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Eaten Any Exotic Fruits Lately?

Due to a great stroke of good luck, the world is full of sweet and tasty fruits for us humans to enjoy.  Depending on where you live, certain fruits are always within reach.  But what about those weird, exotic-looking fruits that you don’t even know the name of, let alone tried?  I am fortunate to have spent over 10 years travelling and living in remote and exotic places around the world, and this has allowed me to sample all kinds of weird fruits.  In the last few years, the variety of exotic fruits available in North America and Europe has increased dramatically.  You may find yourself at the supermarket wondering what these strange things are, and if you should buy one to taste.  Or if you are travelling to a tropical place like Southeast Asia, Latin America, or Africa, the markets are brimming with exotic locally grown fruits in season.  Here is a sampling of some of the exotic fruits that you might come across. 

Mangosteen:  There has been a recent health craze about this fruit, and I think it tastes like a little piece of heaven!  Definately one of my favorites

Lychee:  Sweet, juicy and refreshing little red round fruit

Rambutan:  Similar to the lychee, but with red hairs all over it.  Tastes fantastic.

Durian:  A big, green fruit with sharp spikes all over it.  Half of the people who try it love it, and half really hate it.  It has a stinky smell like rotten onions, but I really love it the rich, creamy stuff inside!

Duku:  Small, round, tan fruits that grow in bunches.  They are really tasty.

Starfruit:  Like it’s name, is shaped like a star, and is very juicy and refreshing

Jackfruit:  This is the biggest fruit in the world that grows on a tree.  They can get up to 80 pounds!  The fruit is very fragrant and tastes fine to me, but many people I have met don’t like it!

Cherimoya:  A soft, green, bumpy fruit with white meat inside.  It tastes sweet and yummy!

Plantain:  This is a large banana that is best eaten cooked. 

Passionfruit:  There are a few kinds of passionfruits–yellow, purple, orange.  Crack open the hard outside and enjoy the sweet-yet-tangy seeds inside.

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