Zula Vegetarian Paradise

Overall rating: 4.5 stars 25 Reviews
Established in 2003, this vegetarian restaurant and health food shop is part of the Down to Earth company. Offers an international cuisines vegan food menu. A few of the baked goods might contain honey - vegans to inquire. Price: Expensive more-less
Vegan-friendly, Organic, Indonesian, Asian, International, Juice bar
Jl Dhyana Pura 5, Seminyak
Bali, Indonesia

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First Review by Dena

So many choices and great food

5 Posted on 06 / 14 / 2014

As part of our VegVoyages trip we had a vegan group dinner at Zulu which was amazing. At the end of our 14 day trip several of us returned to Zulu for dinner and a late breakfast/early lunch before leaving Bali. The Jerusalem mix as a burrito was absolutely delicious. The mango lassi was so tasty. The regular burrito was very good also. The iced coffee is so good. We were so full, we couldn't have dessert on our second and third visit, but during our group dinner we had an amazing cheesecake. Definitely worth a visit when in Sanur!

Pros: really tasty food, clean and tidy, great desserts and iced coffee

lots of choices

5 Posted on 06 / 12 / 2014

We went to Zula's both as a VegVoyages tour group and a couple of times independently with only a few people as it was close to our hotel. The menu offers a wide variety of choices from Western to Eastern, breakfast to dinner. As a group, we got spring rolls, papaya salad, a tempeh rice plate, and cheesecake. Independently, we got the Jamaican seitan mix wrap, seitan schnitzel, tempeh tuna pita, burrito and much more. For drinks, a couple of us got the cashew milk mango lassi...yum! And most importantly, they make a fantastic iced coffee. Just wish more of the desserts were vegan. And the upstairs is cool with multiple fans.

Pros: lots of menu choices, good drinks, clean and friendly

Your the best, around!

5 Posted on 05 / 20 / 2014

OMG. My boyfriend and I walked past this place by accident on our first day in Seminyak. We decided to pop in for a juice. Then we decided to pop in for lunch. Then dinner. Then about 10 times after that. It is amazing. We are both vegan and were in heaven. The menu is so so big that it is impossible to choose. Everything we had was delicious. There is another store in this 'Down to Earth' chain further north in Seminyak called 'Earth' and one in Ubud called 'Down to Earth'. All super super delicious and yummy. My only criticism is that they use honey in a lot of their desserts, but so do other 'vegan' cafes in Bali. It is simply amazing we loved it. Super tasty and super healthy! Go there!

Pros: delicious, wide range, everything
Cons: use of honey, maybe desserts could be a bit better i, wish it was in adelaide

A Vegetarian's Dream!

5 Posted on 05 / 14 / 2014

See my full review here: http://www.recipris.com/2013/09/22/zula-vegetarian-paradise/

The food was tasteful, healthy, and made using pure, organic ingredients. The food didn’t feel heavy at all, which I love since we had a massage scheduled shortly afterwards. Even though the restaurant is called a “vegetarian paradise”, I am pretty sure it’s a vegan restaurant. My reasoning? They used soy milk instead of regular and tofu cream cheese instead of ordinary cream cheese. No complaints here! [Follow link above to see pictures and read entire review]

Great Place

4 Posted on 11 / 09 / 2013

A fantastic, cool setting to get out of the heat. So many well priced, well portioned tasty options. I have tried a lot on the menu during my couple of visits to Seminyak and no disappointments. The Middle Eastern Options are excellent. It is fortunate that they have a sister restaurant in Ubud also.


a must try!

5 Posted on 08 / 20 / 2013

I went to this place like twice a day when I stayed in Seminyak.. mostly for the healthy drinks like the lemon-aloe vera-ginger mix or other veggie juices. Refreshing!!
I also tried the lentil soup and gluten free samosas which also tasted good. They have extensive desserts and some gluten free bread... the chocolate cupcake with choco filling was kinda weird and heavy to me, maybe because it used raw choco + avocado. The zucchini pumpkin cake was really good I regretted I didn't buy more before I left Seminyak.
I bought Nuteresa dark chocolate spread, but it's not really good. I expected rich kind of bittee chocolate flavour, but I guess they put too much palm sugar in it. Need to improve the recipe..
All in all, I felt like in paradise when I found this reataurant due to some diet restrictions I have (no gluten/dairy, etc.).

Pros: Healthy, gluten free, dairy free options, extensive choice of menu, Nice ambience
Cons: Quite pricey, Waiters need training on product knowledge

Definitley a taste of paradise!

5 Posted on 08 / 18 / 2013

What a great cafe/restaurant to visit! Great atmosphere/nice vibe...Excellent service,great menu,but the proof is in the food! If they only gave me two words I would use them three times-TASTY TASTY TASTY FRESH FRESH FRESH!..Ok you might pay a bit more than your local bali style restaurant(actually not that much more unless you a stripping food down to just the basics)but you get more then what pay for (plus you know its vego!...and even if you werent vego you would be very impressed!)...a great ambassador for clean healthy soulful food...you will find me there tomorrow morning(yes again....)AAA+++

Pros: All Vegetarian/Wholesome/Tasty/Fresh, Great Service/Great Vibe-Atmosphere, Easy to find(air-con for those on the run)
Cons: none, none, none

Fresh, Delicious and cheap

5 Posted on 06 / 16 / 2013

What a great little find in Seminyak. If you're in Bali and looking for something fresh and healthy then Zula is your place. My partner and I went there multiple times. My favourite dish is definitely Planet Platter which is brown rice, pickled veggies, tempeh and loads of other amazing flavours. The nasi goreng was good however the seaweed in it had a pretty strong fishy taste which I wasn't overly excited about. There are fortunately loads of choices. If you feel like nachos or a sandwich or even some scrambled tofu, they've got it. My ultimate favourite of all has to be the dessert options in the fridge. Dangerously as the prices are so cheap, it is very easy to overindulge.. When in Bali...
If you're finding yourself trying to explain no egg, no dairy, no fish sauce everywhere you go, then head to Zula!

Pros: Cheap, Variety, Healthy
Cons: Not always consistent with meals, They often sell out of things

My favorite vegan cafe in Seminyak!

5 Posted on 06 / 13 / 2013

Similar to their DTE cafe in Ubud, and Earth cafe in Jalan Kunti. We visited around 4 times during our 6 nights in Seminyak, either for lunch, dinner, or just a smoothie.
The menu is extensive, with most options being vegan. From Indonesian to Mexican options available to everything in between. Breakfast options from granola fruit bowls, to scrambled tofu. The smoothies are excellent, as was all the food. The Tempeh curry being a favorite, as well as the planet platter. Great items to stock up on in the health food shop as well. If you're from Australia and missing your Bonsoy, you can pick up a carton from their shop.

Pros: Great atmosphere and cafe, Friendly staff, Excellent food

Classic hippy vegan joint

4 Posted on 06 / 01 / 2013

Great healthy vegan food and smoothies in a comfortable setting. The downside for us was that food is not authentic indonesian food and is relatively expensive (we paid 270,000IDR for two people, where as at local indonesian warungs with vego options you would be paying more along the lines of 40,000)

Pros: Healthy clean food, Nice environment/setting, great smoothies
Cons: not authentic indonesian, expensive

Nice little organic restaurant

4 Posted on 01 / 09 / 2013

When I was in Seminyak I went to Zula many times, because everything seemed to be fresh and of good quality. I only tried their raw foods and most of their smoothies are good. I also liked their salads and the gazpacho soup. Their juices seemed to be a bit too watery though. I don't know if they streched them with water or it was because of the ice cubes. They also have some raw food snacks for take away. From the snack section I liked their falafel balls. Their raw chocolate balls in the fridge were not all raw though (only the chocolate was) and for my taste they seemed to be a bit too sticky and heavy to digest. I think they need to improve those recipes. Don't forget they add some tax & service charge to their prices listed on their menu... After that it's getting a bit expensive to eat there every day...

Pros: Clean raw food, Nice atmosphere, Free Wifi
Cons: inside very cold (AC), outside noise street, expensive

Yum food

5 Posted on 11 / 30 / 2012

I ate here in November 2012 and it was great. I got the 'almost perfect' burrito which was a generous portion size and tasted great. The physical size of the menu is really big and they do have a lot of different foods to choose from. They also sell health supplements, home wares etc. Definitely worth eating at.

Pros: healthy food, clean, happy atmosphere

The best in Bali!

5 Posted on 11 / 19 / 2012

We visited quite a lot of the restaurants in Bali which are listed on HappyCow and this was the best! All of the main dishes we tried were tasty and well balanced meals.
The best main dish: Falafels
Best dessert: Soy cashew custard with carob sauce mmmmmm There's also the Cheesecake with strawberry sauce!
Best drink: A tie between the Ginger float and Lemonvera

It may be considered "expensive" for Bali, however, I feel it is well priced for the quality of food that you get, visit here when you come to Bali!

Pros: Delicious food!, Healthy food!, Relaxing setting

Nice relaxed atmosphere

4 Posted on 07 / 23 / 2012

There is a nice and relaxed atmosphere and a lot of good food to chose from.

Pros: good food, good atmosphere, WiFi
Cons: Cold (AC), Outside its noisy

Seriously good vegan cafe :)

5 Posted on 05 / 31 / 2012

One day I would like to own a cafe like this. It's fairly exemplary really!! Where to start? The menu I suppose......
The physical size of the menu is huge and runs over five pages with dishes from all over the world. I'm slowly making my way through them with my daily visits but it is going to take a while. The macrobiotic platters change daily shifting from curries, rice paper rolls, proteins etc in addition to rice, greens, seaweed, vegies and tea. The Mediterranean platters are rich, flavorful, filling and with fresh tabouli and salad. The falafels themselves are great and the matboucha has a smokey flavor to the tomatoes. A small plate with pita is more than enough for lunch.
The chickpea burger comes with a welcome tofu herbed spread which could remind you of mayo. The patty is tasty but the burger as a whole is a little tricky to eat due to all the fillings. Good luck not making a bit of a mess.
There are ample seitan meatballs with spaghetti but lacking a little on the pasta sauce for me. It's a tasty meal and very filling. Yesterday I got it takeaway and added chilli and basil leaves at home.
The rice paper rolls are served with a delicious peanut sauce. The samosas are moist, punching with flavor accompanied with good chutney.
The salads are super fresh and varied. I'd recommend them all. Baked tempeh is a great addition to most and the vinaigrette full bodied.
Their most popular salad is the dragon bowl. Thankfully it comes in 2 sizes as the large is simply massive in a very large bowl. Cold soba noodles, beetroot, daikon, carrot, sprouts, nori, lettuce.... And so it goes. The dressing is Asian inspired with a generous addition of sesame oil. Without doubt, their best value dish is the wee dragon bowl: a small dragon bowl, any soup of your choice, 2 slices of bread with hummus. I really struggle to finish it but it will set you up for the rest of the day.
There are desserts with all of their ingredients listed on the card, which is great. The cheesecake with strawberry sauce is a winner, as is the apple muesli pudding. I'm yet to try the raw choc mousse. There are also a number of small treats to have with coffee or takeaway.
The are only a couple of cons: The seitan pouch, is as dry as a desert and needs to be drowned in sauce. The 'almost perfect burrito' is far from it unfortunately. Bland and lacking any Mexican inspiration. Easily fixed and perhaps the breadth of the menu means that they don't reevaluate dishes often.
A wonderful cafe :)

Pros: Fresh healthy vegan food , Large portions, Great staff
Cons: Couple of dishes need a revamp, Moderate + prices for Bali

Zula Vegetarian

5 Posted on 09 / 17 / 2011

Everything we ate here was delicious and very good sized servings. Lots of vegan options, great atmosphere. Reasonably priced. Awesome vegan desserts.

Pros: lots of vegan options, delicious food, great atnosphere
Cons: none

If you like super healthy food, this is the place.

3 Posted on 04 / 27 / 2011

Good selection of vegan dishes from a variety of cuisines (Mediterranean platter, Indonesian, etc). Flavor is slightly bland but that is expected of super healthy vegan places. Price is great. Ate the raw stuff (papaya salad, etc) and didn't have any stomach problems.

Food gone bad

2 Posted on 07 / 06 / 2010

Unfortunately my sweet potato soup was contaminated in february 2010. I ate some of it and came to conclusion that a soup can not taste like this. It was cooked in the previous day. I got a new soup, a mushroom soup, which tasted awful. I just couldn't come back here. I hope others have not had this kind of experiences.

Pros: nice atmosphere, kinda easy to find
Cons: sweet potato soup had gone bad, mushroom soup was awful
  • LiatSolomon LiatSolomon

    Dear You !
    I'm so sorry you had this experience in Zula as my staff and I try very much to give only the best. Sometimes we are less then perfect and some things happen. It is rare for me to get a bad review and i take it to heart. The next time you are in Bali you are welcome to Zula for a meal on the house.



5 Posted on 01 / 16 / 2010

Zula does everything right, including not allowing smoking! Try their chickpea burger. It is filling and delicious, one of the best I have had. The menu is extensive, the service is pleasant, the ambience is positive and the experience is great. Go for it while in South bali.

Pros: Value, Quality

The best!

5 Posted on 10 / 31 / 2009

I LOved Zula!! A paradise for vegans and Vegetarians. Staff and food were AMAZING. Really healthy food. I would highly reccomend to anyone going to Bali. They also do cheap deliveries. Tofu cheesecake and soy cashew custard with carob topping are worth trying! Also have wi-fi

Awesome cuisine

5 Posted on 02 / 22 / 2009

The best food I had in Bali- the Middle Eastern platter had some astonishing tastes, including one of the best tahini's I've ever had. Reasonably priced, comfortable with an extensive world-foods menu. The wee dragon bowl salad was lucious including some delectable seaweed was more than enough. (There was a big one on offer, this was just a half portion- can't imagine finishing the full size.)

Pros: Macro-biotic, Organic, Delicious


5 Posted on 01 / 27 / 2009

This is such an interesting menu for vegans. Especially exciting for me as a new zealander as we can't get alot of the ingredients and foods used in the menu in NZ at all!

Pros: Excellent food, good vibe, exciting menu
Cons: can be expensive

Hummous, sweet potato soup, falafal, brownies!!

5 Posted on 11 / 19 / 2007

Wow, this place has tons of options and all Vegan!!! the walnut brownies are great dipped in their Chai soy milk tea....the cheese cake was creamy..i loved their cruncy seed salad and the hummous and the tahini and the whole grain pita bread, and.......nice environment inside....come very hungry....and be chatty with the other patrons..many expats go there to eat too! enjoy!! you may spend more than you plan so be prepared to splurge in Bali!

Among the best vegetarian restaurants in Bali!

5 Posted on 06 / 17 / 2007

We enjoyed everything we ordered at this restaurant and a few items were simply amazing and quite original. Other than honey in a few of their baked goods, the restaurant is entirely vegan--this was a welcome change in Bali, where vegetarian food was relatively easy to find, but it was not quite as easy to find vegan food. It was reasonably priced and had a laidback, relaxed atmosphere. Any trip to the Kuta region of Bali would be incomplete without a meal at Zula.

Pros: all vegan (minus honey), good energy, creative food
Cons: honey in baked goods


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