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3 Survival Tactics For Vegans In An Inter-Dietary Household

Whichever reason prompted you to go on the vegan path, it all started with one person making a choice. But ‘no person is an island’ says the oh-so-true edict, and many vegans have long standing relationships with others who have not (yet) made the same choice. This is the case with my love and I. When we became a couple she was already a vegan. I respect her choice, and…

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Blindfolded Meatlovers Guess Vegan Foods

What happens when you blindfold meatlovers, give them a bunch of vegan and non-vegan foods, and have them guess which is which? Buzzfeed tackled that very question in their latest video. They put beloved hamburgers, ice cream and chicken nuggets side to side with their vegan counterparts to see which ones skeptics preferred! And what was the verdict? You might be surprised:…

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The MommyTang Story at LA VegFest


MommyTang is the first and most popular vegan mukbanger. Her mukbang channel is Join HappyCow’s Ken Spector as he interviews her about what Mukbanging is, what MommyTang recently did to a Korean/Chinese restaurant in Los Angeles, and some things you may not have known about her. For more information see: and check out LA VegFest: Watch our video here:…

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VegFest Colombia – Insider Tips And Highlights

Team HappyCow traveled to Colombia, checked out vegan restaurants and attended Veg Fest Colombia in Bogotá, Colombia on January 7-22, 2017. Ken interviewed Nadja Troeger, the founder and organizer of the 2 week event, and two local residents discussing highlights from the event and exclusive insider vegan tips. Veg Fest Colombia consisted of plant-based food and product booths, speeches, live music, hikes, city and fruit tours, and more! Below is…

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Green Spaghetti (Tallarin Verde)

Green Spaghetti (or Tallarin Verde) is very popular in Peru. It is very similar to pesto, with an addition of Peruvian pepper paste. This recipe was created for my cookbook, Peruvegan, and I promise it will be the best pesto you have ever tasted! The recipe is mostly raw (except for the sauteed onion) and contains no oil (except for the sauteed onion). It’s full of raw spinach, and a…

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