Minh Hien Quan Chay

Overall rating: 4.5 stars 25 Reviews
Serves vegetarian versions of local specialties such as white rose not found elsewhere. Pleasant seating in a book cluttered courtyard, opposite Café 43. Price: Inexpensive more-less
Vegan-friendly, Vietnamese


First Review by iamere

Nice little place, good value for money :-)

4 Posted on 08 / 21 / 2014

I had read super positive reviews about Minh Hien Quan Chay on Tripadvisor, so decided to try it out with my parents.

It's an unpretentious, no frills kind of place; tables and chairs outside in a little courtyard, with a huge bookcase full of books behind the dining area; it's hot, very hot but there are fans which can be turned on to cool you down.

The menu had a good selection of Vietnamese style dishes, but my dad and I decided to get the set lunch for 2. It came with fried spring rolls, rice noodle, peanut & tofu salad, tofu with lemon grass (wrapped in banana leaf), and banh xeo (Vietnamese pancake). It was great value for money and was just the right amount for 2 people to be satisfied. I wasn't wowed by the homemade ice cream (I had chocolate) but my mother who had the 'rice ice cream' said it was really good.

In a place as small as Hoi An where you aren't spoilt for veg choices, Minh Hien Quan Chay is a safe, and welcome, bet.
Updated from previous review on Thursday August 21, 2014

Pros: Good value for money, Good Viet veg food, Set lunch

We went back!

5 Posted on 06 / 15 / 2014

We loved the food here and made sure to go back one more time before leaving Hoi An. As others have said, its a little outside the popular old town area but worth it. The restaurant is not as fancy as places in the old town but the food is beautiful, the staff are friendly and the value is amazing. We figured those things were much more important. We've had some great vegie food in Vietnam so far and this was some of the best.

Pros: Delicious food, Great value for money, Friendly staff
Cons: Outdoor dining might not please all

Nice Food

4 Posted on 05 / 25 / 2014

We really enjoyed the food here, had about 5 or 6 dishes between two of us and all of them were great. We loved the company of the cute dog that we think belonged to the owners. The only downside which is not the fault of the owners is getting hassled to go to a shop of a woman that walked in from the street. She would not leave us alone. As I said, not the fault of the owners but no one asked her to leave either.

yummy, good service, value for money

5 Posted on 05 / 17 / 2014

Nice atmosphere, really good service.
Food was really tasty and good potion sizes. 2 of us ate mains, drinks (beer only 3000!) and shared a desert for 120,000 so decent value. One of the best veggie places I've been to in Vietnam so far.

Welcoming people and nice food

4 Posted on 04 / 28 / 2014

We ate here several times after trying other vege places and being a bit disappointed. We are not a big fan of "mock meat" and we like it here that there was more just tofu-based dishes.

The food was not mind-blowing, ok, but still good quality and tasty, with a range of dishes. We didn't try any white rose or anything, just stuck to the basic soups and noodles and all were consistently yummy.

The restaurant is set in a peaceful quiet lane and the staff are so kind and friendly. We liked the lotus tea and asked where to buy it and the owner gave us a packet. Small things like this mean a lot when you are far from home.

We are a family of 4 and our children felt right at home here and asked to come back again. Also a very reasonable price for what you got.
Updated from previous review on Monday April 28, 2014

Pros: Welcoming and friendly, Not too much , Family atmosphere


Despite the reviews, it's a bit disappointing

3 Posted on 03 / 14 / 2014

I had the set menu for 1 person, which include 4 local specialties, fried wonton, white rose, cau lau (local rice noodle) and fried spring roll. The food is ok or average, but definitely not great. The wonton is a bit old, the Cau Lau is plain and a bit greasy. The fried spring roll and white rose is common standard.But dishes are too salty, I need to drink a lot of water after the meal. Besides, I had a young rice ice cream for dessert, I doubt it's just regular ice cream put in a glass with a bit chopped peanuts and shredded coconut. The food there is not as good or stunning as the review says. I can get nice food from a local restaurant with much cheaper price. It's no need to make such a fuzz about all these fancy places, it's all about appearance, not food itself.

Pros: cute dog, western style dish arrangement, complementary fruit and tea after meal
Cons: it's form over content, too salty

Totally overrated

2 Posted on 03 / 14 / 2014

I disagree with the reviews posted here. Food was uninspiring and overpriced by local standards. I usually eat in cheaper and more local vegetarian restaurants, where I get tastier food for half the price (like I did in Can Tho, My Tho, Nha Trang or even Hoi An). The food at Minh Hien Quan Chay wasn't bad, but it wasn't very exciting either. The fancy names of dishes on the menu, the type of service, the setting, the overpriced food: this place is basically a vegetarian restaurant for bobos and tourists, nothing else.

Best Vegan Food in Vietnam!

5 Posted on 02 / 09 / 2014

This place is AMAZING! Absolutely the best food we have had since arriving in Vietnam and some of the best food Ive eaten in my life! Extensive menu, friendly, warm hosts, excellent service, very cheap too! We dined here 4 times in 2 days it was so good (we generally always eat somewhere different every day but it was just so good we woke up dreaming about the food and had to go back!). We also did the cooking class here after searching for the best veggie one we could find - this won in terms of food and value. We had the set menu on the first visit, consisting of 4 dishes which was fantastic value at 98,000 dong and is more than enough for 2 people to share and feel full. We raved about it to our meat eating friend and then took him back there with us and he devoured the set menu on his own he loved it that much! Took another meat eating friend there and he couldnt get enough - it really is superb. As a vegan, this place is to die for! Plus good quality local beer at 3000 Dong. Whats not to like?!

Pros: Vegan versions of local specialities , Fabulous cooking classes, Very cheap food and beer

Minh Hien Quan Chay.

4 Posted on 02 / 06 / 2014

We visited this place twice and both times enjoyed the foods.
My comment on the white rose, didn't like it tried one and left the rest. Glutanious white rice flower, tasteless, nothing about 'white roses'. But the service during Tet was a bit slow, but very nice family working to serve the full house. Busy place both times.

Pros: well presented dishes, variety of foods, very helpful
Cons: highly spicy, seasoned, service

Excellent food and great value

5 Posted on 12 / 25 / 2013

This place is excellent, a must try if you are in Hoi An. Not glamorous to say the least, but do not be fooled, the food is amazing. After several average meals in Hoi An, we found this place and then didn't want to eat anywhere else! The fake chicken was so good I stopped eating it, thinking it had to be chicken....until I asked and they explained how they make it with tofu skin. Incredible value and so many amazing dishes to try. The fresh spring rolls are unbelievable, and definitely try their specialties (the white rose, eggplant, all marked with asterisks on the menu). This place is rated #2 in restaurants overall in Hoi An on Tripadvisor, which shows just how good it is. Owned by a sweet family, working very hard, nice to see them get recognized.

Pros: Great food!, Great value!, Excellent fresh spring rolls
Cons: Very modest atmosphere

the fresh spring rolls of my dreams

5 Posted on 11 / 12 / 2013

I'm still dreaming about the delicate, incredibly flavorful fresh spring rolls here, one of my favorite single dishes I've had in any restaurant.

After my amazing full meal here, I also walked out with four orders of spring rolls to go (which took some convincing, as the waiter was understandably nervous we were miscommunicating!). Two days later, I walked back for more. :)

This place isn't tough to find so much as just a long walk from the touristy center of town - you will think you've gone past it, but don't worry, just keep going and it will be worth the trip.

Pros: INCREDIBLE FREAKING SPRING ROLLS, extremely affordable even for central VN, very rich flavors in all dishes I tried

Really good

5 Posted on 10 / 24 / 2013

We got the set menu here and were stuffed. It has a nice atmosphere and some interesting options including local favorites like chrispy pancakes and Cau Lau. Staff are friendly and helpfull.

Pros: good food

My favourite dinner so far in Vietnam

5 Posted on 09 / 23 / 2013

Huge variety, friendly staff & delicious food. Amazing value - We ordered 6 dishes to share & with a couple of beers & the bill came in under USD $15. Enjoyed immensely by 2 veg diners plus my 13 year old son - highly recommended. They also offer cooking courses where they'll teach you to cook items from the menu - planning to check it out if we find the time

Pros: variety, value for money

Great find!

5 Posted on 08 / 30 / 2013

We loved this little place in Hoi An. Really friendly staff, tasty food in generous servings with plenty of choice. It was a little difficult to find so take a good map! Highly recommended

Great restaurant in Hoi An!

5 Posted on 06 / 26 / 2013

We (5 people, 3 of them veggies) have been here three times during our stay in Hoi An because the food was really great. Each time we tried different dishes and were never disappointed. If you want to try the local food like Cao Lau or White Rose you have to go here. The food and moreover the drinks are really inexpensive and the owners are very nice.

Pros: local food, very cheap beer, friendly atmosphere

Yummy Yummy and lots of local specialties

4 Posted on 05 / 20 / 2013

This restaurant located quite close to the center is really worth a visit. We went there once a day either for lunch or dinner during our 3 day stay in Hoi An. The wording of the dishes in the menu sounds really unspectacular but everything was really good, much better than it sounds on the menu. They have a quite a few regional specialties like white rose, fried wontons and cao lau that are really good but I would recommend just about everything I tried (and I tried alot). The owners are very friendly and are very willing to suggest things and point out the regional specialties.
The prices might be a bit higher than at the cheapo places where locals go but it's worth it especially because it's comfortable and you can sit for a long time (Till 22:00 at least) drinking beer for 3000 dong per glass.

outstanding food and nice service

5 Posted on 01 / 21 / 2013

We've been twice to this place during our stay in Hoi An. Once we saw that the spinach was purchased after we placed our order - so it was very fresh.
All our meals were delicous, especially the veg-noodle-soup, the pumpkin and the eggplant.
They offer vegan cooking classes as well but unfortunately we realized this on our last day.

tres bonne adresse

5 Posted on 01 / 14 / 2013

tres bien situé, pas loin du centre, dans une rue relativement calme; tres bon accueil; la dame du lieu est tres sympathique et fait son possible pour s'exprimer en anglais, soucieuse de votre satisfaction des plats; le seul restaurant vg que je connaisse a H'i An qui propose une carte aussi variée, avec les memes plats qu'ailleurs... sans viande. Les prix sont corrects, version touristes; mais, si vous lui etes sympathique, elle ne portera ni le riz blanc ni le thé sur la note. Bref, un endroit ou on se sent e l'aise, et ou les plats sont délicieux: j'ai essayé le tofu frit aux légumes, et les wonton, avec du riz blanc, chaque fois, et j'ai trouvé ça tres gouteux; comme je reste un certain sur place, je vais gouter a tout ! Miam miam !!!

Pros: excellent food, welcoming people, very reasonable prices

great place to eat

5 Posted on 12 / 10 / 2012

This restaurant now advertises itself as vegetarian and vegan :)
If you are vegan (like us) make sure you tell them vegan, no egg no milk! Just to be sure.
Our favourite dishes were: mushrooms with tofu, the spinach with garlic, the fried vegan with ginger (yep lots of cute typos!) tofu with lemongrass and chilli, the Hoi An rice ....

Service is a little slow but you know your dishes are being made from scratch and you can occupy yourself watching the parade of kids coming in the swap their books in the book exchange part of the store (vnese language only!)

Oh and the other thing that rocks about this place is they have a little shop attached, where you can pick up some tetra packs of soya milk - unfortunately I haven't found an unsweetened version, but none the less it lets you have a coffee later in the day...

Pros: yummy, cheap, haven from busy Hoi an
Cons: none

Good food, pleasant setting, slow service

4 Posted on 05 / 16 / 2012

There were plenty of vegan options at this restaurant. Because it seemed like such a popular dish, we ordered the white rose (which was interesting, but I wouldn't order again). We also got sauteed pumpkin (excellent), spinach with garlic (very good, but if you're picky, be aware that it's "water spinach," not western spinach), and spring rolls, which were fine but not the best we had in Vietnam. I wasn't crazy about the dipping sauce.

The woman who took our order was very nice, and we were able to get across that we don't eat egg or milk, and she was happy to accommodate us. Service was pretty slow, which was no big deal to us, but this may not be the best choice if you're in a hurry.

Pros: Tasty veggies, Interesting regional dishes, Pleasant outdoor seating
Cons: Slow service

Great Food

5 Posted on 05 / 06 / 2012

We came to this restaurant four times in our stay and loved every dish. Fresh and delicious. Very affordable, friendly service, nice patio seating. The owners are very sweet and welcoming.

Try any of eggplants dish.

Pros: Delicious food, Great setting, Affordable. Cheapest beer!
Cons: No brown rice but hard to find anyway here

Great place!

5 Posted on 04 / 24 / 2012

Most restaurants in Hoi An offer a couple of vegetarian options but it is well worth seeking out this place slightly off the main streets. It is mostly vegan apart from the breakfast egg dishes. English is spoken by the very friendly staff and the menu is available in English.

There's a pleasant covered courtyard and it sells beer. The food here was some of the best we ate in Vietnam, and very cheap. Highly recommend the vegetables and tofu wrapped in banana leaf and the "chicken" rice, but we loved everything we ate here.

A must visit.

Pros: Excellent food, Very cheap
Cons: Just outside the main town area

Really good

5 Posted on 03 / 25 / 2012

If you're after vegetarian versions of Cau Lau, White Rose and other Hoi An specialities, this is the place for you!

Pros: Good food at cheap prices, Lovely staff, Quiet

let me be the first of many.

5 Posted on 02 / 22 / 2012

I believe this restaurant only opened around 1 month from writing this review, hence they have yet to have any reviews. But I want to say, I believe there will be many to follow mine.
If you want some good, healthy food at a fair price, then here is a must.
I stayed in Hoi An for around 4 days and I ate here every day. They have loads of vegan options, so there is something for everyone here.
The staff were always happy to talk to us about their food and were very helpful and friendly.
They have a great selection here too: Eggplant; tofu; mean springrolls; pumpkin; and some of the more usual meals. Plus they make a mean ginger tea and if you hang around, you might just cop for a bit of free banana.
You can have breakfast for around 30,000 dong and a meal for around 40,000 ($2), so by all standards, it's still pretty cheap.
I would defintely recommend trying here at least once or twice on your stay!

Pros: great food, fairly quiet in courtyard, friendly staff


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