Las Vegas vegan restaurant located in a strip mall in Chinatown. Small interior, seats 20 persons. Mostly vegan Asian food with some dishes containing dairy and egg. Varied range of mock meats, slushies, and drinks. Prices cheap to moderate. Price: Inexpensive more-less
Vegan-friendly, Lacto, Ovo, Chinese, Vietnamese, Juice bar, Take-out, Delivery
3504 Wynn Rd (Spring Mountain)
Las Vegas, Nevada 89102

Open Mon-Sun 11am-10pm.

  • Accepts credit cards


First Review by archure

Crazy juices and good food

4 Posted on 12 / 22 / 2013

This restaurant offers a good chinese food with different faux-meat dishes. However, because it is not fully vegan, you have sometimes to pay a little bit more to have the vegan options. The place is relatively small but convenient, and the staff is friendly. They also served different crazy and fresh fruit juices with Boba pearls. Try any of them!

Pros: good food, friendly staff, crazy juices
Cons: not fully vegan, vegan options more expensive

Not Good For Me At All And Very Expensive

2 Posted on 08 / 11 / 2013

I ordered 2 sandwiches, because I'm used to asian restaurants have small portions, my wife ordered a sandwich and some specialty tea of sorts. It was $37. While $40 isn't incredibly expensive, but the quality and portion size did not seem proper. The vegan options were also a $1 extra on all the items. And this is a veggie restaurant? That didn't exactly make sense. I wish i would've just gone to taco bell or del taco or even 7 eleven instead of here. Man, I know I'm being mean, but I've been paying extra for all these vegan specialty restaurant, and they kind of suck. Oh, I couldn't even eat my second sandwich. I just threw it away. It was that bad.

Pros: It Doesn't Have Meat
Cons: Paying Extra For Vegan, Price, Portions

Vegan Boba Smoothies!

5 Posted on 06 / 13 / 2013

This place is awesome! The avocado smoothie is just fantastic. I love the spring rolls (they call them hand rolls), the pork skin and veggie roast beef are my favorites. Everything is vegetarian and can be made vegan, the menu is huge!

Pros: Vegan Boba Smoothies
Cons: Very small - may have to wait for table

great place

4 Posted on 06 / 10 / 2013

There are a lot of mixed reviews on this place but I decided I would try it anyway and I'm glad I did. Yes it is a little hole in the wall and its not a very stylish place but it was good. It's a comfortable place, my friend and I sat and talked for awhile and I defiantly felt relaxed. They are very good about verifying if you want your food vegan or vegetarian. We did get our food at different times but it wasn't a long wait in between plus we had an appetizer so it wasn't a big deal. The drinks are amazing and I recommend the strawberry slush one. It was so good after eating. Remember it is in china town it's not on the shiny touristy strip. Just go there and enjoy the food. Oh and if you want to take a peek into the kitchen go to the bathroom. You'll get a feel for how small the place really is.
I would recommend this place to anyone who wants real Asian food!

Pros: food, service, drinks
Cons: small place, looks a bit disorganized

Veggie Delight, Las Vegas

3 Posted on 01 / 14 / 2013

We were delighted to find this tiny restaurant in Las Vegas Chinatown. Very frustrating being at casino all you can eat buffets with very few vegetarian options. This place was vegetarian with vegan options that were often a dollar more expensive which we didn't understand. I think they may have added extra protein and not just taken the egg out of the dish. It is a basic hole in the wall with bright lighting so not date worthy, but if you want some plant food, this is a good place to go.

Pros: Vegan in Vegas, Reasonable prices, Large menu
Cons: Ambiance, lights could be dimmer, Service was very Asian and business like


Great stop if you're passing through!

4 Posted on 10 / 02 / 2012

My husband and I stop here every time we drive through Vegas. It's not far off the freeway, they make their sandwiches quickly and they're easy to eat in the car, and they're on the same street as Ronald's Donuts! Plus they have awesome beverages. A refreshing stop with great food!

Pros: Quick, Tasty, Good boba

Delite, indeed

5 Posted on 07 / 05 / 2012

I enjoyed my food here. The faux meat substitutes were surprisingly delicious and spot on. Fry anything, we ordered a lot of different options between our party and shared. So good. Friendly staff. Kid friendly.

Pros: Delicious, Good service, Inexpensive
Cons: Small Dining area, Plastic chairs and tables


4 Posted on 01 / 08 / 2012

admittedly I don't have a lot of experience yet in vegan restaurant eating - but I was wowed by the "vegan pepper steak" at this restaurant

Pros: taste
Cons: cost ($10), few tables, small


3 Posted on 12 / 26 / 2011

The food here does the trick, but it's nothing special.
My crispy chicken wasn't what I expected, with basic chicken nuggets served next to a bed of watery, white lettuce and the sauce on the side. It did taste pretty good, but not great.
The pork skin hand rolls were tasty with the hot sauce on them, but tasteless without. I thought the pork skins would have more flavor.
We'll probably start going to Red Velvet instead.

Lots of choices for vegans

4 Posted on 08 / 14 / 2011

I've eaten at this restaurant 2 times, today being the most recent. I have tried the Tofu with Mixed Vegetables in Spicy Sauce and the Black Pepper Beef Steak with Special Sauce. The tofu dish was excellent. It was spicy, fresh & filling. The beef steak was pretty good too. My friend ordered the Beef Fried Noodle and Sweet & Sour Pork Stir Fry. Both were great. Even if you are not a vegetarian/vegan you should give this place a try. The menu offers a really large selection and the price is pretty reasonable too.

Pros: Entirely vegetarian & vegas, Selection
Cons: Food isn't served at the same time

Should be Veggie De"fright"

2 Posted on 08 / 13 / 2011

I actually brought my coworker with me to try out vegan food for the first time without going here first. Big mistake. We had to wait 45 minutes for our food when the place wasn't crowded. Two sandwiches with two drinks was more than $30 (too expensive for the small portions they gave us). I got the vegan chicken sandwich and she got the vegan ham. She said it tasted like dog food, and it was maybe two bites worth. Mine was okay, but nothing special. I will never bring anyone there again. Plus I've heard that they keep a dog in the kitchen.

Cons: food, price, service

Very good!

5 Posted on 08 / 11 / 2011

My friend showed me this place when he was visiting (ironic he had to show me this place when he was visiting and I live in Las Vegas). It is a very small restaurant but definitely worth visiting. I loved the food (I ordered the Vegan options) and the folks running the place are very nice. I recommend it to any Vegan or Vegetarian.

Great sanwiches Love this place!

4 Posted on 01 / 16 / 2011

My family really liked this place. They had great sandwiches and Bolba drink. We even ordered sandwiches to go so we could have them latter for dinner. The service was also really great they where so friendly and overly helpful!

Pros: Price, Service, Excellent Food
Cons: Small

great food, not too expensive

5 Posted on 10 / 26 / 2010

I had a mock chicken sandwich and a bubble tea. I'm a vegetarian so I didn't ask about vegan options, can't speak for them. Anyway, I was very pleased, the sandwich and tea were both great as well as the service and all for under nine dollars. It's even down the street from a sick skateboard park, ya can't beat that. I'm working in LV for a few months and plan to return to Veggie Delight many times.

Good Food

4 Posted on 03 / 20 / 2010

Veggie Delight is pretty good food, and I eat there at least once every visit to Las Vegas, but I order the same thing everytime! The Sweet and Sour pork in vegan. It's good, the rice is good, the tea is good.
I definitely recommend this place, but bring cash as there is an extra charge for credit.
Oh, and they do deliver to the strip for $5

Pros: Yummy
Cons: Cash only

One of the BEST!

5 Posted on 01 / 19 / 2010

I am vegetarian and eat here as often as I can manage it. I've been going here for several years now and the food has always been excellent and the ladies who run the restaurant are very friendly. I've taken many friends/boyfriends/family members who aren't the least bit interested in vegetarian cuisine here and they have all enjoyed it. Favorite dishes - black vinegar chicken, pepper beef and taro boba tea! My advice to vegans with this place as with any other - if in doubt - DON'T EAT IT!

Bugs in Food!

2 Posted on 07 / 25 / 2009

My husband and I used to eat here regularly, as we previously thought it was delicious, but the last time we ate here my husband found several large flies in his soup. After he mentioned this to me, we starting looking through my noodle dish and found several more. The ladies working there were very apologetic and removed everything from our bill but we will never return there!

I violently threw up all night

2 Posted on 07 / 21 / 2009

Ate here, they don't know vegan means no eggwhites in dressing. Thus, I threw up seven times all night. never coming back here!To the person in charge of this site, This restaurant is NOT vegan [edited by staff].

Pros: some vegetarian
Cons: not vegan, [edited by staff], got sick from

good experience

4 Posted on 12 / 30 / 2008

we had to wait for about 20 minutes before being seated in this small restaurant. excellent tasting vegan and vegetarian food items. would have liked more vegetables in every entree` as there are not nearly enough vegetables (plenty of mock meat stuff) to deserve 'veggie delight' name of the place. will visit again for sure.

Pros: super taste, healthy cuisine, friendly staff
Cons: small place and hence slow service, not able to understand english

mock galore but worth it

3 Posted on 11 / 01 / 2008

they keep missing the vegetables like as if its more expensive than the mock meat itself but cute joint and family owned.

Good food, not very filling

4 Posted on 08 / 07 / 2008

I liked this restaurant, but the portions I got were kind of small, and 2 hours later I'm hungry again. I got the lemongrass "beef" meal today. There was only a faint hint of lemongrass flavor. It was served with some salad greens and a bowl of white rice. Price $7.50. I know it's important to support vegetarian restaurants (especially in Las Vegas where there are few), but just two doors down there's a Thai place that will serve anything with tofu instead of meat, and the lunch special is $5. I might possibly go back here again, but it's not really my first choice. The food was good though, and worth 4 stars. Staff was friendly.


2 Posted on 05 / 05 / 2008

Based on the reviews we went and tried Veggie Delight. It's a hole in the wall place with just a few tables. Everyone was very friendly and accommodating. The food was very lacking. I had the vegan fish sandwich. I ate the whole thing in three bites, it was so tiny, and doesn't come with anything on the side. My daughter got the avocado sandwich and it was good, but again very small. Husband got a vegan shrimp soup and it was okay but nothing special. Our bill was really high and we were still very hungry. We actually had to go to another restaurant to finish eating. If you want good vegan asian cuisine for a better price, we much prefer Komol. We really wanted to like this place, but we'll never go back.

Pros: friendly service, vegan options
Cons: expensive, small portions


5 Posted on 11 / 27 / 2007

I just love the food here,
me and my mom both agree that this has some of the best food in town,
if you vegan, you have to point this out and they'll make is vegan for you.
the owner is very nice, a buddist, and the food is great!
my favorite is probably the sweet and sour 'pork', and crispy 'chicken' with sauce.

Pros: great food


5 Posted on 11 / 17 / 2007

This restaurant seperate the vegan menu from the vegetarian one wich makes it easy. the staff is very friendly and helpfull. The food taste wonderfull! I make a point of going at least once a week!
try the soups with "beef", the "beef satay and the "fried chickn" sandwiches... Boba drinks are also available and great tasting!

Pros: food, staff, price
Cons: close early

really good sammies

4 Posted on 08 / 21 / 2007

I'm actually not a vegetarian, but if there were more veggie delights around Vegas, I would totally become one. They have the best sandwiches. I prefer the "fish." As for the person who said a meal for two cost $30 dollars, they must have a very healthy appetite. I got two sandwiches, two large thai teas with boba, an order of pork skin rolls and the pork chop Hong Kong style all for under $30. With that being said, I find the food, price, and the service to be a Veggie Good Delight! ;)

Pros: Cozy mom 'n pop atmosphere, Good food & boba tea


5 Posted on 07 / 26 / 2007

I cannot express how fantastic the food at this place is.... They have organized their menu into vegan and not vegan, which is quite helpful and the staff are more than willing to help you decide and adjust spiciness to your liking. You absolutely HAVE to visit this place!

My favorite dish was the basil chicken, but i liked everything i tried.

Pros: separate vegan menu, friendly staff, great food
Cons: off-strip, lacking ambience


4 Posted on 06 / 29 / 2007

This place is not completely vegan, but most of their food is vegan. I've only been here once, but the pork skin wraps were amazing, and the salad with chicken i got was very good too. The staff is very nice and can reccommend things on the menu.

Pros: well-priced, large menu

Definatelly Vegan Welcome!

5 Posted on 12 / 22 / 2006

Great little hide away from the flashy Vegas Style eateries. Small, but cozy, friendly and warm atmosphere. The food is exelent! Yes, it is not 100% vegan, but one can definately be accomodated. Everything with the "beef" or the "duck" would be safe! most of the apetizers are vegan. the mayo on the sandwiches is not! yes, they use milk for the drinks, but there are plenty of just fruit slushes, etc. and one can have the tai-tea with soy-milk! it is great. Vegan or no, this place is a must!

My favorite Vegas restaurant

5 Posted on 09 / 27 / 2006

The food here is suprisingly cheap for the quality and amount of food you are given. (the drinks are a bit on the pricey side, though) There is not one dish I have tried here that I didn't love. I would recommend the Vietnamese Tomato Noodle Soup, Pork and Radish Noodle Soup, and the Lemongrass Beef Noodles most of all.

As some of the other reviewers pointed out, the owner can't help very much when asked whether items on the menu are vegan or not, she doesn't speak perfect english either. However, I have been able to read the ingredients on a few of the meat products she uses (she sells them in the package sometimes), and from what I have seen, most of them are vegan, with surprisingly very few ingredients.

Pros: cheap, ridiculously delicious
Cons: not 100% vegan

Friendly but Risky

2 Posted on 04 / 30 / 2006

I was at Ranch 99 in Chi-na-tOWn, heard the Dragon & Band procession across the street, saw the Veggie sign and went over, I had a Desert (tofu strips), but was scared, it was kind of stale greasy, and did not agree well (nothing major). the lady is very nice, but as the other reviews below say, what does she know about veganism. The Food List has photos of items which look like meat but are not (scarry). If I was not so scared, I would try some Beverages (juices & smoothie type beverages). I hope the lady improves it with success.

Pros: Chi-na-tOWn, not flesh
Cons: risky, vegan? ehh?, scarry


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