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Meatless Monday/ Recipes

Not So Cornish Pasty

Around the world people love cooking various ingredients in pastry cases very often formed into half moon shapes. Think of Cornish pasties, calzone in Italy, empanadas in Latin America, pierogi in Poland or gyoza dumplings in Japan. They are all different but the philosophy is the same. Roll a dough into a circle, fill with yummy filling and bake, boil or steam. . My husband’s family comes from Cornwall, the…

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Cooking/ Recipes

TRADITIONS: Szekely Gulyas Veganized

Yesterday I went out with my girlfriends to an Indian restaurant. We were seated next to an Indian family with two young children. While admiring the children’s impeccable restaurant behavior (don’t we all wish…) I noticed they were all eating in the traditional Indian way, with their hands. I also noticed a plate of very English chips (French fries) on the table. This made me think about traditions and habits…

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Tea and Strudel

by Linda Sims : In my opinion there is no better drink than a nice cup of tea. My favorite, without a doubt, is green jasmine tea. I love its heady floral scent and gentle flavor. My cupboard is full of different teas, green and white, plain and flavored, there are some with fancy names, teas in bags and loose leaf teas. Some have been tied by hand into…

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