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6 Easy Vegan Stiry-Fry Sauce Recipes

These 6 vegan sauces from Liv B are a must-have for your stir-fry recipe arsenal! If you’re looking for a way to spice up your usual stir-fry, you’ve got to try one of these creative flavor combos! Spicy Sesame, Maple Sriracha, Peanut Sauce, Ginger and Garlic, Lemon Tahini, Sweet and Sour…so many different options that your taste buds will never get bored! Liv also gives tips on how to make the sauces gluten and soy-free. And the best thing about these vegan sauces? They are easy to make! Stock up on all of them and have them on hand for your next stir fry adventure! Here’s how to make them:

Read the full recipes here.

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