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Adding non-veg restaurants

Working toward a website that promotes compassionate, cruelty-free dining is the foremost priority at HappyCow. We firmly believe that PEACE begins in the kitchen and on the plate.

While we are aware that some areas might not have fully vegan restaurants--and that knowing a place that offers a few vegan options could be useful--we choose to list restaurants that meet at least a minimum criteria (see below).

We are interested in supporting businesses with menus that show a hint of compassion, and we feel that servings especially such as veal, lamb, shark fin, foie gras, etc... often preclude that.

Visitors: Thank you for wanting to share about a veg-friendly option. Please consider working with the owner of this business you wish to add... to improve their menu and use substitutes for meat (like tofu, tempeh, seitan, soy, wheat gluten) and substitutes for dairy cheese (like vegan cheeses available at natural food markets).

Restaurant Owners: Please consider working on your menus to remove cruel offerings and unhealthful choices and incorporate more healthful, wholefood and plant food.

Guidelines for submitting a restaurant that serve animal flesh

Points that could block a meat restaurant from getting listed

  • Serves veal, foie gras, shark fin, lamb, and such cruelty food
  • Certain cuisines from around the world which may have a few vegan items, but do not have available dishes specifically designed for veg*ns, or not clearly denoted on the menu, and/or with no vegan substitutes available (i.e. tofu), especially in areas with vegan restaurants nearby
  • Pizza place with a cheese-less pizza but nothing else provided especially for vegans like vegan cheese and vegan toppings
  • Veg-option is limited to a hummus wrap and a couple salads with dairy
  • A menu with no (ZERO / 0) vegan items
  • Your submission is NOT mostly vegetarian, and you do not explain why it should be listed in the details section

Points that might help to get a restaurant listed

  • No vegan or lacto-ovo vegetarian restaurant currently exists in the area
  • An entirely separate veg & plant-based menu, or a menu which delineates veg options
  • A menu with at least 2 entirely vegan dishes or options which may easily be made vegan
  • A separate kitchen area with dedicated cookware & utensils for preparing the veg & plant-based dishes, separated from flesh meat
  • A business which is 50%+ organic or sustainably-locally sourced
  • The owners and wait staff know what vegan means and what is vegan, or at least are enthusiastic to find out
  • A website with menu posted which supports any of the above points


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Please write about the vegan options when adding non-vegan restaurants.
NOT your personal review - you may write that once the listing goes live.

If unsure or non-existent, write "n/a"

Based on LOCAL standard. Example for USA, per dish: Inexpensive US$1-8, Moderate US$9-15, Expensive US$16+

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