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Dangers of Flesh Eating …& some Walt Disney reflections.


A cartoon from the Ernest Bell Library.

‘Dangers of Flesh Eating’

– by –

Edwin George (E. G.) Lutz (1868-1946) 

Life Magazine – the issue of April 27, 1911.

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We have not discovered much about E. G. Lutz’s life – but he was the grand-daddy of many of the glorious cartoons which we have grown up with.

From the look of the cat, we can also imagine that E. G. Lutz appreciated Louis Wain’s work.

This particular cartoon is not a Disney piece, but when we found it we quickly realized the Walt Disney connection. E. G. Lutz was a major influence on Walt Disney. Scroll down a little to read some quotes about this.

Disney’s own Mickey Mouse was was created by Walt Disney and Ub Iwerks at the Walt Disney Studios in 1928.


Ub Iwerks – drawing Mickey –

Full Disney / Lutz article here –

Extracts –

~ It was also during this time that Disney obtained a copy of the newly published “Animated Cartoons – How They Are Made Their Origin And Development” by Edwin George (E.G.) Lutz, from the Kansas City Public Library. ~

~ E.G. Lutz’s book appears to be the first book dedicated exclusively to the subject of cartoon animation. ~

~A basic background/bio on the cartoonist/author Edwin George Lutz is strangely elusive considering how many books he wrote on the subject of graphic art and motion pictures. ~

~ He was the author of no less than seventeen books between 1913 and 1941 and supplied the illustrations for most if not all of them. ~

~It’s no secret that “Animated Cartoons” played an important part in Disney’s growth as an animator. He spoke freely about its influence and animation pioneer and Disney staff animator Hugh Harmon also mentioned Lutz’s book as having been a crucial source of reference in the early years in Disney’s Kansas City studio. ~

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Walt Disney was known to adore the taste of cow flesh – but many of his films have greatly increased people’s awareness of & interest in animals.

The ‘animal prison’ – Disney’s Animal Kingdom – is probably the biggest mistake that the Disney Company has ever made –’s_Animal_Kingdom

A well written article – The Dark Days Of Disney: Slavery, Propaganda, Animal Cruelty, And More –

~ When your company has been making films since 1923, it is inevitable that, as sensibilities shift and time insists on remaining linear, you will find your back-catalogue strewn with quite objectionable content. ~

There are a large number of blogs which discuss the options for vegan eating at Disney locations & Walt Disney’s effect on the animal rights movement.

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