All vegan bakery. Offers different types of French pastries daily as well as sticky buns, cinnamon buns, doughnuts, brownies, cupcakes, and other vegan baked goods. more-less


First Review by nivek41

A gem in Bethlehem!

5 Posted on 05 / 15 / 2014

I was a fan of Vegan Treats on Facebook long before I ever got around to actually visiting. I loved the idea that a vegan bakery exists in a smaller city. As fate would have it, I had to go to Bethlehem for business. When I typed the address into my GPS, it took me to a different building, but luckily the bakery was right around the corner and I found it without too much searching. Needless to say I was so excited. Well, my excitement was not for nothing! Never before had I beheld such amazing looking vegan baked goods.- and there were a lot to choose from. I was in my glory! The soft-serve ice cream flavor of the day (strawberry "cheesecake") was delicious and I got 3 different cookies for the road. Loved 2 and really enjoyed the 3rd. The employees seemed genuinely amused by my excitement and were very helpful and upbeat. I really hope I have the opportunity to be in Bethlehem again, because I will most certainly be stopping here!

Pros: Friendly staff, Reasonable prices, Tasty treats
Cons: Random location

I Wanted to Like This Place

3 Posted on 04 / 28 / 2014

I think it's wonderful that this vegan bakery exists, and it is loaded with beautiful desserts. I passed through on my way across the county and got a few things to sample. Unfortunately, I didn't really like any of it.

I found their stuff to be cloyingly sweet and sugary. That said, I fully acknowledge that many people love their stuff, and they're just not to my liking. But I was hoping for more flavor and less overwhelming sugar-flavor.

If you have a sweeter tooth than I do, you may very well love them. Just be wary if you don't - they're not cheap.

Pros: HUGE selection, Plenty of Gluten-free choices, Fully vegan
Cons: Overly Sweet, Pricy

Absolutely Amazing!!!

5 Posted on 04 / 16 / 2014

In the words of my 11 yr. old son, "Give them a million stars Mom!" Drove to Bethlehem 2.5 hours for an overnighter just so we could bring our kids here. The soft serve was incredible along with the sticky buns, cinnamon rolls, danishes and mini cakes. Brought some home for dessert and will stop again tomorrow on the way home! Absolutely the best bakery!!! If anyone even questions whether vegan desserts can taste good, bring them here and they will instantly become a believer! I'll be dreaming about what I want tomorrow!

Pros: huge variety, giant pastries

Pure Vegan Happiness

5 Posted on 08 / 04 / 2013

What can I see that hasn't already been said? Absolutely the best vegan bakery ever and I have been to quite a few in NY, DC, Portland etc. The peanut-butter bomb is the bomb (ha ha), the death by chocolate is truly aptly named and to die for. My new fav is the Boston Creme Donuts and I don't even usually like donuts. Trust me, you must try it. They do amazing cakes for parties....we ordered a 3 tier cake for our anniversary party...each layer a different flavor and the whole decorated amazing! Check out their website for pics. The shop itself is pink and adorable and so so so fun to visit. Go!!!

Pros: excellent baked good, variety, cute shop

Best Vegan Desserts I've Ever Had!

5 Posted on 05 / 12 / 2013

I've been to Vegan Treats several times and have had their goodies at various vegfests, and they never disappoint! Not only do the desserts taste amazing, but they look amazing, too! Their desserts please even the most stubborn anti-vegan people!

Pros: Tasty!, Great variety, All vegan
Cons: A bit pricey, Located in the middle of nowhere


Absolutely amazing

5 Posted on 02 / 20 / 2013

I'd rank this as the best vegan bakery I've been to. Just all-around amazing. GO HERE.

Pros: All-vegan, Delicious to the max


4 Posted on 02 / 04 / 2013

went to vegan treats on Sunday and I was soo impressed! for starters, it was a two and a half hour drive just to get there and we ended up getting lost once in bethlehem. so we called and the people were so kind and patient and they directed us to the bakery.
we didn't drive two hours there for nothing, so I got about 6 different cookies. my favorite was the Mayan cookie. it was delicious!!! don't be turned off by the color, it's made from some kind of nut flour so it looks somewhat grey, but it is the chewiest most deicous cookie I've ever had! we also took home 2 small boxes of candy that I have yet to try and a small raspberry cheesecake and a small death by chocolate cake. both were fantastic!!! the seating was a bit tight though and the prices were somewhat steep, but I will definitely come back soon!!!!

Pros: delicious food , good service
Cons: small , kinda high prices

Worth a detour for

4 Posted on 06 / 09 / 2012

The best vegan cheezecake I've ever had! I found out later that they maybe use hydrogenated oil, which was a bummer, but it was still the best cheezecake vegan or not. I had the white choc raspberry variety. If you're ever in Bethlehem, PA, you should stop. Or if you're like us, make it be part of your way.

Pros: variety!, cheezecakes, nice staff
Cons: pricey, middle of nowhere, hydrogenated oils

Hydrogenated oils

1 Posted on 09 / 04 / 2011

I received an e-mail from Vegan Treats in response to a question I sent to them about their baked items. They contain HYDROGENATED OIL. According to the CDC this is more damaging to the heart than butter fat. Hydrogenated oils, also known as trans fats, have been banned by multiple cities and counties in the U.S. The American Medical Association supports efforts to ban the use of trans fats in U.S. restaurants and bakeries. As far as I can determine, Vegan Treats does not post the fact that their baked items contain these fats anywhere on their web-site. It is a shame that they use these fats as their baked goods look and taste excellent. Almost every other bakery that I know of that offers vegan baked goods use palm or coconut oils, which are non-hydrogenated fats.

Updated from previous review on Wednesday August 12, 2009
Updated from previous review on Sunday September 04, 2011

  • TheKristina1106 TheKristina1106

    WAIT- and it's not even slightly organic? They don't offer gluten free options either as well as not being upfront about the deadliest of all oils being used in these "treats?"...i'm not sure this place is healthy- at all!!! :

  • TheKristina1106 TheKristina1106

    It's Really a shame that they use HORRIBLE DEADLY "OILS". Now why woulda ya do that if it's supposed to be a healthy option???
    I agree, coconut oil is NOT sweet unless you add sugar not to mention the TONS of health benefits of pure raw organic cold pressed coconut oil- i even use it as my daily lotion with a couple drops of organic lemon oil- it's like lemon Meringue Pie for my skin- now thats a vegan treat! ;)
    I'd also agree that Palm Oil is no good either- how about sunflower oil guys?

  • ejperk ejperk

    I disagree that they couldn't switch to coconut oil or some other nonhydrogenated fat if they wanted to. Babycakes has a large following, with multiple locations, and uses primarily coconut oil. Coconut oil does not always taste strongly of coconut -- it depends on the type and, of course, how it is used. However, coconut oil is very expensive, so perhaps it is more of an issue of cost. Regardless, I think Vegan Treats should be more up front about their use of hydrogenated oils so customers are not misled into thinking they are eating a healthier product just because it's vegan.

  • mertenhippie mertenhippie

    I know hydrogenated oils are unhealthy for the human body, but palm oil is unhealthy for the planet. Check it:

    Anyway, Vegan Treats rocks my hydrogenated socks. Coconut oil tastes very strongly of coconut, they'd really shoot themselves in the foot to use that exclusively.



5 Posted on 08 / 21 / 2011

I thought I'd had the best that vegan baked goods could be until I had Vegan Treats' Boston Cream Donuts. Seriously, any other attempt at vegan baking can be considered a colosal failure. It almost makes me wonder if the stuff was really vegan. I'm thinking of taking a sample to an independent research lab to check for animial products. Yes, it's that amazing. I know they're a business and are competing to have the best product, but they'd do a GREAT deal of good for the vegan movement by publishing their recipes so that other vegan bakers can finally do it right.

Pros: Fully Stocked with a ton of varieties., Feels like a "regular" bakery, Beautiful pastries.
Cons: Is it REALLY vegan???


5 Posted on 04 / 13 / 2011

This is the most amazing vegan bakery imaginable. The desserts are outrageous. It doesn't seem possible that they can do what they do and be vegan. Once you go, you will be hooked.

Let Me Eat Cake-A Visit to Vegan Treats Bakery

5 Posted on 03 / 22 / 2011

There's no better way to spend a Sunday morning than to take a drive up to Vegan Treats in Bethlehem, PA. My family and I went there last weekend and arrived just after they opened the door. From the outside, it looks like a small store; but there was a huge selection of cakes, whoopie pies, and sticky buns to choose from that morning.

That evening, Jim and I split the chocolate cake that's decorated like a big Hostess cupcake. It's a satisfying chocolate, not overbearing and not too sweet; just sweet enough to be tasty and very moist. I wasn't much of a chocolate cake fan until I started eating vegan chocolate cake; to me, they have been distinctly more moist and delicious than traditional chocolate cake. Most of those old fashioned cakes are just too dry for my taste--and dry chocolate cake is awful. This cake is heavenly; plus, it's got a rich chocolate ganache topping and a nondairy cream filling that tastes just as good as cream from a cow. Not only is this cake dairy free, but it's cholesterol free as well--who could ask for anything better than that? It tastes so much fresher and more satisfying than a store bought packaged cupcake, too.

This afternoon, I tried the carrot cake. It's decorated like a traditional carrot cake, with the white "cream cheese" frosting and piped carrots on the top. This is a mini layer cake, just like the previous one, so there are two layers of cake and a top layer of frosting with another sandwiching the cake layers. The cake itself tastes like a traditional carrot cake, sans the icky pineapple, and isn't as dense. The icing is an important part of this type of cake; since the cake itself is usually not very sweet, the icing is used to balance the carrot and give more sweetness. I'm not sure if they use regular sugar, agave, or another alternative; but because it gave my mouth a burst of sweetness when I ate it with the cake, I really enjoyed it.

The other cake I sampled today is the Death by Chocolate cake. Again, it's a small cake--probably meant to be eaten by one or two people at most. It's a chocolate cake, with a layer of chocolate ganache in the middle, chocolate mousse on top, covered with more ganache, and decorated with mini chocolate pieces stuck to the ganache. It looks like the kind of cake Pinhead from Hellraiser would eat. What a treat! The different types of chocolate combinations in this cake are what make it so special. They all worked together to give my mouth the best chocolate party ever. I think thi

Pros: vegan, chocolate, hostess

It only gets better!

5 Posted on 01 / 06 / 2011

We returned to Vegan Treats today to celebrate our anniversary and this magnificent bakery only gets better. The cakes, donuts, cookies, etc. are fantastic and the owner and staff are both friendly and helpful. Unfortunately we don't live in Bethlehem but if Vegan Treats promised to never leave, we might consider it. We drive there from Harrisburg and it is well worth the trip.


Pros: Delicious baked goods., Friendly helpful owner and staff., Clean and pleasant place.
Cons: none


2 Posted on 12 / 18 / 2010

Ordered 20 cupcakes using their "Latest Menu" @ $1.75 each. When I picked them up I was charged $2.25 each. Girl told me the price went up. WENT UP $0.50 EACH?? That's an overcharge of $10. Since it was for a birthday I went on and paid. When I got home I emailed the manager and was told that the website menu is not "actually" the "Latest Menu" price!!! A person might think that a wise business manager would change the website since they went through getting new menus printed. The manager didn't seem to care when I told him or her that if I didn't get a refund of the difference I would not be coming back!! POOR MANAGEMENT!!

Pros: Good stuff


5 Posted on 07 / 01 / 2010

Vegan Treats has the most delicious desserts!! You will love them, and your non-vegan friends will love them and never have a clue that they are eating vegan food! I make the trip up to Bethlehem from the suburbs west of Philly a few times a year to pick up a stash of vegan goodies. The donuts are absolutely amazing - so delicious, rich, and so many good varieties. I also love the cheesecakes, brownies, and everything else. I love sweets, but I never knew they could be this good!

good place

4 Posted on 03 / 23 / 2010

They had a wonderful selection of cakes and cheesecakes as well as doughnuts, cookies, moon pies, brownies. If you are in the area it is worth the visit. Small cakes are $5 a piece so hope you are good at making decisions or you may end up spending more then you want :] Also it has a nice atmosphere.

One of a kind

5 Posted on 02 / 13 / 2010

John Z and I used to make nearly a weekly pilgrammage here, growing more and more excited on the way as we try to guess what the softserve will be. Yesterday it was peanut butter, omg, heavenly! Pumpkin and coconut are other favorites of ours. I heard the chocolate peanut butter was good, but that bit of takeout disappeared from the freezer before I could get my spoon into it. :-)

As others have said, how do they do it? This is not an inexpensive bakery, but it is well worth it for the ethics and the flavors. My friend demands to be brought a cowboy cookie each time I go. I'd love to work here to learn a few vegan cooking tricks in the back room. Vegan does not mean sugarfree or fatfree or even lowfat, but still, I think of all the butter and milk and eggs I am avoiding and feel healthier.

We like it best when they play punk or emo -- just seems in line with the shop's image. The 20ish guy that works there is extremely personable and helpful. I often wish they would post more signs, so I can learn what is called what and how much things are. You have to ask, if you don't know, and you can feel like a pain if you have a lot of questions: "Ok, so what is that yellow thing with the chocolate stars?" "What is the round one with the cookie on top?"

Desserts from here used to be served at Balasia in Emmaus, a great vegan date restaurant that anyone would love but which sadly closed. That is where I first learned of the Peanut Butter Bomb, which I had for breakfast on my birthday. I *did* have a helper, btw.

They have really cool t-shirts, sized for women, too!

Love This Place!

5 Posted on 10 / 22 / 2009

Thank God I don't live closer, I would be here all the time and weight 300lbs! The desserts are amazing! My husband and I are actually planning on picking up a small cake for our 3 year wedding anniversary and I plan on buying some brownies for Thanksgiving!

OMG I can't believe its Vegan!

5 Posted on 10 / 16 / 2009

I've tried vegan desserts all around the country, but this one beats them all (and no one even comes close to beating this place)!!! I first discovered their deserts in NYC (a lot of restaurants carry their desserts); I had the carrot cake and initially I spit out my first bite and asked the waitress if she served me a non-vegan cake. She said they came from Vegan Treats in PA; needless to say, I had to check this place out.

Vegan Treats was a little hard to find (and it's in the middle of nowhere). It's a small/cute bakery and filled with Vegan goodness! What to get? Well I couldn't decide so I got 5 things (to take back with me): Peanut Butter Bomb (THE BEST! Tastes like Reese's Peanut Butter Cups), Carrot Cake (amazing!), Oreo Brownie (yum!), Boston Cream Donut (yum again!), and a regular donut (good!).

So everything was amazing! But the downside? They don't ship...yes that's right, no shipping. So the only way you can get desserts from here is either by going to NYC, Philly, or Washington DC or by visiting the store in Bethlehem. I really hope one day they decide to sell their products in Chicago.

Cons: No Shipping

Best Cheesecake ever

5 Posted on 08 / 31 / 2009

Their peanutbutter cheesecake is fantastic! I have tried lots of things, and haven't found anything that I don't like.

Pros: all vegan
Cons: location

Heaven for Vegans (and Non-Vegans too!)

5 Posted on 07 / 09 / 2009

The first time I went to Vegan Treats, I was so impressed by the look of it, the people who work there, the owner, the dessert case, and of course THE DESSERTS themselves that I literally felt like I stepped into a piece of vegan heaven.
The place was hopping, super busy, and I am willing to bet that only about 50% of the customers were actually vegetarian or vegan. I want to thank the owner of Vegan Treats for creating and presenting such wonderful indulgences not only for us vegans but also for the doubting masses who think vegan food can't possibly taste good (until they try yours!!!!!).

Pros: Super Cute Shop, Amazing Dessert Selection, Super Friendly Staff
Cons: None

Bring a cooler with you for extras.

5 Posted on 07 / 05 / 2009

I wrote about Vegan Treats in my blog. and posted some pictures. Get ready to drool. Bethlehem was not our destination but we gladly took the 20 minute detour. YOU MUST GO HERE!

Pros: Awesome, selection, price
Cons: nothing, nothing, nothing

Vegan heaven

5 Posted on 03 / 16 / 2009

This is quite possibly my favorite place on earth! I mean I knew anything can be made vegan but this place really just is amazing!!! We drove from Chicago to Philadelphia and stopped here on the way in and home. LOVE IT!

Pros: everything

Simply the best

5 Posted on 10 / 22 / 2008

I am a chubby vegan. I like cake. A lot.

After lusting over the Teany and Red Bamboo desserts for months, I heard that they came from a small bakery in PA. I made sure to drive past it on my way up and I am *so* glad I did.

I ordered small "sample" cakes in about six flavors. Every last one of them was wonderful, although the Coconut creme and chocolate covered strawberry shortcake stand out in my mind as the winners. Their icing is perfect, creamy and flavorful, not treacly. The cake is moist and rich, even the vanilla. The cakes also featured fresh fruits, beautiful garnish and a real eye for beauty as a whole.

I also ordered a cinnamon bun to try and eat in the car-- little did I know that it was an irresistible ooey-gooey mess of a confection that required my full and undivided attention. My car is sticky, but my taste buds were pleased.

My only wish is that Vegan Treats would expand south-ward. I love love love them.

Pros: delicious, beautiful
Cons: a little expensive, location


5 Posted on 07 / 16 / 2008

I discovered Vegan Treats about a year ago. I get my fix about twice a month. I have never had a treat I don't like. Everything is amazing. The sticky buns, the pumpkin cheesecake, the coconut cream cake, & the peanut butter bomb are among some of my favorites. I've taken many non-vegans along with me and they exclaim, "You'd never even know this was vegan!" You will leave Vegan Treats satisfied.

Pros: Delicious, Huge selection of yummy desserts, Good atmosphere

Best Vegan Bakery By Far

5 Posted on 06 / 09 / 2008

My husband and I stumbled on this bakery by accident and I have to say it was the happiest accident ever! They have the best vegan deserts I have ever had. The brownies, cookies, cakes, and donuts are delicious. My husband even drove an hour there and back recently to get me a birthday cake. Even the nonveg people at the party thought the cake and brownies rocked. Unfortunately, not all of the staff is friendly. Sometimes, we end up with a grumpy cashier and other times they are as nice as can be.

Pros: Awesome brownies
Cons: Staff

Treats without the bad conscience

5 Posted on 05 / 01 / 2008

Our family got to try these yummylicious treats when Ms. Vegan Treats herself brought them over all the way from Bethlehem. So I am writing this review on behalf of them. They have not had anything this delicious and vegan at the same time ever. And unfortunately nothing that is available in the area comes close to these pieces from heaven. So thank you for bringing them across the pond and sweetening our day the vegan way!!! And please consider opening a branch on the westcoast so we can enjoy them, too!

Pros: creative, delicious treats, for any occasion

just amazing

5 Posted on 04 / 23 / 2008

have been their a couple of weeks ago and i was suprised.their bakery looks so beautiful and the staff is really can order some cake and sit was just amazing in there.the cake tasted better than any other cake i ever had before.sorry mom :) if you are close to bethlehem check them out.i wished i could go there more often...

Pros: staff is friendly, really clean and nice in there, cake!!!amazing!!!

the best

5 Posted on 04 / 22 / 2008

vegan treats is awesome. i now get all my baked goods from there. my favorite is anything peanut butter!!!!

Best Find

5 Posted on 04 / 14 / 2008

This is the my favorite place to go. The options are numerous and the taste is unbelievable. My favorite is their brownie with peanut butter mousse on top. Their peanut butter cheesecake and coconut cake are some other favorites on mine. In addition to their mouthwatering desserts, they offer doughnuts and softserve. They have a cute little area to eat at as well and the staff is very friendly, helpful, and patient.

Pros: delicious, friendly

The Best Cake Ever

5 Posted on 12 / 14 / 2007

Everybody who has the chance to stop by at the vegan treats bakery in bethlehem should not think about it twice.cakes,doughnuts,bunns,brownies,cupcakes,
cookies,icecream everything a vegan "feinschmecker"
needs to be happy for the rest of his live.
the boston cream doughnut is my favorite..

please check that spot's truely amazing!!!

The BEST bakery ever!

5 Posted on 07 / 23 / 2007

My husband and I drove three hours to get to this bakery. It was well worth the trip. Awesome doughnuts, cupcakes, cheesecake, carrot cake. My favorite was the mint chocolate truffles and the brownies. I can't say enough about this bakery. AWESOME! This is my idea of heaven! And it's vegan....what more is there to say.

Pros: truffles, brownies, absolutely incredible
Cons: I don't live closer, not more of them

Too Good to be True

5 Posted on 07 / 03 / 2007

I first had Vegan Treats at Veg City Diner when it was still open, but I didn't have a clue who made them. A few months ago I was at a party and someone brought a Death By Chocolate Cake from Vegan Treats. He told me about the store front and it was love at first thought. I recommend this cake to all chocolate lovers!


5 Posted on 04 / 04 / 2007

I had to relocate to California for my job. I can't tell you how much I miss Vegan Treats. There are other Vegan options in California however none that compare to Vegan Treats. One of the best...really!


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