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A Perfect Fuel Chocolate

Expo WestWhile grazin’ on samples from booth to booth at the Natural Food Expo West last month, HappyCow came upon a new chocolate product:

Perfect Fuel Chocolate

It was founded by athlete Nicolas Warren just hours before a race was about to begin. He asked the simple question, “Why Not?”

Why can’t ginseng be fused into delicious, raw cacao for portable, long-lasting energy?… Out of this sudden surge of inspiration came the answer: Perfect Fuel Chocolate and their super dark, organic chocolate energybites.

Perfect Fuel Chocolate

Formulated with ginseng for natural and steady energy, the chocolate is the perfect pre-workout or mid-day pick me up for athletes and those on-the-go. Soy free, dairy free, and gluten free, it’s certified organic, packed with powerful antioxidants, and still just 80 calories per bite. No sugary rush, no aftertaste; just pure endurance to keep you fueled.

Here’s their website:

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