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VeganGMO – Jamie Foley & The Animalist

NOTE: The views expressed in this interview represent those of the author / the interviewees only and are not those of HappyCow. HappyCow has decided to allow this post to spark discussion, not as an endorsement. Jamie Foley was raised in the American South but now lives in Oakland, CA where he’s a biotechnology student. Right now he is a visiting Fellow with the Cornell Alliance for Science in Ithaca, NY. He started the…

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Environment/ Veganism

Veganism And The Drought

Did you know that cutting just one beef hamburger out of your diet can save 1,300 gallons of water? Maybe you did, but a lot of people don’t. Here in California, we’re suffering from a severe drought that will likely change our state forever. If you’re yawning and dismissing this as unimportant because you’re not from this increasingly arid state, think again. Nearly half the fruits, vegetables, and nuts grown…

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Vegetarian Food Asia 2015 – Vegan Tips and Highlights

vegan in hong kong

Watch our highlight video of Vegetarian Food Asia 2015 in Hong Kong at the Hong Kong Exhibition and Convention Centre. Interviews by HappyCow’s Ken Spector. Learn some tips about Hong Kong’s favorite vegan restaurants and other tips from local vegans and vegetarians. Watch our video highlights here:   For more info see:…

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Looking Behind The Label

Ethical Consumerism

Overstimulated. Thats how I felt when I returned to Europe after 8 years working and living in Latin America. It became apparent to me that the media have to SHOUT to get our attention; overpopulation, sustainability of food production, loss of natural resources, animal welfare, human health, and so on. Information overload. Two years later saw the start of Veganbnb Travel; vegan adventure holidays in Guatemala and Spain and the…

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Do Meat Eating Animals Smell Differently Than Plant Eating Animals?

vegan animals

I’ve often wondered if meat eating animals smell differently than plant eating animals. And if so, can meat eating animals tell if other animals are plant eaters or vegan? A 2006 study published by the U.S. National Library of Medicine and National Institute of Health examined the effect of meat consumption on body odor attractiveness in humans. Male participants were on “meat” and “non meat” diets for two weeks during…

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Cowspiracy – The Sustainability Secret (must see trailer)

Cowspiracy - The Sustainability Secret (must see trailer)

If there was a modern day David & Goliath battle worth taking note of it would be the Cowspiracy movie. In this case David could use all the support he can get! There is one single movement destroying the planet more than any other… but no one wants to talk about it. The time has come to put the record straight. It’s time for the world to open it’s heart…

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