I have taken my fair share of free items from a variety of sources many of which are obtained or advertised online.

I am continually amazed at the amount of literary finds at the local recycling center. Costs for magazines and books can add up.Though I don’t jump in the bin like many freeganists do, I do acquire top layer reads.

I personally get clothing items from a no cost clothing”store” that only puts outs out items that are still in excellent condition. Some donated garments still have their tags on.

Here are a few of my favorite freebie and sharing sites. – A conglomerate of online message groups applying the reuse and recycle concept to all types of reusable items in which no money exchanges hands. hosts A vocabulary game in which rice is distributed to those in need. The donations are paid for by advertisers that post their ads on the site. For each correct answer a vocabulary player correctly answers, 20 grains of rice are donated. site dedicated to saving money. Also,authors can sell their writing-Check out the writers Guidelines. Free and lower cost tax preparation links. faxes online) educational resources)

(Instead of contributing to the wealth of cable and satellite companies, an antenna allows me access to a few local channels . Online tv offers a wealth of classics as well as new programs. Here are a couple of my favorites:

Internet users may go online for free at a variety of educational institutions including the library. My personal favorite for free email addresses is

I would love to hear your personal freebie and sharing finds!

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