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Dr Ellsworth Wareham : Vegan : 102

We posted about Dr. Ellsworth Wareham two years ago, just before his 100th birthday – here.

Dr. Wareham had his 102nd birthday a few days ago!

Dr. Ellsworth Wareham

~ As a middle-aged man, Wareham spent a lot of time in the operating room cutting into one patient after another who had heart problems. There, he noticed something: patients who were vegetarian mostly had much cleaner and smoother arteries than those who ate meat. The arteries of meat-eaters tended to be full of calcium and plaque.

So he made a choice. He decided to become a vegan. That decision was not too hard to make given the fact that many of the inhabitants of his southern Californian community were already very health conscious. Consider: there is no meat sold at one of the largest grocery stores in town. In fact, as recently as a generation ago, meat was difficult to find in the grocery stores of Loma Linda, as the New York Times reports. On top of that, smoking is banned in the town; alcohol is scarcely available; and fast food restaurants are hard to come by. ~ – Source.

~ Dr. Wareham attributes his health at least partly to the fact that he has been a vegan for the last 30 or 40 years (he does not remember precisely). ~ – Source.

See this video from when he had just completed 100 years –

The Amazing Heart SurgeonAmazing! This inspiring heart surgeon celebrated his 102nd birthday yesterday!

Vegan for 50 years, Dr. Ellsworth Wareham is a shining example for healthy living.

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