Part of international chain of vegan restaurants opened by followers of Supreme Master Ching Hai, an advocate for veg living. Offers an all-you-can-eat vegan buffet with varied range of food, salads, and cakes plus coffee, non-alcoholic beverages. Formerly Restaurant Casa Salud prior to late 2009. Price: Moderate more-less
Vegan, Chinese, Asian, Western, Buffet, Fast food, Take-out
Calle del Conde de Altea, 44, bajo Izquierda
Valencia, Spain 46005

Open Tue-Thur, Sun 13.30-16.30, Fri-Sat 13.30-16.30, 20.30-24.00.



First Review by gle

Cheap chinese vegan restaurant

3 Posted on 07 / 19 / 2014

Cheap and tasty chinese food. We can try a lot of the traditional chinese recipes but well adaptated to veg-style. Good desserts (the "flan" is great). The owner is very attentive and friendly, and also the rest of the staff. I wish veg-options increased in Valencia.

Pros: Inexpensive, Variety, Friendly staff
Cons: Not extremely healthy

Delicious buffet

5 Posted on 12 / 14 / 2013

We visit the Loving hut restaurant on a friday evening. On this day they only had buffet. For only 10,50€ we had all you can eat and a drink. The buffet was diversified and everything was delicious. There was a choice of salads and a lot of asian food. For example vegan sushi, thai curry and fried rice. But they had also veggie burger with french fries. We loved the burger. It is one of the best vegan burger that I've ever eaten. If you are in Valencia it is a must for everyone to visit the Loving hut.

Pros: diversified buffet, great burger, cheap

So fresh and delicious!

5 Posted on 06 / 19 / 2013

Just came back from the restaurant. It was so good. Large selection of salads, hot dishes and sweet desserts. Each dish has distinct flavour and is really delicious. My husband got a tea pot, I and my mum got 2 fantastic fresh carrot and apple juices. It turned out everything was included in the buffet price which was about 10€ each. Very pleased!

Vegan muss nicht gesund sein!

2 Posted on 03 / 10 / 2013

Also bei der Einrichtung geht man laufen. Die Straße hat einen Super Flair, alles toll. Im lovinghut dagegen eher McDonald's Charakter. Man sollte auch mal einen Profi Fotografen an die Bilder der Gerichte lassen.

Das essen selber:

Ich hatte einen russia salad, fand ich persönlich sehr lecker, woraus die Soße war - keine Ahnung.

Als zweites dim sum. Sehr heiß gekommen, gutes aussehen, toller Geschmack, feste Hülle. Perfekt. Soße zu salzig, aber die brauchte man ja auch nicht.

Hauptseite war Aubergine in Soße. Also wenn es kein veganen Restaurant gewesen wurde ich sagen dass war Glutamat in reiner Form, sehr klebrig, viel zu stark gewürzt, fast wie Honig.

Es wirkt wie eine fast Food Kette und man hat das Gefühl man macht zwar alles vegan, dahinter stehen tut man aber nicht. Vielleicht bin ich von nordischen raw Food Restaurants mit eigenen Besitzern an der Theke verwöhnt, und seid neuestem isst auch der Charme mit, aber da hab ich mich wohler und heimischer gefühlt.

Pros: cheap, fast
Cons: lieblos , kalt (inferior)


Loving Hut, Valencia

5 Posted on 01 / 16 / 2013

I have just got back from six days' holiday in Valencia. I travelled
there with my mum. We both loved The Loving Hut here. The range of food was enormous and everything we ate was delicious! We ate there four times as we were so impressed. The buffet was particularly good. Everything was fresh, and the restaurant was clean. The prices were fair. Claudio, the man who took our orders each time, is a lovely, friendly man.
All in all, i would give it a massive thumbs up.

Pros: Cheap prices., Tasty food., Friendly staff.
Cons: None.


5 Posted on 12 / 11 / 2012

This was probably one of the highlights of my trip to Valencia. The food was absolutely delicious and the portions were large. The prices were fair and I was overwhelmed by the sheer quantity of the options. Everything I ordered was delicious, though we had it to go. The restaurant is not very charming, or well-lit, but I recommend you take your food to go and have a picnic. The staff was super friendly and I would definitely recommend it to anyone!

Pros: cheap, lots of options, delicious
Cons: not quaint atmosphere

Great food, friendly staff

4 Posted on 10 / 06 / 2012

We loved this place so much we went back again on our next visit to town. The buffet was great and included fantastic desserts. There was english speaking staff and everyone was very friendly. My non vegetarian partner also loved it.

Better than expected

5 Posted on 09 / 09 / 2012

My expectations were quite low due to some of the reviews, but that was a very wrong assumption. The food was fantastic and the prices were very modest.

We had a large salad (with almost avocado), some fried seitan (Excellent flavor), Gazpacho, Noodles and a Lasagna. For drinks: Fresh Orange Juice (small) and a fresh apple-carrot juice (large). The total was 35 euro's.

The service was very kind and enthusiastic.

The location was fine, on the edge of the old center.

All in all I would recommend this restaurant to anyone, vegan or not.

Another excellent Loving Hut

4 Posted on 06 / 07 / 2012

This is another one of the international Loving Hut chain, which seem to be cropping up all over the place. They're a great way to find vegan (and vegetarian) food when you're travelling, and this one is no exception.

I ordered the avocado salad, and the sweet and sour eggplant, plus half a litre of still water. Total cost was $11.20 euros, so very inexpensive.

The salad was awesome. This was my return visit - I'd eaten there a couple of nights earlier, and the salad I had then was just as good - large serve, and fresh and delicious. Ideal if you're a salad junkie like me :)

The eggplant was also delicious, although a little on the oily side, so probably not for the diet-conscious (I'm a bodybuilder on a lowfat diet, so I'll pretend I didn't eat it). So delicious though - very tasty, and a fair serve.

Most of the dishes have strange "hippie" names, but all have descriptions beneath in Spanish and English, together with photos on the menu that are accurate, so you have a pretty good idea of what you're ordering. Staff are helpful and friendly, and the service is fast and efficient.

Overall a great experience, leaving me in search of more "Loving Huts" all over the world. I'm from Dunedin, NZ, and am hoping they're open one up in my city soon! Yum!

Definitely recommended.

Pros: cheap, tasty, great salads
Cons: bright, tiled decor

Typical Loving Hut

2 Posted on 03 / 05 / 2012

This is a generic Loving Hut place like you can find in most cities. It's good vegan fast food, but if you want to have a nice restaurant meal there are better options in Valencia. I wouldn't go back for a sit down meal, but I'd definitely get take out to eat in the park.

Pros: Cheap, Convenient
Cons: Atmosphere, TV

Muy economico

4 Posted on 07 / 06 / 2011

Todos los años voy a ver las fallas a casa de mi tio y voy a comer alli desde que lo abrieron.Han ido mejorando año tras año.La ensaladilla rusa con veganesa esta muy buena y los nachos riquisimos.El personal, aunque ha ido cambiando, ha sido siempre especialmente amable.Lo mejor de todo es que al final te sale muy economico.

Delicious and cheap!

5 Posted on 04 / 04 / 2011

This place is fantastic for cheap and yummy vegan food. The set menus for take-away are fantastic, with options like seitan/tofu burritos, veggie burgers or small portions of two main dishes. This comes with fries and soup or salad, as well as a drink for 8 euros. The chocolate cake is also scrumptious. The whole place is lovely. Highly recommended!

Pros: cheap, yummy, desserts
Cons: slow for take away

Go elsewhere

2 Posted on 02 / 26 / 2011

Being a vegan myself I hate to write bad reviews about vegan/vegetarian places, but unfortunately I have no other choice but to completely agree with rika's review.

18/02/2011. Ordered the "mini-menu", a sample menu comprising of one starter, two mains from the a la carte menu in one single plate and a dessert. They do inform you that the portions in this menu are smaller... and indeed they did were.

STARTERS: "Ensaladilla rusa con veganesa", that is, "Salade Olivier with vegenaise", that is, a mound of industrially cubed frozen veggies boiled straight from the bag, bound with a thick, white, tasteless sauce. One single lettuce leaf as decoration. I found a metallic thread from a scrubbing pad just before I finished it. A plain "I will tell the cook" and a shrug was all I got from the waitress. My S/O had a salad which was correct (how much cooking science does it take to throw a simple salad anyway?).

MAINS: A pile of seitan stripes braised with onion (salty but eatable) and three smallish soya cutlets (on the rubbery side). No sauce whatsoever. My S/O had a tofu scramble (not bad) and some breaded aubergine cubes, which were the single piece of food that actually tasted good.

DESSERTS: A fruit creme caramel (flan) with a rather unpleasant texture (too gooey) and my S/O had a rice pudding (too sticky and with a weird aftertaste).

DRINKS: Bottled still water and a tomato juice (that inexplicably they made from fresh tomatoes, resulting in a thick layer of tomato pulp floating atop half a glass of water)

AMBIANCE: Very few people. Decor is very fast food style, with no charm at all. Although outside it was sunny and nearly 20ºC, inside the restaurant it was cold.

THE SERVICE: The waitresses were nice and all from Eastern Europe (hey, no problem with that since my S/O is Polish). They all wear yellow Supreme Master T-shirts and caps. The oldest one, that acted a little like maître d', was a tiny, very thin woman, so shy that it was extremely hard to understand her when she spoke to us.

IN SHORT: We definitely will NOT visit the restaurant again. It is cheap, true, but the food is simply NOT good. I am a vegan and a cooking aficionado as well, and to me, respect for the ingredients should come in the very first place. Pleeease, Veganism should NEVER be a lame excuse for bad food. If you happen to be in Valencia, treat yourself at vegan Kimpira instead: your wallet might suffer but your taste buds and your sight will be REALLY happy.

Pros: Cheap
Cons: Bad food


5 Posted on 05 / 25 / 2010

A totally vegan place. A bit weird ideological undertones (supreme master, etc.) but extremely friendly staff, excellent food, big meal sizes, nice atmosphere and an enourmous menu - you'll be reading that one for at least 5 minutes. For new vegans I recommend the fast food menu - burger or burrito, fries, drink and salad. And for all that - the cheapest place on my Spain trip.

Pros: food, choice of food, price

totally overrated

2 Posted on 04 / 15 / 2010

We went to Loving Huts because it got many good comments (and I wanted to have a good vegan burger). Unfortunately I can not agree with the other reviewers.
The food was not good at all. Rarely I had to eat such bad vegan food (in a 100% vegan restaurant!!!). I would have preferred grilled vegetables or the obligatory salad in a standard-restaurant...

We choose "menú degustación" to get a litte bit of everything. That was:
* sushi (without any flavor, seemed old)
* tortilla de patatas (was the worst of all! no flavor, nasty texture)
* sesame balls (was not bad, but wasn't good either - they had no taste)
* pita (was ok. tho' the pita-bread was hard like stone)
* tempura vegetables (not bad. unfortunately just 2 very small pieces)
* orange-icecream (was there anything besides sugar in that icecream..?)

* hamburger (which didn't come with the menu): The burger-"meat" was really good. Sadly the horrible bread ruined everything...

None of the dishes seemed very healthy (lot's of oil, strange textures,...).

* coffee: The coffee was good. It's not easy to find soy milk in spanish restaurants.

The restaurant is a very clean fastfood place with no charm. Check out the website to get an impression...
The street is actually very nice. Lot's of bars and cafes, not too much traffic.

Our waitress was very nice. Since we were the only guests we didn't have to wait to much for anything...
Bathroom: nice and clean.

They have a desk with some flyers and information about veganism, nutrition, animal rights, etc.

Never again. I get very angry at places like this: They tighten the (absolutly false!) cliche that vegan food is boring, tastless, insufficient,...

Pros: free information sheets about veganism
Cons: food without taste

Good, cheap, lots of variety

4 Posted on 03 / 27 / 2010

Many different Asian and western dishes to choose from; menu del dia with choice of several dishes available during lunch (13:30 - 16:00) & dinner (20:30 - 24:00) hours. Merienda 16:00 - 20:00
They also offer takeaway

Very clean restauarant, good prices, but a vaguely cult-like feeling, with the white decor and playing on their large-screen TV. But overall good, and I would definitely return!

Pros: good value, clean
Cons: cult-like ambience

yummy, cheap, varied, filling

5 Posted on 03 / 22 / 2010

There were seven of us and I was the only vegan (one other person is lactose intolerant) there last night. Everyone was very happy with the food. It was so good, there were so many choices, and we were all stuffed when we left. I recommend the seaweed salad and the pita (thats what i had). The burgers looked amazing! Next time ill try one. Even if you not veg, just go for the desserts! They are AMAZING, dont be fooled by the zucchini cake, its better than carrot cake. I would go just for dessert its sooooo good!

Pros: healthy, gourmet food, amazing dessert
Cons: not all dessert available all the time

Great find! Vegan eutopia!

5 Posted on 09 / 01 / 2009

We were in Valencia for Las Fallas and unfortunately didn't find this place until our last day in town! We were walking back to our hotel around lunchtime in a bit of a rush to get to the airport and there it was. We didn't have time for a sit-down meal, so I asked them if they could make me something to take away. They said if I got something like a burger and fries then I would be able to, so that's what I did. This restaurant is spacious with beautiful decor and is very clean. The menu is very extensive and offers a wide array of both oriental and european food. As for my burger, it was delicious - perhaps once of the best vegan burgers I've ever eaten. It was a real shame that we found this place so late - it's a vegan paradise! We could've eaten there every day and probably never eaten the same thing twice.

Pros: 100% vegan, very large, extensive menu, beautiful decor with friendly staff
Cons: None that I could see!

no buffet

4 Posted on 08 / 03 / 2009

When we went (late July 2009) it was not a buffet, instead it was a sit down order from a menu place. There were menus in spanish and english and many vegan choices. It is located on a street with a lot of restaurants and is bright and clean. The food was ok, if looking for similar vegan food would try the Nature first.

very good

5 Posted on 10 / 15 / 2008

the place is very relaxing, the food is very very good. if you are in valencia you must go there!!

Pros: good food, mostly vegan, cheap


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