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Ad Examples


Choose from 3 Banner Options (as shown above)

Option A: Half banner in the header of page
Option B: Large box ad placement at the upper right side of page
Option C: Tall skyscrapper ad in the right side column
See ad size spec details & more examples, click here


Starting Your Campaign is Easy 1-2-3
1. Choose your plan, and make a secure payment with PayPal now

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Option A
single ad, 468x60px
$175 for 6-months
automatic renewal subscription*
Option B
single ad, 300x250px
$195 for 6-months
automatic renewal subscription*
Option C
single ad, 300x600px (or 160x600)
$145 for 6-months
automatic renewal subscription*


2. Email us your ready-made banner
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Additional Information:

Banner Ad Placement Order is from top-to-bottom, with the latest ad subscriber placed at the top of the designated ad space area. Upon renewal your ad will be positioned to the top (again) in the case there are other ad subscribers on that same page.

*Ad Rules and Limitations
1. Ad content must be family friendly and is subject to approval.
2. We reserve the right to turn away any ad campaign without explanation. If you are denied advertising but have already made a payment, we will refund the money to your account.
3. We reserve the right to change the terms and rules at anytime; we will notify you of any changes.
4. If at anytime you choose to terminate your ad campaign before your subscription period expires, no refunds will be given.
5. Unless you have already made a pre-payment, all prices are subject to change, without notice, to reflect current web statistics. Please check with us regularly, and be sure to buy ad spaces early to lock in rates.
6. All stated rates are in US dollars.
7. All payments are placed through PayPal on an automatic renewal plan. At the end of your commitment period, for Options A, B, and C, your 6-months ad campaign will be renewed automatically unless you cancel the renewal for the next period before it begins (you may easily cancel the subscription anytime); otherwise, your ad campaign will be automatically rolled over to the next period and be locked-in at the current low rate.