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Cooking/ Economy/ Veganism

Debunking the Myth That Being Vegan Costs Too Much

A very common belief these days is that it costs too much to be a vegan or vegetarian. That’s kind of like saying living in California is outrageously expensive – all too true if you live in Malibu, but not quite the case in Lancaster or Bakersfield. The reality is that eating healthy veg friendly food doesn’t have to cost a whole lot. Here are some of the best ways…

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Cooking/ Environment/ Events

Lab-Grown Burger to be Eaten Today

The first burger to be made entirely out of lab-grown meat is going to be eaten today in London.  There have been stories about petri dish meat  for a couple of years now, but it looks like it has finally been done.  Some think it is a good thing for animals and the environment, and others consider it a twisted science experiment that humans should not be doing.  In any…

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Dining/ Restaurants

HappyCow’s Top 3 Vegetarian Restaurants in Philadelphia

Vegan Philly Cheesesteak

Our members have spoken – the City of Brotherly Love is a great place to go veg.  Philly is famous for its food, but most of it isn’t very animal friendly.  The good news is that there are some great vegan and vegetarian restaurants in the city, and they get rave reviews from their customers.  With 22 restaurants listed on HappyCow, Philadelphia cooks up some unique food, and the chance…

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General/ Products

Miracle Fruit- The Ultimate Taste Test

Most people still have never even heard of the miracle fruit.  Also known as miracle berry, they are slowly getting discovered in the western world.  So what is the “miracle” that they possess?  In short, they make sour fruits taste sweet.  Like most people, I didn’t believe it at first, but once I tried it, it was truly amazing. What happens is that a naturally occurring substance in them binds…

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General/ Veganism

Eaten Any Exotic Fruits Lately?

Due to a great stroke of good luck, the world is full of sweet and tasty fruits for us humans to enjoy.  Depending on where you live, certain fruits are always within reach.  But what about those weird, exotic-looking fruits that you don’t even know the name of, let alone tried?  I am fortunate to have spent over 10 years travelling and living in remote and exotic places around the world, and…

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Eat Your Veggies, Ride a Bike, and Think Before You Shop

The United Nation’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) is headed by a vegetarian.  IPCC chief Rajendra Pachauri highlighted the importance of lifestyle changes to help slow down global warming.  And what changes should we make?  He encourages all of us to  1)  Don’t eat meat   2) Ride a bicycle or walk   3) Purchase only things we really need Mr Pachauri admitted that the IPCC was afraid to encourage lifestyle changes earlier, but…

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