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Not so Vegan Friendly, the media

I cannot believe that calling someone a Vegan in the news is relevant to their story when it is regarding a marriage breakdown!  “The Vegan Perception”, as Canook phrased it is alive and well in the Media.    The article was about Sir Paul McCartney who is ready to offer estranged wife Heather Mills £30 million to “get her off my back” (reported on the 15th of Feb in Melbourne’s…

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Environment/ Politics/ Veganism

Making the Connection

Last week in our nation’s capital, the National Council for Science and the Environment (NCSE) held a climate change conference focused on solutions to the problem of human-induced climate change. As mentioned in a previous post, the head of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change—Rajendra Pachauri—emphasized the importance of making better lifestyle choices to help curb global warming. Most notably, he brought the concept of what we eat and it’s…

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Animal Rights/ Politics

Barack Obama and Animal Rights

With the recent debate between Hilary Clinton and Barack Obama reaching beyond the mere caviling typical of everyday political discussion, one subject was absent: the senators’ positions on animal rights. The optimist in all of us might wish to believe that there is simply nothing to discuss, addressing animal welfare is essential to civilized society.In fact, when the Associated Press recently quoted Senator Obama in his response to one such…

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