Re-opened Apr 2014 at this location inside the moat, down from Elephant Nature Park. Vegetarian food restaurant also offering cooking class. Price: Moderate more-less
Vegan-friendly, Thai, Fast food, Beer/Wine, Take-out


First Review by david

A Taste not from Heaven

2 Posted on 09 / 27 / 2013

We visited here with our 4 kids in August 2013. The service was lousy - it took them 15 minutes to get drinks on the table. The simple situation of too many cooks spoil the broth- lots of waiters but completely inefficient. I ordered soup with my main course which arrived after I asked for the bill. The food was medioco over seasoned and not appealing. Sorry guys but I really cannot recommend this place.

Pros: cheap
Cons: terrible service, medioco food

disappointing at best

2 Posted on 09 / 08 / 2013

I have visited here twice, once in 2009 and once in 2013, at lunch time and dinner time, and the experience was on both occasions very disappointing. The only redeeming feature is the chill of the air con. The menu is extensive, however 3 items we ordered today were off the menu, and we only found this out when our order arrived minus these dishes. No apology offered. The dishes themselves were poorly made . The spicy stir fry lacked heat, was too salty and also too sweet. The taste from heaven salad had no taste, and really needed some zing. I don't know whose idea of heaven that is, but it certainly falls below my estimation. The smoothies were feeble. For half the price on the street I would get one with twice as much fruit. These were mean and watery. We were overcharged. The bill including the dish that was unavailable, and when they finally acknowledged the error, again no apology. I should say that this is not authentically Thai, the tastes very much geared to western palates, and the vegetables being ones easily obtained back home in Tesco. I have travelled a lot in Thailand and eaten in many places, bearing in mind the price and the facilities, and the reputation this city has for great food, and there are lots of amazing places to eat here, this is probably the worst restaurant I have visited. Pity.
Updated from previous review on Monday September 02, 2013

Pros: air con
Cons: service, food, price

very good

5 Posted on 07 / 15 / 2013

went here once in april 2013,on my last night in chiang mai and was very impressed plenty of choice,reasonably priced and friendly service and food was damn good too!left there wishing i had found the place earlier as if i had would of probably eaten all my meals there,saw they did a thai cookery school which i would have done if i had more time in chiang mai,ended up doing one at may kaidee in samsen road bkk which was a rip off and full of egotistical people,we never even went to the market which they advertised in the cookery school bumf,think theyve gotten to big for their boots taste of heaven on the other hand had a totally different vibe,will go again when iam back in chiang mai.

Pros: choice , prices , friendly service
Cons: language barrier ,my fault dont speak th, missed one dish i ordered , doesnt open early enough

Great food

4 Posted on 06 / 10 / 2013

I was sad we only found this restaurant the night before we left. It was recommended to us by a local when I asked about vegetarian restaurants. We ordered food and I told the waitress I was allergic to peanuts, after we ordered she let me know one of the dishes contained peanuts so I should choose something else. I was so glad she did this! Many times in Thailand, my requests for no peanuts were ignored.
We ordered veggie samosas which were delicious. Can't remember what the main dishes were but they were tasty too. I had the vegan cake for dessert which was to die for! If I had known about this place earlier I would have taken the cooking class. I would definitely recommend.

Pros: Good food, Air Conditioning, Vegan options

Great food!!

5 Posted on 05 / 08 / 2013

My sister and I are vegetarian and vegan respectively and we found the menu had a great range for us to choose from.
We loved the food here and ate there throughout our stay in Chaing Mai. We also did a cooking class there which was great value where it was us and the teacher.

Pros: Great taste, Easy to get to, Cheap


nice but not as good as it was

3 Posted on 02 / 05 / 2013

last went here 2 years ago, and felt that it has slipped slightly since then
service was patchy but good when it occurred
northern curry and phrik khing were great
sour curry and som tam were ok but not superb - no fresh chillies in som tam!
sticky rice was very odd - almost hard

fyi no one tried to sell me an elephant trek

Nice vegan cake - shame about the ethics

2 Posted on 12 / 20 / 2012

Veggie cafe with an impressive range of vegan dishes clearly marked on the menu. AND warm vegan caramel and cinnamon cake which we really enjoyed!
The service was incredibly slow, with drinks arriving long after we had eaten the cake (which also seemed to take a while to come).
We were lucky though, we saw a family of four come in who were totally ignored by the staff to the point that they went up to the counter to get themselves menus and I saw them try to catch the attention of the staff to place an order several times. They actually got so annoyed at waiting and being ignored that they got up and left - so the cafe lost four customers who wanted to order.
Until we read the other reviews here we didn't realise there was any connection between the cafe and the elephant camps. If we had we wouldn't have supported the cafe at all. We didn't experience anyone trying to sell us trips to see the elephants, though there are photos of elephants all over the cafe. We definitely wouldn't go to any of those places as none of them seem to be genuine sanctuaries - all the TripAdvisor reviews mention people riding and petting the elephants, and many of them say the animals did tricks to entertain them; that ain't conservation, it's abuse.

Pros: vegan cake, good choice vegan menu
Cons: elephant abuse camp connection, poor service
  • AvocadoLover AvocadoLover

    Hi, I am not really sure where you got this information from but this restaurant is actually connected with the Elephant Nature Park which is a model animal rights organization. Please visit their website for more info. There is definitely no elephant riding, abuse or any other nonsense going on there. It is purely for elephant rescue and education. It is an absolutely wonderful place and I suggest you check it out. The organization has really done a lot to improve the plight of elephants in Thailand.


Okay meal, spoiled desserts

3 Posted on 12 / 08 / 2012

The food was alright, but we bought 4 desserts to-go and we threw 3 of them out because they tasted spoiled.

Not vegan

4 Posted on 10 / 06 / 2012

price is acceptable and the service is fast.
I order vegan but it is vegetarian.

Pros: Fast , Location, Friendly
Cons: Not vegan, Poor ingredient

totally delicious!!

5 Posted on 09 / 28 / 2012

Loved this place. Very tasty & fresh. So many vegan options. Well priced. Great service. What else can I say except I'll be back & highly recommend.

Cons: none!

great burgers

4 Posted on 09 / 14 / 2012

Not far outside the old city wall. We had a great burger and a great carrot cake. Though ethical vegans, they use eggs.

Pros: convenient location, late hours
Cons: flies in the dining hall are a nuisance

By far the best of the tourist-driven veg eateries

5 Posted on 05 / 19 / 2012

I think there are some very unfair reviews of this restaurant and it makes me wonder what biases/allegiances some of the authors have that are writing them. I've lived in Chiang Mai for over 7 years and can honestly say that I've never found a restaurant for evening dining that can quite match up to Taste of Heaven. Sure you can eat lunch at an authentic Thai veggie eatery for B20 - 25, but most of these places close by mid-afternoon, so if you're looking for a dedicated vegetarian/vegan venue for dinner time, then the choices can be somewhat limited. The portions are considered small by some but are just standard Thai size and the same as what you'd get if you bought street food or went to any Thai 'aharn tum sang' restaurant. The prices may well be a little higher but you're paying for the pleasant surroundings and the air-conditioning as well as making a contribution to the elephant cause, so really there's nothing to moan about.

Once took my Thai wife's family to eat here and everything we ordered (and we ordered a lot) was finished completely, which I would suggest is a thumbs up for the authenticity of the food.

Never had any sale spiel for tours and always found staff polite and attentive. They can be a little over-zealous with collecting empty plates but that's hardly a major criticism.

Not so good. Not so bad.

3 Posted on 05 / 11 / 2012

A run-of-the mill Thai vegetarian place with small portions and OK food. The staff are quite nice and the place is clean and pleasant, but a little pricey for what you get compared to going a few blocks outside the tourist area.
Updated from previous review on Saturday May 05, 2012

Pros: clean, pleasant , good staff
Cons: small portions

Best food in thailand

5 Posted on 03 / 23 / 2012

I read some reviews about this restaurant , but sure someone has something against this place as It amazing food ,
The food is fresh tasty and no Msg, Its cheap about $2/3 dollars for most meals and the service was nice and friendly to, They also help with a Foundation who rescue abused elephants and we booked a tour from the restaurant, well our best day ever in Thailand, the lady who help these elephants and other animals is so kind and doing a great job not like other who do shows etc
The restaurant was visited by us many times in our 1 months in chiang mai and always good and my wife even did cooking school. Please try as the best for sure,

Pros: best food, good service, very clean

Don't waste your time or money here.

2 Posted on 02 / 29 / 2012

Like others said the place sucked. Expensive, small portions and the food wasn't good. I can see what people are saying about the staff too. May Kadees is sooo much better and just a few minutes walk away. Would not go back here again. My dish with coconut milk tasted like it was boxed not even fresh milk yuck.
Updated from previous review on Wednesday February 29, 2012


Foodie heaven for veggies and vegans

5 Posted on 02 / 28 / 2012

I have nothing but praise for this lovely veggie restaurant .we returned here to eat more than once whilst in chiang mai and it was defo one of my foodie highlights.the food was yummy and fresh and worth every baht.i would particularly recommend the tom yum cooked in fresh coconut which makes me drool even now thinking about it.the menu was extensive and varied and even my fussy vegan hubby was happy here.i also loved the fact that they do such good work with maimed elephants and offer a real sanctuary.i would rather some of my money at least go to a worthy cause...will defo return.

Pros: Varied menu, Fresh ingredients, Ethical and animal friendly

Cake was nummie

3 Posted on 02 / 13 / 2012

We decided to try this restaurant out even after reading the bad reviews and it was decent. We only had a slice of cake, but it was soft and moist and caramelly. It was a little too pricey for us, so we didn't eat anything else. There was no mention of elephant tours.

Pros: Vegan cake, Huge selection, Nice ambiance
Cons: Expensive

Okay flavor, pricey, small portions

3 Posted on 01 / 21 / 2012

I've probably eaten every veggie restaurant in Chiang Mai over the past 15 years so thought I'd try the flashy new restaurant on Tha Phae Road even though it touted Lonely Planet and Happy Cow for all the world to see. (I don't trust people who brag, seems to usually be unwarranted).
The restaurant is quite large, is westernized and caters to the tourist population.
I found the food to be pricey and the portions small.
I prefer the ample,local veggie restaurants for 1/3 to 1/2 the price and authentic taste.

Pros: location
Cons: small portions, too westernized

Lovely restaurant, good cause!

5 Posted on 12 / 19 / 2011

We ate at Taste from Heaven many times during our trip to Chiang Mai in November. The food was yummy and all the staff members we dealt with were kind and helpful. I asked for ingredient substitutions quite a few times and never had a problem. Vegan dishes were clearly marked on the menu. They also have a water filter, so we brought our empty water bottles to refill every day.

We were never hassled about going to the Elephant Nature Park, but decided to go after seeing posters in the restaurant and researching the organization online.

Pros: nice staff, good atmosphere, wifi

Overpriced, tasteless food, geared for profit

2 Posted on 12 / 06 / 2011

If you are looking for an overpriced westernized meal in a sleek setting with obnoxious staff hovering over you this little slice of elephant hell is a good choice. The staff come to your table and try to sell elephant camp tours/packages while you are waiting for your food. I saw one girl roll her eyes at a guest when the customer politely said she wasn't interested. The food I had looked very pretty but the taste was below average especially considering the cost and portion. Heavy emphasis on re-hydrated dried soy protein and little if any emphasis on fresh veggies or authentic local sauces. Limited selection of vegan items not clearly indicated on the menu. I wouldn't trust any of the soy products to be vegan as they don't make them themselves. The wait staff weren't helpful on the pure vegan issue either.

I prefer more authentic local family places with real flavor not hype. This place seems more intent on profit and appearance than taste or something trivial like ethics. I was told they don't have "free water" although all local Thai restaurants happily give you a glass of water. Obviously, they are more interested in pushing water in plastic bottles(great environmentalists).

Also, the elephant camp is questionable at best. They even charge people to volunteer!LOL. I suggest people talk to locals and educate themselves. If I could I would give this place minus or no happy cows (after talking with locals) but two cows is the lowest rating you can give a veg restaurant on here=BUMMER!

This seems to be another restaurant listed where the high rating on Happy Cow is coming from reviewers who only have one or two other reviews on here. I cant help but think after seeing what is written it is more dishonesty from the owners.

Pros: Sleek setting, Simple to find
Cons: Taste from hell food, Elephant camp, Overpriced/poor quality
  • Elliot Elliot

    MS sounds like an angry person. He also criticizes an important Elephant "sanctuary" he has never been to.
    I have been to Taste of Heaven twice so far. The food and service (and ambiance - for that area) were great. "Nan", the sophisticated lady who owns the restaurant speaks fluent English and was very helpful regarding places to visit in the area. I booked a trip to The Elephant Nature Park (no one approached me about it) and I can assure you from what I saw that it is likely the most legitimate. No song and pony shows here, just good old fashioned caring. I spent time with "Lek", the founder and can't praise her enough.

  • spiffysavannah spiffysavannah

    I loved this restaurant and I loved the Elephant Nature Park when I visited it. The staff weren't pushy with us at all and they didn't know we had already booked a tour. Lek, the amazing woman who runs the Elephant Nature Park, can't afford to run it without the paying volunteers- they are who keep the park afloat. Elephants eat 10% of their body weight in food every day, not to mention the veterinary fees for the previously abused elephants and cost to actually adopt an elephant. I also filled my water bottle there, they charge a small amount for small or large bottles to promote not using plastic bottles.

  • dowuchyalike dowuchyalike

    "geared for profit"... you could not be more wrong. The owner of this restaurant is passionate about vegetarianism, as is evident in the numerous ethical statements to be found on the walls of the venue and on the pages of the menu.

  • Twinklemeow Twinklemeow

    Agree unfair and very critical review. readers i would advise you to go and make your own mind up and not be influenced by this biased review.

  • Mark Pearson Mark Pearson

    I don't know where your groundless bitterness stems from, but I'd prefer not to visit (or indeed comment on it) - better to light a candle than curse the darkness. However, your comments regarding the restaurant concerned have an overwhelming stench of defamation, and cast them in an extremely unfavourable light. I'm sure you wouldn't level such accusations lightly, and I - as I'm sure many others, including the moderators - would be very interested to hear the evidence you must have to support your comments.

  • Mark Pearson Mark Pearson

    Rather than waste your time on this inaccurate, barely-literate bile, please read our review above, dated 20th Nov 2011. Thanks! Mark

  • Elliot Elliot

    Regarding the Elephant Nature Park and Sanctuary that this reviewer maligns, I suggest readers see why reviewers give it 5 Stars


if I believed in Heaven I'd probably agree

5 Posted on 11 / 20 / 2011

We've been in Thailand for almost two months, enjoyed lots of great vegetarian food (it's there if you look for it), but for us, Taste from Heaven is the dog's doo-da's and no mistake. Put simply - the food is wonderful, Thai and western, MSG-free and very reasonably priced (average main course around one British pound), the staff are lovely and friendly, and profits go to the Elephant Nature Park - an indescribably wonderful place that gives abused and mistreated elephants a great life - as well as helping stray cats and dogs on the streets of Chiang Mai and beyond. We visited the sanctuary at our own impulse (IN NO WAY hassled by staff, although frankly I wouldn't mind after having been there), and would unequivocally recommend it to everyone. We also did the cooking course here - this morning as it happens - which was also 100% worth it and very enjoyable. We're staying in a hotel around the corner, and have pretty much eaten every meal here for days on end - why bother with anywhere else? Plenty of other places do 'vegetarian' food locally, but often just to cash in on westerners. Taste From Heaven has great food, good value, lovely staff, and profits helping animals..... give them your money, fill your happy belly and ease your western guilt with good cause! We do, every day....

Excellent Operation

5 Posted on 08 / 14 / 2011

Have lived in northern Thailand for four years and eaten at virtually every veggie friendly restaurant here. Taste From Heaven is outstanding on all counts. Obviously from a few of the reviews you find those who want to pay 20 baht for their food, but you aren't going to find service, presentation and environment in that case. Staff doesn't hover over anyone, but they are are there to meet your requests and invariably do it with a smile. Location is extremely easy to find walk a couple hundred meters east on Thype Road from the Thype Gate-on the left.

The twenty page menu covers about every option for food that anyone might want. A reviewer thought there were too many curries-well maybe you needn't order everything on the menu.

Never have had any staff try and sell me a tour of the Elephant Nature Park, though if you express an interest that information is available. If you want to ride on a rack strapped to an elephants back and watch them coerced into "dancing for you then you probably don't want to eat here in the first place.

Would recommend you try Taste From Heaven for excellent food and service in an environment that offers an
escape from the heat/pollution/noise found at most other veggie restaurants in this price range. There is also a lovely garden area if you prefer it.

Also if you really care about animals you might be fortunate to meet Shadow, the owners great dog who is a favorite with all the regular diners and would never think of bothering anyone else.

Pros: Food , Service, Ambiance
Cons: None

Good Food and Good Location For Tourists

4 Posted on 01 / 31 / 2011

Ate here for lunch today and it was good. Indoors w/AC, clean and affordable with most dishes 50-60 Baht each, decent enough menu to find a meal, though too many soups and curries for my liking. I would eat here again.

Kitchen doesn't honor dish preferences

2 Posted on 10 / 29 / 2010

I ordered take out last night and thought they had a good selection for the menu. I had ordered 5 dishes, asking for 2 of them to not be spicy and have no tofu.

Well all of the dishes we got were REALLY spicy and had tons of tofu and soya protein. They were pretty oily and one dish was an eggplant stir fry and it came in a soupy broth? Very strange. Everything was hot temperature wise so that was fine, it just wasn't above average food.

I've been to May Kaidee's and I really think they have superior fresh vegan food compared to Taste From Heaven, they also have lots of eggs in their dishes.

I was really disappointed that the person taking the order did not bother to tell the kitchen.

And how come vegetarian food has so little vegetables? It's mostly tofu and giant chunks of some soya protein, I want no tofu and vegetables. I don't think they get it.

So I don't think I'll order from them again, I was pretty disappointed, since I can go to a regular restaurant and just order something without meat and they will make it with vegetables instead no problem.

Also the prices seem more expensive than other vegetarian restaurants in Chiang Mai... not that it's expensive, it's just not as inexpensive as you can find elsewhere.

Some of their stuff has eggs so make sure you check. It's not a vegan restaurant.
Updated from previous review on Wednesday October 27, 2010
Updated from previous review on Wednesday October 27, 2010

Cons: no customization of dishes, too much tofu, not vegan

below average quality food-taste but enviroment

2 Posted on 04 / 21 / 2010

well..iam nto that generous with the review..chef my self i have to say the taste is poor..the enviroment the presentation of the food is nice but in taste no..iv been twice my friend been there and none like it,below medium...iam eprson that eat thai food not western and my reviw is on thai food,i have no idea the western type of food,the prices are higher than the normal and compare prices-food quality is not good,i found that the most vegs are precooked too.i don't understand suck nice ppl that they put their effort to this restaurant have this pure quality food

  • nong nong

    I don't think so. Me and my friends had the meal there manytimes and we like their food so much. We ate 2 meals a day while we were there. Price is very cheap, start from 39 baht, stir fried, starter and salad only 59 baht, curries only 69 Baht ...


I wasn't impressed

2 Posted on 10 / 02 / 2009

The food was OK, but not excellent--portions were rather mediocre. Too much effort put into making it look pretty and not enough into the taste. It was comfortable inside with the air conditioning, but I didn't like how the owner's very large dog was allowed to walk around in the dining room. I also didn't care for the sappy Elton John ballads playing on the stereo. The menu was also a little too preachy on the merits of vegetarianism.

Pros: Air conditioning, roomy dining area
Cons: not great value, depressing music, dog in dining room
  • dowuchyalike dowuchyalike

    "The menu was also a little too preachy on the merits of vegetarianism".

    For goodness sake, it's a vegetarian restaurant, what did you expect?


Great Food, Genuine Cause

5 Posted on 07 / 13 / 2009

The other good reviews have really said it all. This was my first time to eat here, and I was very impressed; it is a must-visit at least once while in Chiang Mai, even with so many great veggie restaurants to choose from.

I was a little suspicious at first (as with any organisation involving elephants) but the associated Elephant Nature Park appears to be a very genuine sanctuary for rescued elephants, and it is possible to stay and volunteer there while in Chiang Mai.

The only negative thing I could possibly say is that the serving size was rather small, but the quality more than made up for it! The free wifi is a bonus too!

Pros: Great food, Good cause, Free wifi
Cons: small portion size

Delicious Food/Great Atmosphere/Amazing People

5 Posted on 05 / 11 / 2009

This is my favorite place to eat in Chiang Mai! The food is amazing! They are very vegan friendly and I love being able to order yummy curries without having to worry the waiter didn't understand what I mean by no fish sauce/no oyster sauce. The owners and staff are very warm, kind and helpful! I am so glad I found this place and through this restaurant I learned about the Elephant Nature Park which was the best place I visited in Thailand. Be warned if you eat here once, you may wind up eating here every meal!

Pros: Nice Outdoor Seating, Yummy Vegan Thai Food, Lovely People

truly a taste from heaven

5 Posted on 11 / 24 / 2008

I ate in this restaurant nearly every day whilst in Chiang Mai recently and was impressed with the enthusiasm and passion of the owner Roy and his charming wife Nan. They put 100% into running this fairly new business and Roy dedicates a lot of his time and energy into helping the local Elephant sanctuary. The food and service were excellent. Food was good value and nicely presented and the restaurant had a nice ambience which enabled me to chill out, relax and enjoy my meals there.

Pros: excellent food, friendly staff, good value

not the best but still good

4 Posted on 11 / 17 / 2008

A 'Taste From Heaven' ad in Elephant Nature Park attracted our attention. It's the third veggie restaurant we tried in Chiang Mai after Aum and Khun Churn. Their avocado shake and mushroom satay are extremely good. Food is above average, though I still think Khun Churn and May Kaidee are the best in town. The staff are very friendly and speak good English.

Pros: good food, friendly staff

Wonderful, Tasty, Fresh, Clean and Cheap

5 Posted on 10 / 21 / 2008

This vegetarian restaurant was catch my eyes since i first came to Chiang Mai, i walked pass and saw from outside, very nice and clean. Once i walked inside, the owner and stuff were welcome me " Sawaddee Ka, welcome " It was impress me. I had Crispy Morning Glory for starter, it was amazing and i had Tom Yum in coconut was so tasty. After the meal, i ahd Apple Pie and Blueberry Cheese cake were wonderful.. Price here start from ฿39 and cheap. Everything is fresh, clean, nice and friendly...

I also did Cooking Class here. It's personal teach and i cooked 6 dishes, i was very enjoy here and i came here every single day. I would reccommend all Vegetarian to come to this restaurant and i'm sure you will like it here XXX

The best Vegetarian food, Great price and great se

5 Posted on 10 / 13 / 2008

I would say it was the best food, 1st time i went to this restaurant it was impress me. The lady who run the restaurant was sooo nice and friendly, staff are nice and friendly,too. Nice and clean both inside and outside. Price is unbeleivable. I had Hor-Mok in Cococnut and Fresh Spring roll were wonderful. I also had their Coffee, i can it was the best coffee I was in Chiangmai for a week, i went to this restaurant everyday. It WORTH and you should come to this restaurant if you are vegetarian... You will love there foods..

Not great but ok

3 Posted on 09 / 20 / 2008

Ate there, the portions aren't huge, but medium. The food is plain, and not always you get what you see in menu - I ordered som-tam, and got it without fried tofu, as on picture and in descripiton.
Also, the food there is full of garlic and onion. I had a stomach ache after eating there.
Then again the settings are nice, both outdoor and indoor area. Inside aircon works, and outside everything is green and neat! The place by itself seems to be well-run.
The prices are bit higher than in middle-ranged places with average 70-80 baht per dish.

Pros: Nice settings
Cons: Plain food for these prices

great food

5 Posted on 08 / 19 / 2008

I have eaten veggie food all over the world and this would have to be the best,,, clean and very friendly staff with such tasty food.good value with good service.
I really think its nice with proceeds going tyo help abused thai elephants and other animals.
very lovely Jungle garden.central loccation and so cheap for quailty food.

Pros: excellent food, friendly staff, good value

the place is amazing food!

5 Posted on 08 / 19 / 2008

thyis is the best veggie thia food i have had in my life. In fact i travel for a living,and will say thi9s is the best thai i have had in my life.... meat eatter will still love the flavour and taste sensation of this food. The owners are great people, the benefit is the elephants so its getting with karma.... great stuff, wish you where in london. Do yourself a favour and eat here... AAA rating, if this a top star restuarant. amanda

Pros: brilliant food, hugh portions, great service, great value


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