Vegetarian, vegan, and raw food. Pleasant atmosphere. Price: Moderate more-less
Vegan-friendly, Organic, American, Juice bar


First Review by jdame

awsome place to have good food

5 Posted on 08 / 17 / 2014

located in a good place, great eats went there a couple of times in which they have changed their menus over but every time I went there the food was amazingly good and I won't feel bad afterwards, I mainly order raw dishes but even cooked food is amazing also, I love there nachos, raw noodles, smoothies, deserts, salads

Not Good Experiences

2 Posted on 06 / 07 / 2014

We were visiting Fort Collins and were excited to eat here. Since we travel with our dogs we have to order to go, which we did the night we arrived. After getting the food back to where we were staying we found they didn't give us some parts of the meals- the blanco sauce was missing for the el blanco burrito, the cashew cheese was missing for the nachos and although we ordered jack fruit for the nachos that wasn't included, either. The nachos barely had anything with them, leaving us mostly with plain chips. Still, we chalked it up to one bad experience and decided to give the restaurant another chance a few days later. Again, the same thing happened. The Kentucky Fried Freedom was missing the gravy and black eyed peas and there was no side salad with the other meal (which was supposed to be included). I wrote to them to let them know but never received a response. The food we did get was pretty good. Nothing spectacular, but maybe it would have been better if we got everything. A very disappointing experience with Tasty Harmony and will not be eating there again if we go back to that area. We were also a bit baffled why everything but 2 items is vegan on their menu. It would be so easy to make it completely vegan!

Pros: Almost Completely Vegan, Friendly Staff
Cons: Incomplete Meals

Outstanding food, not price

3 Posted on 11 / 22 / 2013

Tasty Harmony is excellent, sources local and organic foods, etc—but I rarely visit here unless I feel like I just found $100 on the street. Sadly it is rather out of my price range... don't visit here if you're adverse to dropping a week's food budget in one meal; alack!

Pros: Excellent food, Local sources
Cons: High price, Not-friendly staff

Very tasty indeed

5 Posted on 08 / 03 / 2013

As a vegan who eats gluten free, I am used to having very few choices when I go out -- usually only one or two items on the menu. But at Tasty Harmony I was overwhelmed by the cornucopia of options. The menu is almost entirely vegan and mostly gluten free (they very clearly identify menu items that contain dairy or are not gluten free). They even have gluten free beer. I had tempeh fajitas, and they were awesome. I will definitely be back to sample more of their extensive menu.

Highly recommended!

Pros: Great atmosphere, Great food, Lots of gluten-free options
Cons: Can get busy


Went Once, Still Fond Years Later

3 Posted on 07 / 23 / 2013

I only went to this restaurant one time, but the great flavors still come to mind years later.

Pros: Menu, Quality, Friendly
Cons: Moderate price, portions, Distance from my home

Best in Fort Collins

5 Posted on 02 / 01 / 2013

Tasty Harmony is a must-go restaurant for any vegan in Fort Collins. While they do have some dairy cheese on the menu, pretty much everything can be made vegan, all their desserts are vegan, and they also have a number of raw options. The Big Boy Burger is the best vegan burger I've ever had, hands down. They also have a great rotating selection of craft beer on tap. Used to do a fantastic vegan brunch but don't at this time.

Pros: Mostly vegan, all vegetarian, Excellent rotating seasonal menu, Friendly, knowledgeable staff
Cons: Can get crowded and loud

tasty harmony

4 Posted on 08 / 12 / 2012

Nice restaurant. Prices are medium to high. Lunch specials are affordable and great. Almost everything on the menu is or can be vegan. Lots of raw food options. They do have dairy cheeses on the menu.
All in all it's pretty delicious. Definately the best vegan food in fort collins in my opinions.

Pros: raw food options, lots of vegan food, lunch specials
Cons: some dairy

fabulous food - raw options

5 Posted on 08 / 11 / 2012

Ate at this place twice during my short stay in Fort Collins. Wished I lived here so I could eat here all the time. Several raw options on the menu including a fabulous raw falafal and hummus plate (yum!). They have green juice. They have wonderful smoothies (not the typical fruit and yogurt smoothies but brazil-nut milk smoothies with raw ingredients). I can't say enough about the food here. The wait staff was not the friendliest but it didn't deter me in the least.

Pros: green juice, raw options
Cons: wait staff not friendly

Great food, relaxing atmoshphere & friendly staff

5 Posted on 03 / 07 / 2012

Best Vegan food in Fort Collins! My daughter and I would eat here every day if we could. Everything on the menu is delicious but our favorites are the Big Boy Burger, the Nacho's, The Big Macrobiotic plate, and the raw chocolate mousse pie. Highly recommended!

Pros: Vegan, Comfortable , Healthy

OMG! SOOO delicious!

5 Posted on 01 / 31 / 2012

I am SO grateful to find this impeccable vegan eatery in the middle of cow country, where steakhouses, churches, and bars are rampant. The location is ideal - right off the downtown shopping/walking district, but on a side street, so parking is not difficult. They have plenty of seating, which is comfortable and nicely decorated. Clean, nice lighting, very comfortable environment, but the FOOD! The food is incredible! What these people do with Jackfruit is amazing. Their raw pies are impeccable and gluten-free selections abound, so every diet restriction is easily accommodated. Customer service is excellent. I can't say enough good stuff about this place. I eat vegan all over the U.S. and abroad a bit and this is one of the best vegan restaurants in the whole country! If you live anywhere in Colorado or in southeast Wyoming, this place is worth the drive - go try it!

Pros: delicious, great ambience, gluten-free options abound
Cons: limited hours, so call ahead, parking can get rough on occasion, organic vegan food can be expensive

Yummy but expensive

4 Posted on 01 / 05 / 2012

Their food is super yummy. I just wish they would offer the banana split dessert again!

The food is creative and yummy.. but it's expensive and that includes the drinks (even just tea or a beer). Luckily, most of the meals are big enough to share, especially if you get dessert to share.

Try the nachos (they're huge!) or the fried freedom dish when you're craving something totally fried. It hits the spot.

Pros: Creative., Yummy., Local!
Cons: Expensive.

Love it!

5 Posted on 12 / 29 / 2011

I absolutely love this place! the food is super tasty, fresh, and menu items are very creative. Portions are large with the salads being a great meal in and of themselves. The chocolate smoothie with almonds (called ABC I think) it divine. I have not tried anything I didn't love yet, and look forward to going here every time I'm in Fort Collins!

Pros: tasty, fresh, local, creative menu
Cons: price sometimes


2 Posted on 08 / 28 / 2011

I can remember being excited when Tasty Harmony first opened. Finally, a vegetarian (mostly vegan) restaurant in Fort Collins. So, we ate there quite regularly for awhile and we tried to encourage others to do the same. But when the initial excitement wore off, we found that there were certain things that we didn't like. First, while some of the food is very good, the portions are usually too small. We often found ourselves hungry as soon as we were done eating. I think that they are trying to keep the cost of a meal down even though most of the ingredients are organic. Second, relying mostly on local ingredients (except for the jackfruit) severely limited variety in vegetables. Third, the service is almost always very slow. Fourth, I like plain iced tea and it doesn't seem to be available. You can get hot teas but getting ice for your beverage is difficult. You must request it and even then you don't get much since it's bagged ice. I believe that they filter their water but don't have an ice machine. Fifth, the place is often too hot (summer) or too cold (winter). So, unfortunately, I have to give a review of "disappointing". I really want to like the place but there are too many little things that bother me about eating there. And after all, eating out is about the complete experience, not just the food.

Pros: Food
Cons: Service, Variety, Portion Sizes

Great food with not so great service

4 Posted on 07 / 03 / 2011

I brought a non-veg friend here and was hoping to wow her with great vegan food. The food was delicious but she asked for no onions and got a sandwich covered in them and they were really difficult to take off as they were covered in a sauce. It also took forever to get our food. I am willing to let it slide this time as the food was so good and fresh. The raw blueberry cheesecake was a real treat but I was a little surprised by the $7.50 price tag. My lunch was less than the desert we shared but great vegan place overall and I will return to give the service another try.

Pros: great food, fresh, local
Cons: service, prices
  • laloofah laloofah

    I'm surprised they made that error, but did you tell them about it? Because I'd be even more surprised to learn that they failed to rectify it! I'm sure they'd have been happy to bring your friend her correct order.


A vegan's dream

5 Posted on 06 / 29 / 2011

One of my favorites in Fort Collins!! With a large, seasonally changing menu, Tasty Harmony is very vegan friendly. The raw desserts will satisfy ANY palate, as will the menu items! I begin craving their dishes when away for some time. With all homemade sauces, dressings, gravies, and salsas, you are in for a fresh and healthy flavor explosion!

Pros: Friendly staff, awesome dishes, serves beer and wine
Cons: Closed on Mondays


5 Posted on 06 / 14 / 2011

My boyfriend and I absolutely love Tasty Harmony. Their food is delectable, fresh and healthy! They are community and environmentally conscious, while still delivering an amazing gourmet product to your table in a relaxed, friendly environment. We've taken several non-veg friends to eat there, and they have all loved it (every single one, out of the 7 or 8 non-veg friends we've introduced it to). You won't be disappointed, and I would highly recommend taking any of the wait staff recommendations as well. I haven't tried something there yet that I don't like.

Wonderful find!

5 Posted on 10 / 11 / 2010

Wow, what a fun find Tasty Harmony was during a July night in Fort Collins! We got there shortly before closing and the place was packed, but we sat out on the patio with no wait. Service was a little slow due to our late arrival and the crowd, but our waitress made our wait enjoyable by being attentive, solicitous, helpful and very fun. And our delicious meal was worth the wait! I had the "Heart of Provence" and my husband had "La Sobrosa Burrito." They were both beautiful and delicious, and as much as I enjoyed mine, when he let me have a taste of his burrito I wished I'd ordered it instead! (Next time!) We also loved our desserts - raw key lime pie and a brownie with chocolate ganache - which were pricey but a wonderful treat. I can't speak to the inconsistency of the food that one reviewer mentioned, ours was fantastic and our service was great, and the place sure looked really popular! There are a lot of good places for vegans to eat in Ft. Collins, but Tasty Harmony now tops our list!

Pros: Mostly vegan - food quality & taste A+!, Great service
Cons: Can be crowded for dinner

Love it!

5 Posted on 07 / 22 / 2010

I went to Tasty Harmony twice on a visit to Fort Collins and was very pleased. If you're in town, be sure to check it out.

Pros: great food, all veg-no arguments, friendly
Cons: closed Monday

GREAT service, inconsistent food

3 Posted on 06 / 15 / 2010

Service is GREAT, but the food is inconsistent. The flavor, the portion size, and the presentation varies drastically. When the food's good, it's REALLY good. But it's frustrating when it's not.

Pros: awesome service, menu variety, healthy options
Cons: inconsistent food

Good but.......

3 Posted on 04 / 10 / 2010

food is highly seasoned & salty. However, desserts are great & you don't have to feel guilty about eating them.


5 Posted on 12 / 05 / 2009

Absolutely divine! Ask for the Raw meal of the day! Fabulous people, fabulous place, Outstanding grub!

Pros: Food perfection , Great staff, Great atomospher
Cons: Not in my hometown

Reliable and Encouraging!

5 Posted on 11 / 26 / 2009

Tasty Harmony has yet to disappoint me. Every time my best friend and I go there we make an effort to get something new (which is hard since we love all the stuff we've had!) Their menu is VAST and there creative use of alternative cuisine encourages you to experiment with food and stick with a vegan diet. The portions are PLEANTIFUL and every dish is completely satisfying without leaving you with a heavy, sickly feeling. Try Tasty Harmony and encourage your non-veg friends and family to try it, they will be shocked that fresh vegan food can be so wonderful! My only complaint is that the prices are a bit steep, but fair considering the quality of food. Also, the service has been so-so but i always enjoy myself. :)

Pros: Fabulous Food, Creative and Healthy, Portions are great
Cons: Price ?, Service (somtimes)

One of the best ever!!!!!!

5 Posted on 11 / 22 / 2009

We lucked out on this GREAT restaurant!!!! The food was fresh, tasty, creative and fun. The staff was friendly and very helpful. We truly enjoyed ourselfs!

Pros: Food, Service
Cons: Parking, Noisy street with trains

Great Food

5 Posted on 07 / 29 / 2009

Maybe a little pricey, probably because the food is organic. But it's very tasty and looks nice, too. I'm so happy we finally have a vegetarian restaurant (especially one that is vegan!) in Ft. Collins.

so fantastic!

5 Posted on 04 / 16 / 2009

This place is crazy good. I looked at the menu and was soooo overwhelmed. They have a reuben sandwich, nachos (with great cashew cheese and 'sour cream'), burrito, and comfort food like mashed potatoes and gravy. But then they have upscale dishes too. I had a cup of mushroom and white bean soup and it was amazing, like it was cooked all day and it was nice and thick. I split the mashed potatoes/gravy/seitan plate and nachos. The nachos were great, like when u make them at home and u actually get a bunch of stuff like guac, 'cream', salsa, and 'cheese'. It was my first time there, but my friend has been there a few times and said that she's never been disappointed. Definetly want to go back everyday.

Pros: vegan desserts, daily specials, comfort food
Cons: spendy


5 Posted on 04 / 10 / 2009

This place is located in Old Town, right across the street from Trailhead (and near all the other great bars), so it's great to hit them up for dinner after shopping or before hitting up the bar scene. They are 99% vegan (only one salad dish is not, it has goat cheese in it). The food is great and there's a lot of variety. Lots of raw and gluten-free options (including desert). I had the cornmeal crusted tempeh with polenta and it was amazing. My friend had the seitan, mashed potatoes, and sourkraut, which was also delicious but very heavy and on the salty side so it's better to share that dish than to tackle it solo. I tried the gluten-free cake and wasn't that impressed, but I didn't realize it was gluten-free until after the fact. My friends love the raw key lime pie.

Pros: Variety, Almost 100% Vegan, Location
Cons: Pricey

Great Resturant

5 Posted on 03 / 16 / 2009

Plenty of Raw Desserts and tasty vegan food. Service was amazing as well.

Pros: Service, Raw Food, Vegan Food
Cons: Hard to find


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