Organic, vegetarian, fast slow food concept restaurant, opened Mar 2012. Menu ranges from gluten-free handmade brick oven baked flatbreads with toppings of your choice, to tofu and halloumi burgers, to raw vegan ice cream. Large take-out menu, food wrapped in paper-only eco-packaging. Price: Inexpensive more-less
Vegan-friendly, Organic, Raw, Western, Fast food, Juice bar, Beer/Wine, Take-out


First Review by sglcklch

Best take-away veg food, unbeatable hummus

5 Posted on 08 / 03 / 2014

Mana! is so good that even my meat-loving friends absolutely adore this place.

I usually get the Mana! Me5 flat (choose your own 5 toppings), and the choices I go with are sprouts, spinach, slow-dried tomatoes, hummus and avocado. So delish, and so satisfying. One flat will definitely leave you full! If it's too much, you can get the half flat, which I think is a great option if you're looking for a light lunch.

My other favourite item on the menu is the daily soup. Their pumpkin soup is hands-down, the best pumpkin soup in HK. Chunks of beauitfully-roasted pumpkin, topped with pumpkin seeds. Talk about healthy protein, carbs and fibre in one meal! The mushroom soup is also fantastic.

Like so many other reviews, I also find the place a little too crowded during lunch time. It's best to avoid the lunch time crowd by going in before 12:15pm, or after 1:30pm. When the weather gets cooler, it's really pleasant to have lunch in the backyard.

If you are a vegetarian and don't know Mana!, you're living under a rock!

Pros: Delicious food, Vegan options, Raw dessert

love!! my favorite place!

5 Posted on 07 / 24 / 2014

I can't even count how many times I've been to mana, I absolutely love this place! Hands down my favorite place to eat in HK. Everything is just so tasty and the flavors are strong in the best way. My favorite is mana prana +additional hummus (try it!) aside from the amazing food, I also admire all that this lovely little place does for the environment. From using Eco friendly recycled materials to recycling basically everything that is throw away in there. I heard rumors they may open a new location, what amazing news!

Great lunch wraps

4 Posted on 07 / 18 / 2014

I visited Mana for lunch twice during my stay in HK and enjoyed the food thoroughly. Both times I had a 'make your own' Flat, their version of a wrap. You can choose what ingredients go into it. I did hummus, zaatar, olives, arugula, mint, avocado, tomatoes, etc. The flatbreads are great and the fillings are fresh and tasty. They also have fresh pressed juices that are good.

One thing about the place though...It gets really busy at lunchtime and it is so incredibly narrow that it is uncomfortable. If you are not familiar with the menu, you have to go near the cash register to see the menu boards. But there is usually a long line and barely any room to navigate through. Seating is limited as well. Both times I went, there was nowhere else to sit other than the stools against the wall opposite the deli case/register. Not the most comfortable place to sit, and constantly have to lean in so people can get around you.

Pros: Great flatbread wraps, Friendly staff
Cons: Claustrophobic interior, Limited seating

Great hummus and mayo!

5 Posted on 06 / 29 / 2014

I often go here and their food is always great. Some of the flats are a little boring, so make sure you choose one which has enough ingredients that you like and are tasty.
Always choose to add hummus to it! ;) It's awesome and should not be missed!

Although the options are not labeled vegan, they will tell you and most of them are anyways.

My favorites: The shakes (especially Inka!), Mana Prana, Mana Nirvana (both with extra hummus) and of course the fries with garlicnaise!

The style of the restaurant is not very inviting and extremely basic (especially in the backyard upstairs), but the food is one of the best "western-fast-food" ones in the city. So don't miss this one!

Pros: Garlicnaise & Hummus, Shakes, Very ecofriendly which is uncommon in HK
Cons: Very basic "decor"

Feel-good, healthy wraps that actually taste yummy

4 Posted on 05 / 30 / 2014

Interesting alternative to the more common, less tasty healthy food. The wraps here come with a good variety of fillings and options.

Pros: Yummy vegetarian food, Healthy yet tasty
Cons: limited seating


Mana! Fast Slow Food, Hong Kong

4 Posted on 05 / 16 / 2014

I had dinner here tonight. Its defo a café rather than a restaurant. There's a small table by the window and some stools alongside the wall. There's open air seating either outside or up stairs.

I asked the girl behind the counter what was vegan friendly and she was happy to show me through the options on the menu. It's wrap type sandwiches, salad, juices, shakes and that kind of thing. I went for the mezze platter which comprised of toasted flat bread, some leaves, dressing, a couple of dips (one was baba ganush) and some olives. It was delicious as was the banana and cinnamon shake.

It was $hk for the mezze platter and around 45 - 50 I think for the shake (I wasn't paying too much attention).

Pros: Vegan friendly

Awesome vegan mayo

5 Posted on 04 / 18 / 2014

I loved the vegan fries sauces: galicnaise and their ketchup. It's a perfect combination to eat with fries.
Their vegan wraps are all good and I could say the prices are moderate and slightly high, specially for the desserts.

More at:

Pros: Quick Service, Great decor, Healthy & delicious
Cons: A bit pricey, Not much seating and uncomfortable

Even an omnivore loves Mana!

4 Posted on 04 / 05 / 2014

My husband is an omni, I'm vegan an we are new to HK. Mana was was highly recommended by a few people. On a Sunday afternoon, pre-dinner, there was a steady flow of customers. The woman taking orders was new and had to ask about what was vegan or not. I got the Mana Joy (i think?) and hubby had the burger with egg. He RAVED how delicious it was! The garlicnaise was a bit too strong for my liking, so I know to ask for half the amount next time. We ordered the chocolate cake and the coconut cake for take-away. We devoured them! So rich and creamy and no way to tell by taste or texture that they were raw/vegan, except that Mana said so. Our next visit was one week later and at hubby's request! Saturday about 3pm was much more crowded but we found seats at the counter way back outside. I had the mezze plate (yum!) & again he had the burger. It was even better than he remembered! We will be back often!!

Pros: Excellent food, Eco friendly, Varied menu

Great discovery!

5 Posted on 02 / 10 / 2014

I discovered MANA thru an app I use frequently of the name of locaclick (i think it's both on iphone and android). anyway, you get 5% off so I checked out the place and I was very happy with the menu; a great selection of flats and juices! Would absolutely recommend this place to all my vegan friends!

Pros: healthy
Cons: a bit pricey

Gluten Free Vegan Dream

5 Posted on 11 / 09 / 2013

I was leery to try this place based on reviews. It was a dream come true for this celiac who was tired and starving. You order and sit or take out. During the ordering process it was obvious the young lady didn't understand vegan. We all know this scenario: I asked what was vegan on the menu, she said everything, I questioned the cheese on menu, she brought me the cheese from the kitchen, cheese was from a goat. Anyway, I asked to speak to the manager who was very informative and helpful. He understood celiac/gluten-free to the "t"--they don't even use the same oven paddle for the gluten-free items. I'm afraid to eat anywhere outside my own kitchen, but after speaking with him I ordered about $50 USD worth of food, it was ready within 5 mins, and I skipped back to my vacation flat. My family loved everything, so much so we're going back for the second night in a row. It appears this was a new establishment which had some bumps, but is making great strides to better serve the community. If you had a bad experience, please give it another whirl!

Pros: Gluten-Free Galore, Knowledgable Management, Quick Service
Cons: It's not in Texas:), May be pricey for some

Mana is from heaven.

4 Posted on 10 / 26 / 2013

I liked that some of the staff were friendly in a city where customer service is in deficit. The eco friendly nature of the restaurant is a plus. The organic and vegan options are excellent features. The food is tasty and the price is fine if you consider its organic!! The atmosphere is ok, alternate I guess is a way of describing it, but its not comfortable or exactly cozy. Bench seats/table up the tiny stairs are rustic and it could be a good place for a party. I am happy to say there is a toilet and the food doesn't take too long despite it being freshly prepared. One night I went and it was 7pm. There were no flats. This was disappointing because its like the main thing people go there for. The staff were a bit off-hand about it. I guess it had been a long day. Otherwise its a fine place for organic and tasty preps in a city devoted to eating dead things.

Nice place, we will return.

4 Posted on 07 / 29 / 2013

The name warns you there might be a wait. Food is made fresh and is basic so if you like it differently you need to specify. Expect a wait during lunch. There isn't much seating but many people get food to go so don't let the line discourage you. We each had a wrap and to be honest we should have split one. The juice we had was also filling so we left stuffed. I am happy to see a healthy, environmentally aware place to eat since the Kosmo on D'Aguilar closed.

Pros: healthy, easy to be vegan, knowledgable staff
Cons: seating

Vegan friendly, Eco-chic cafe

4 Posted on 04 / 08 / 2013

I've written a review here:

Nice and crowded little place

4 Posted on 03 / 14 / 2013

Mana - Fast Slow Food is a very nice looking small restaurant serving mainly food to go, as it has limited amount of sitting places. The restaurant seems to be really popular among the local office workers and as it is quite a small venue the atmosphere at lunch time was quite hectic. But the service was super friendly and happy.

They have different drinks and smoothies (and also vegan organic cider :) and for example vegan chocolate cake, but the most popular items seem to be their "flats" and salads. The flatbreads have gluten-free and wholemeal options and the toppings selection is great. I chose hummus, grilled tofu, slow dried tomato and avocado to my "flat" and it tasted great. But the portion was really small and quite expensive, 80 Hong Kong dollars. Vegan chocolate cake was quite dry and it was served without any accompaniment.

Pros: Tasty flatbreads and vegan drinks, Good location, Great staff and decor
Cons: Very crowded, Dry chocolate cake, Small portions/expensive

Good for a quick snack

3 Posted on 10 / 17 / 2012

I was a little disappointed by the very European style of the food here, but I got a decent meal and I was impressed by the gluten free options and the eco cutlery and packaging. Fine for a bite on the go, but not a very relaxing place to sit and eat.

Pros: Quick, Friendly staff, Great fruit/veg juices
Cons: Not much seating, A bit utilitarian

Absolutely fabulous!

5 Posted on 10 / 11 / 2012

Recently, I went to this restaurant with a couple of other veggo friends and I was blown away!
The menu is small which ensures the execution of the meals is of a very high standard. The atmosphere is extremely cool, and I loved the idea that everything (except the straws) are recyled - even the left over food is put in the compost bin! Their idea to create a sustainable and eco-friendly restaurant shines through, with their home made soap, and water saving tap and toilet.
I was very pleased with the food, I ordered the dahl of the day and couldn't put my spoon down. The prices are great and so are the portion sizes, and the range of food on offer is not only wholesome, but deliciously healthy too!
A perfect place to either pick up a quick, healthy take away or a lovely communal restaurant to sit and get away from the stresses of the day!
I highly recommend this restaurant to not only veggos, but also avid meat eaters!

Pros: Great Food, Great Price, Friendly staff


4 Posted on 06 / 22 / 2012

I went here when I was in HK taking students on a class trip. My GF coworker and I were both super happy we made the effort to get away for a bit to try out Mana. She had the GF flatbread while I tried the other. Both were delicious and fresh. The toppings were great as is; the roasted eggplant really made my wrap though I agree more variety (marinated tofu maybe?) would be appreciated. I also had a slice of raw blueberry cheesecake which was absolutely amazing.

I felt the prices were fair for Soho and HK. It was similar to what you'd pay in London or Shanghai for the same style/quality. My only gripe is that the indoor seating is very limited & not particularly comfortable. But that's par for the course with fast food I guess. No issues with the cutlery--it seemed to be all biodegradable, etc.

Pros: healthy & delicious, raw & sugar-free desserts, good location
Cons: uncomfortable dining in

Another option in Central

4 Posted on 06 / 08 / 2012

if you're tired of Life cafe (or want to eat outside of their proscribed eating hours) Mana is a nice option. The flats are delicious and the salads quite tasty. Juices fresh made, vegan and raw dessert options... 2 problems: the first is the waste! Even if you're eating in, you get these terrible paper boxes and bowls, the worst plastic spoons (I cut my lip!!), and the paper straws are so flimsy that after half the juice you have to replace with another. The other problem is that there is VERY little raw-- we took a raw friend there and her only option was juice and raw desserts. Would like to see an expanded raw menu (and some real cutlery for dining in), and they'll see a lot more of me.

Pros: Delicious flat breads, Good price , speedy

A way to go

2 Posted on 04 / 30 / 2012

They just opened not long ago and at the moment all they had were a tofu/haloumi burger, wraps, drinks and desserts. Flatbread was freshly baked in the brick oven behind the counter so it was all hot and soft when served. GF version available (made of rice flour and allegedly vegan). As much as I liked the bread, filling options were very slim and basic. There were maybe 10 of them with just one protein (hard-boiled eggs). No legumes (unless you count hummus in). I got a wholemeal wrap with four fillings (avocado, hummus, roasted veggies, rocket) for $75 plus $4 "eco-char". Taste was rather flat, even the fresh flatbread couldn't save it. Totally pricey for what it was. I also had a slice of the cashew and coconut oil based raw chocolate hazelnut cake. A tiny portion for $45. Nice flavor but the texture was more like a mousse cake, very rich and creamy with a discernible hint of coconut. Could've been firmer. Except for that one hazelnut on top there was nothing hazelnutty about it. As for the salad bar, you can do a small box for $55 or big for $75. Only four dishes available, same ones every day: quinoa salad, roasted veggies, potato salad and beet salad. None of them looked appetizing and again it lacked some protein-dense food. The least they could do is to throw in some legumes or tofu in there. Staff were knowledgeable and were able to tell me the ingredients in the food. Most of them were friendly except for that one guy with a headscarf at the register. He seemed bothered when I asked about the GF flatbread and just suddenly looked down at his phone tapping away when I was in the middle of ordering. It's just basic manners really. Don't think I will eat here again in the near future until they improve their menu and work on the prices.


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