Prasad shares a space with Yoga in the Pearl studio. Serve mostly vegan food that's primarily gluten free with many raw options. Baked goods are vegan. Price: Moderate more-less
Vegan-friendly, Organic, American, Organic, Raw, Juice bar
925 NW Davis St (Pearl District)
Portland, Oregon 97209

Open Mon-Fri 7:30am-8pm, Sat-Sun 9am-8pm.

  • Outdoor seating
  • Wheelchair accessible
  • Accepts credit cards


First Review by CLRtraveller

Perfect for the health-conscious

4 Posted on 08 / 13 / 2014

This is my kind of eating: lots of veggies, legumes, whole grains, and healthy fats. Minimal cooking, natural and simple. As plain as this might sound, I had lunch here twice during my short stay in Portland and enjoyed it both times. The food was well seasoned and tasted great. Granted, it wasn't anything that I couldn't construct in my own kitchen. I actually see it more as a place for travelers like me who don't have access to one but still want to stick to their eating routine while on the road. The downtown location is an added bonus.

That said, it's a small space with very limited seating, which could be a bit of a problem during busy lunch hours. Order line could get long, so could the wait time for your food (I waited 30 minutes for mine on my second visit). So, try to avoid the crowd and enjoy!

Pros: good & healthy food, location
Cons: limited seating, could be slow

Cute place

5 Posted on 09 / 06 / 2013

I was surprised by the small size of Prasad, especially after how much I heard about it. It was really quaint inside, with long wooden tables for everyone to have room to sit without feeling crowded in the small space. I wasn't very hungry, but my husband ordered their Dragon Bowl & when it came, I ended up eating half of it! It was delicious!

Pros: great food, cozy atmosphere

Great place

4 Posted on 09 / 04 / 2013

Not much seating here, as it is literally nestled next to a yoga studio. However, some of the meals were really good. I really liked the soul salad. The noodle dish with the peanut sauce a bit lackluster (and not too many veggies) and I wasn't that impressed with the dragon bowl (although I had it as leftovers). Their homemade chai latte was very good, though. They also sell chocolate truffles which were very good and very rich.

Cons: limited seating

Great eats, lovely space

5 Posted on 05 / 28 / 2013

The food was super. I love me some vegan eats! I brought 1 vegetarian and 5 omnivores along and we were all well fed! The space had a great feel too. I felt more athletic just sitting there.

Pros: Food, Ambiance, Mission

big on taste not space

3 Posted on 02 / 17 / 2013

A small step up from a food truck - stand in long lines during rush hour to order and often have to wait for seating and talk is kept to a minimum due to the yoga in session...
BUT the food is fresh, healthy and very tasty. Love the wraps and bowls!
A bit high priced - but I keep going back.

Cons: price, lines, atmosphere


good food and organic, wifi, juices & smoothies

4 Posted on 02 / 13 / 2013

This place takes the time to bring high quality food and juices to the public. there are many raw choices and then cooked vegan as well. I have had their warm bowls which are great. There is always a raw and cooked soup. There is also smoothies and juices all organic. The parking is the only "con" really. Oh I guess i should add it's often very crowded. Most people working there have been friendly towards me- and wifi is free and accessible.

Pros: organic, all vegan, raw and cooked
Cons: parking, crowded


5 Posted on 09 / 02 / 2012

This restaurant is connected with a Yoga Studio which confused me a little at the beginning, but after having our first meal there, I loved the connection. Small but busy, and all dishes were incredibly tempting. We ordered the Shiva and Soul salads--both were fantastic. The salads averaged around $9 each, but you got a lot of value--they were not holding back on the tempeh or other more expensive ingredients--these were not bowls of green only, they were very filling and very, very tasty. On our visit, this is the only place we visited more than once--and we also took wraps to-go, as we knew we would get nothing like this in the airport. Even the wraps were incredible hours later! [They have both wrap options available to-go in the deli case.] Our second visit was for breakfast and we ordered the Chipotle tempeh Scramble and the Chili Scramble--again, very tasty and very filling. Perfect!
We just loved the food here, we didn't get any Juices but they have a fantastic juice/smoothie menu. And if the food and atmosphere wasn't fantastic enough, they also have their produce delivered by a local sustainable urban delivery company "B-Shares" [], who makes deliveries by bike. Awesome that Prasad supports this other local business, and cares about it's impact on the environment! Also, I loved that the trash is split out in to Trash / Recycling / Compost. Very cool. Love this place!

Pros: Healthy, tasty food, Calm atmosphere, Eco-friendly
Cons: --, --, --

Excellent food, check it out!

4 Posted on 03 / 10 / 2012

I'm vegan, but I do not generally eat raw foods besides fruits and salad. That being said, I was really impressed by Prasad. I ordered the 'Love Pasta,' which was zucchini noodles tossed in basil pumpkinseed pesto, sundried tomatoes, carrots, spinach, and topped with cashew ricotta. The meal was delicious and filling, the atmosphere nice (although small) and the people were really friendly. Plus, the meal was decently priced for what I ordered.

Pros: Quality food, Moderate prices


5 Posted on 01 / 31 / 2012

The sweet carrot and avocado raw soup and the lentil stew were both incredible and reasonably priced. Almost everything is vegan except some things which have honey.

Pros: convenient location, healthy, delicious

Healthy options

3 Posted on 10 / 03 / 2011

This place looked like it had a lot of good food on the menu. I had a smoothie that was very good. The price was over the top at $7, so i wouldn't get one again, but i was worth trying. The food didn't seem quite so over-priced. It was very busy and there weren't many tables so i couldn't sit down, would have been a bummer if i wanted to eat a full meal.

A real gem

5 Posted on 09 / 08 / 2011

We went to Prasad for breakfast and had the Chipotle Scramble. It was made with fresh vegetables with.excellent flavor. To say ity was tasty would be an understatement. The presentation was excellent. The bread is tops. You have to try this restaurant! We're going back tomorrow to try something else!

Pros: Fresh veggies, a staff that takes.pride in their work
Cons: lack of seating, little personal space for conversation


5 Posted on 06 / 30 / 2011

Revival = apple-lemon-ginger juice spinach, blueberries, spirilina. Best I think

Tempest = mango, spinache, coconut oil, avocado, date, cyanne, hemp or rice milk

Warrior = strawberry, avocado, maca, date, vanilla, hemp seeds, hemp or rice milk

Wraps pre made cold super tasty

Shiva salad = pasta & lettice peanut noodles

Dragon bowl, chilie garlic soup, baktiva pasdta (raw zuchini pasta)

Pros: taste, vegan
Cons: price

Good Food in the Pearl

5 Posted on 06 / 16 / 2011

Prasad has done a good job of filling the space that blossoming lotus left open. Their food is a bit healthier and a bit simpler than BL's but it can sometimes be a welcomed change. I will say that their prices are high for the portions you get, especially on the wraps.

Also, I think they should just cut out the 2 items that aren't vegan and call themselves vegan... The bowls are a little bland, but hearty and all they need to do is add a few more sauce options to make the bowls better. By far, they are the best option for some vegan organic dishes in the pearl. I also appreciate that they use organic ingredients, but I wish they would specify what is and what is not organic.
P.S. I don't know why it says you need reservations in the description. Prasad is inside a yoga studio with self serve seating.
Updated from previous review on Saturday May 29, 2010

Stopped in a few weeks ago and they have definitely worked out their sauces. Lots of good options. Soul Salad is one of my favorites and the dragon bowl is excellent as well. Still a bit pricey.

Pros: Healthy, Mostly Organic, Flavorfull
Cons: A bit Pricey

Great breakfast

5 Posted on 05 / 27 / 2011

My husband and I went to Prasad for breakfast on our first day in Portland. It is one of the only veg places in the downtown area. Luckily, it was great! Large portions of deliciousness.

Pros: downtown, healthy

Light and Satisfying

5 Posted on 04 / 23 / 2011

ORDER THE EL DORADO SALAD!!! By far my FAVORITE salad everrr :)

Below is my previous review:

I ordered the Bhakti Salad (made w/ zucchini noodles and cashew "alfredo" sauce) and the Gaucho Wrap. For non-vegans, these dishes might be too vegetable heavy, especially the salad. Although large, the Bhakti Salad felt very light. The salad + 1/2 the wrap was perfect. I felt full, satisfied, but not weighed down by oils. My bf ordered one of the bowls w/ red quinoa and a tahini sauce. He loved it! I tried it and I agree, it was great! We'll definitely head back soon. I'm anxious to try their other raw dishes (a couple of the salads are served on a bed of yam rice -- yum!).
Updated from previous review on Thursday April 07, 2011

Pros: Healthy, Raw options, Fresh

Clean, quiet, quick, courteous and great value

4 Posted on 03 / 28 / 2011

Prasad is a lovely space that is located in the lobby of Yoga Pearl. As such, the space is very clean and quiet, with conversation at a soft level.

The vegan and raw options are beautifully varied and well presented, with very fair prices (especially for those of us who have eaten at One Lucky Duck in NYC or Cafe Gratitude in SF.)

I have had their juices and their smoothies- all fresh and amazing, but for the upcoming spring may I suggest the Tempest, a green smoothie that will strengthen and energize the body or the Revival, which will put a spring in your step. Have a light breakfast with Teff toast with sprouts and avocado- perfect with Alberta Street Chai. As for dishes, the raw or cooked soups are great bets- get a bowl with a side of quinoa for a great lunch for $5. If you need a bigger lunch or want an early dinner, try their bowls or raw pastas. The Bhakti Pasta is rich and flavorful and satisfying- get it to go and have with a good Riesling at home.The Love Pasta is very good, but I feel it is best in summer, when the natural ambiance warmth of the sun brings the aromas of basil, carrot and garlic to play! The Chili Bowl is delicious- it's the chili with the addition of three sides and very zesty sauces! The Dragon bowl is awesome- three sides PLUS sea veggies and zesty sauce. The food is gently cooked, nothing is fried and the ingredients are top quality. As I said before, the space is very, very clean and calm. Service is under 10 minutes from order to presentation. To finish, have an awesome dessert: raw chocolate truffles, raw vegan cheesecake, glory parfait, house made lemonade or cowboy cookies that are gluten free!

A couple of caveats: If you are not used to eating unprocessed food or raw foods, the food may seem a little bland at first. Trust me, it's not! And because it's such a quiet space, rambunctious little ones may not be the best guests here (there's a child friendly bowl and plenty of desserts for little ones!)

And my one gripe-Unless you get the wraps early, they start to get a settled flavor that is not always appetizing! So get them starting at 11 am, and get the Vida wrap in Collards.

Pros: Friendly, kind atmosphere, Non Gluten, Vegan choices available, Healthy, tasty, cleansing cuisine
Cons: Small space, may be hard to meet up, No booze- take it home if you want wine, Quiet space- watch your volume

Ups and downs

3 Posted on 11 / 08 / 2010

My first visit there was great. The wrap I purchased was very good. Since, we have eaten there twice more with not so great results. I wish the wraps weren't pre-made. I think they'd be better fresh.

Pros: vegan, location
Cons: pre-made wraps

Fresh, Raw, Yummy, with Gluten-Free Goodness

5 Posted on 08 / 02 / 2010

Prasad is new and still developing. Taking this into consideration, the restaurant is on the path toward excellence, so I give it 5 happy cows. I love the many options on the menu, with a variety of raw and cooked vegan options, and many gluten-free items. It is probably one of the BEST places to eat in all of Oregon if you are gluten-free. Take-out items are fresh and delicious, but often expensive for the quantity (such as the salads).

My favorite dish is the dragon bowl. While many other restaurants charge extra to add avocado to their own versions of this meal, Prasad includes it as part of the bowl and if you're lucky, will even sprinkle black sesame seeds on them on a good day. Their vegan dressing options are delectable, and I think they should probably sell them on the side. If you are low on funds, the spring water is always free with your meal, and on the side you will find seasonings like "real salt" and wheat-free tamari sauce in case you want extra flavor. They have many deserts to choose from, and their famous wraps of course. I notice the menu is growing. Personally, I like this place better than Blossoming Lotus.

The staff are always incredibly friendly and seem to care about the food and customers a lot. Also, the place is clean, unlike some other vegan joints in Portland.

One thing I've noticed is that the portions have gone up and down a bit since the restaurant started, and I'm not sure if that is because of financial issues or not, but hopefully the restaurant will not decide to skimp on portions in the future. The last two times I ate there, the portions were ample and everything tasted fantastic.

Pros: Organic, Vegan, Fresh, Delicious!, Nice Staff, many gluten-free options
Cons: Pricey, particularly the smoothies, Still developing (not necessarily a con)

They can't replace Blossoming Lotus, but decent

4 Posted on 07 / 22 / 2010

When they first opened I was pretty disappointed. No vegan pastries, lots of stuff I couldn't eat, some of Blossoming Lotus' old menu items but not as good. They've gotten a lot more vegan-friendly. Now all pastries are vegan and most of the food is too. Some things still have honey and butter. I really wish they would make vegan strawberry lemon aid. The salads and wraps are good, the parfait is awesome! If you are in area, you should come here and try it out.

Pros: Organic, Vegan-friendly
Cons: Strawberry lemon aid has honey, Pricey, Not as good as BL

good food

4 Posted on 06 / 28 / 2010

Healthy, gluten-free, 90% organic, some honey (otherwise vegan), some raw items. Bowls, wraps, two daily soups (hot and raw), salads, juices, teas, smoothies (using nut milk or organic rice milk). Vegan desserts: sorbet, lime raw cheesecake. I had a Dragon Bowl for $8: white beans, quinoa, kale, arame-wakame-dulse bits, alfalfa sprouts, avocado sprinkled with black sesame seeds, choice of two out of four sauces - I had lemon-ginger and garlic-tahini. Breakfasts include chipotle tempeh scramble.

Pros: good, healthy food, mostly vegan and some organic, pleasant service
Cons: small seating space


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