Brisbane vegan restaurant. Part of international chain of vegan restaurants opened by followers of Supreme Master Ching Hai, an advocate for veg living. Each location is individual family owned and operated. Serves vegan food, coffee, non-alcoholic beverages, and desserts. Casual, modern decor. Non smoking. Price: Inexpensive more-less
Vegan, Asian, Western, Fast food
Shop 2/ 1420 Logan Road, Mount Gravatt
Brisbane, Queensland 4122

Open Mon-Fri 11am-2:30pm, 5-8:30pm, Sat 12-8:30pm.



First Review by sadimgnik

Best Vegan Restaurant in Brisbane

5 Posted on 03 / 01 / 2014

Dress casual but eat like a King! Lasagne, Laksa, Malay Satay Sticks, Nuggets, Tom Yum rice - the most extensive menu for a Vegan joint. This is the place to take your non-Vegetarian friends and they can still order meals they know - and they will love the taste and textures. I used to love The Magic Wok / Leaderbowl in Sunnybank (now closed) but this is the best of the best. The Green Edge (Windsor) and Tea Master (Fortitude Valley) are the next best.

Having eaten at the Loving Huts in Hong Kong and South Korea, which are also great, I have to say our Brisbane shop is something very, very special. Enjoy the casual atmosphere and the wonderful tucker!

Pros: Most extensive Vegan menu ever, Most dishes are winners, Car Park out back
Cons: Supreme Master TV

Love Loving Hut

5 Posted on 11 / 20 / 2013

This has gotta be one of the best vegan restaurants in Brisbane. The prices are great, the food is consistently good, and the range of food is amazing! I take all my non-vegan friends here and they love it and later take their own families and friends here! Oh...and the price is so reasonable! I was so impressed I have written a review, and that doesn't happen very often!

Pros: delicious and consistent, well priced, clean with a 5 star highest rating

Great vegan fast food

5 Posted on 08 / 17 / 2013

Loving Hut is vegan chain slightly more upmarket than a fast food restaurant and being what it is - I think it is fabulous!
I have been many times and I think I have tried nearly everything on the menu. I like the asian salad and simply because I miss it from my childhood - spaghetti bolognaise. My husband has the black bean dish nearly every time and LOVES it. The only dish that I don't like is the sweet and sour 'pork' as the sauce is very sweet and ordinary.
The pan bread, if you like fried food, is yummy. Also the iced coffees and desserts are scrumptious. Yes sometimes they are busy and the service a tad slow and sometimes communication a bit lacking, but they are always pleasant and lovely. Sometimes it is a bit noisy for me, but that is everywhere you go.
I have been to a few Loving Huts now (the other 2 in Sydney) and I find the variety of food here is better and I enjoyed the food more.
I love their message and that they care about animals and the environment as well and support charities.
Updated from previous review on Saturday August 17, 2013

Pros: Great food selections Asian to western, Nearly everything tastes great, Support animals and green causes
Cons: fast food style, so don't expect gourmet, not open Sunday

My weekly staple

4 Posted on 06 / 09 / 2013

Loving Hut is right around the corner from me - great convenience food for my family's weekly take away! As others have said, it's such a relief to walk into somewhere and know that you can eat everything on the menu without question! I discovered this gem about 6 months into my vegan journey and have loved trying everything on the menu.

The food and flavours are generally fantastic. The lasagne is a hands-down family favourite, closely followed by the vegetable korma. Hubby loves their spring fried rice. Servings are generous and reasonably priced ($11-$14 for mains). We share meals and always have leftovers.

I must say, I have tried all their desserts and dislike them all! The cheesecakes are bland and I feel sick every time I bite the chocolate cake (hubby occasionally orders it). Sorry folks - am surprised to read so many reviews praising them when I find them all foul. Desserts from menu much better but are pretty basic. Ice cream with an Oreo stuck on top, for example.

Now to the cons (yes, even I can see they exist!). The atmosphere is pretty average - "canteen feel" agreed by previous review. If only they had table cloths and were set with cutlery and maybe a candle, the ambiance would change dramatically. It's self-serve cutlery, napkins, water and other condiments. It seems each choice that detracts from the place is for cost-cutting purposes.

The service is hit-and-miss. They're all about pushing people thru, with zero customer connection. I have stopped several staff members at the counter and forced them to look me in the eye and say hello. ONE exception - a gorgeous, friendly young girl who, after 2 years of regular visits, is the only one who acknowledges me as a returning customer. Wish I knew her name. Everyone wears jeans and they're not too interested in accommodating special requests. Service just downright sucks. Good service is very important to me, so it says a lot about their food that I keep coming back.

Also agreed that there is a whole lot of fake meat going on in the menu. The 'cutlets', though tasty, are hardly a health food. They even have fake prawns!! Kinda wish they'd avoid fried, sugary, mock-meat items on the menu. I asked what was in the lasagne cheesy sauce (it's freakin awesome) and was told it's just flour, sugar and water!!! So that makes me sad. I'm a vegan for health reasons.

All that said, the food is super tasty and an ideal place to take skeptical carnivores. I'll remain a loyal regular despite their downfalls.

Pros: food , price , serving size
Cons: customer service , too much mock meat, ambiance

Worth trying ...

3 Posted on 10 / 28 / 2012

It's popular. Everyone knows it. I have visited many Loving huts around the world, and this is average. Food is ok and the desserts, especially vegan cheesecakes, are just heavenly with their chai latte. Often the service can be friendly but sometimes a bit disorganized. And I never can forget how I once ordered a drink that was never brought to me and I went to complain, the waitress asked me to go from table to table and ask if someone has accidentally got my drink ... But that was the only time I got upset with them, otherwise have left happy.

Pros: Vegan, desserts ver yummy
Cons: not much variety, average food, sometimes a bit unprofessional service


Made my partner very sick

2 Posted on 10 / 06 / 2012

We visit loving hut because they give you the option of no onion or garlic.
My partner is severely intolerant to onion. It makes him sweat and shake and vomit. He CANNOT EAT IT under any circumstances. So he always makes it very clear to the wait staff that his meal cannot have onion. He even checks again before he eats the meal to be absolutely sure. Well guess what? Tonight his meal DID have onion. Despite checking and double checking. Now he's really sick. We will never eat at Loving Hut again!!!

Great food but service is lacking

3 Posted on 09 / 06 / 2012

My partner and I have been to this restaurant a couple of times and although the food is great, the service - not so much. The first time we went it was a busy Saturday night and it didn't take us too long to order our food and be seated - maybe 15 mins with a packed restaurant. The food came out quite quickly as well - except for our desserts. We waited 30 mins after we finished our mains before asking where our dessert was. 5 minutes later, my partner got his dessert - but it was the incorrect one. We got it switched over and again asked where my dessert was (which was choc mint ice cream). The waitress said she'd check on it. 15 minutes later we stopped the same waitress as she walked past and then she remembered and rushed back into the kitchen and I got my dessert straight away. Considering it was 2 scoops of ice cream with an oreo on top - it should have come sooner. And my partners dessert was a slice of cake that was in the glass display case so we really shouldn't have waited so long. The problem was even though they had enough staff when we first sat down, 2 large groups came in for what looked like birthday parties. As soon as these groups ordered their food it seemed like they had priority over everyone else. But despite this, the food was good!

The second time we went, the food was great but again the service wasn't. This time it was a Tuesday night so there were less people in the restaurant but they only had 2 people working! One was taking orders and the other had to run out the food. Again we waited too long for our food and my partner kept having to go up to check on it. Again, I was a little disappointed by the service but the food was good. I'll probably still go there as my partner and I do enjoy the food, but we will probably get take away instead.

If you go there, two things to note: First - on Tuesday they have a 10% discount. Second - it may seem like they have starters (which are listed as snacks) but they don't. They make the snacks and mains at the same time and bring out the dishes as soon as they are done. So sometimes you may find your main coming out before the snack. They don't tell you this when you go there and some people get confused.

Pros: Good food, Nice variety, Discount on Tuesdays!
Cons: Service isn't the best, Meals can came out at different times

Vegan Hut

4 Posted on 08 / 21 / 2012

We have visited this Loving Hut several times in the last few years, we always find it clean, the staff friendly and the food tasty. The menu is displayed on a wall in large pictures, easy to follow and with occasional special dishes of the day. The prices are good for what you get and the range of (mostly Asian style) dishes allows a good variety of healthy and err,.. less healthy options to be selected. The restaurant has a bit of a canteen feel about it, so may not be good for a romantic dinner, but definitely good for a nice no-brainer vego feed when you are not in the mood to attempt navigation of a meat-based restaurant menu.

Pros: Economical, Vegan, Easy to order


3 Posted on 08 / 07 / 2012

Food was great, location - great, parking - great, service - poor!
Not sure if there was a communication/ cultural breakdown but the staff/service were lacking in friendliness and helpfulness.
I will visit again one day (everyone deserves a second chance) but definitely in no hurry.
Undecided on my overall experience really.

Pros: nice outdoor eating, dog friendly, tasty food
Cons: service unfriendly ( one person only), toilets difficult to access

At last some raw vegan

5 Posted on 02 / 09 / 2012

very happy with the food and the service was friendly and informative.

At last we have some RAW VEGAN dishes and cakes in Brisbane. Lets have some more especially on the north side.

Pros: RAW VEGAN, Great Food, Friendly service and handy parking


3 Posted on 12 / 07 / 2011

I was quite impressed with Loving Hut on my first visit. I enjoyed my meal there, it was filling and very tasty. The menu was specific as it detailed what dishes were gluten-free and which ones contained onion. I agree with another reviewer about the posibility of MSG... I was unusually thirsty following my meal but overall I would return.

Pros: Nice food, Affordable
Cons: MSG?, Not many solely vegetable dishes


3 Posted on 12 / 02 / 2011

i have had take-away twice from here.
comparing Green Vegetarian Restaruant (1 min away) and here I find that this is a bit of a let down.
I believe from what I've eaten that food contains MSG... from after-taste and dry mouth.
Serving sizes are ok for price compared to green vegetarian (actually vegan)
and although there is a variety of choices to choose from there is not as many as expected from a vegan restaruant.

Pros: cheap
Cons: maybe MSG

Everything is fried or coated in oil

3 Posted on 12 / 10 / 2009

I was really surprised at the business model at this Loving Hut, its just a bunch of pictures on the wall and you can only order what is on a picture minus nuts or w/o gluten if the items is marked. I usually rely on Loving Huts to get a nice bowl of steamed veggies and rice, but alas all I could eat here was a steamed bowl of rice as they refused to prepare any vegetables w/o frying them in some manner. Its a nice place, but its just sad that they won't make a single healthy dish from all their menu items, their Vietnamese Spring Rolls were filled with fried tofu that wasn't listed in the description... Waste of a trip.

Cons: everything fried, unhealthy, murdered veggies

    I agree with vegan77. There are also at least two salads on the menu. I think all of the main courses there have loads of veggies in them (in sauces yes, but certainly not fried!), chunky veggies that are perfectly cooked (probably steamed). I have been there before with people who were able to get a dish modified to suit them, so perhaps there was a breakdown in communication when you went?

  • vegan77 vegan77

    This is a bit harsh. Most restaurants do not serve raw and completely unfried food. There is plenty on the menu that is light and healthy (dumplings, rolls etc).



4 Posted on 08 / 12 / 2009

Great to go to a vegan restaurant. What a luxury to not have to think about what might be lurking in something a restaurant calls 'vegetarian'.

The vegan iced chocolate will have me driving across town again and again. The food is great too. Large servings. I have the loving wrap and it was great.

Pros: vegan iced chocolate

Best in Brisbane!

5 Posted on 06 / 27 / 2009

Interesting dishes, a great fusion of western and Asian cuisines. Healthy and junky all at once! Three words: vegan iced chocolate.

Pros: Great quality & quantity, Friendly staff, Great value
Cons: Location: busy road, not central

Loving the loving hut...

4 Posted on 01 / 28 / 2009

My first trip to a full vegan restaurant (but a vegan for over 2 years) I was so surprised and thankful for such a nice little place! Great atmosphere and setup. Catered well and meals came fairly quickly. I ordered the "loving wrap" (think bean curd wrapped scrambled tofu) with sauces and it was absaloutely delicious! really enjoyable! I also had a side of thai salad which had small diced tofu in it, and spices and sauces. Very spicy! Very diverse flavour but great nonetheless! they have daily specials and provide takeaway in biodegradable containers! I also had a peppermint tea whihc was well presented. I felt the staff still needed a little bit of time getting used to the customers and service but thats okay, the atmosphere and meal made up for it. Great prices and decent servings.
Highly recommended.

Pros: atmosphere, cheap, comfortable
Cons: outside is right by the noisy road

Thumbs Up for Loving Hut, Mt. Gravatt

5 Posted on 11 / 18 / 2008

My friend and I went to Loving Hut (Mt. Gravatt, Brisbane) last night for dinner. We were very impressed! We were greeted warmly and given a run through the menu.

My friend and I shared some spring rolls to begin with - wow! Yummo. Very fresh, hot and tasty. When our mains came out we were really impressed with the size of the meals. I had the Beijing Black Bean with rice and my friend had the Golden Curry with rice. SO tasty. We each had a taste of each others meal and loved it. Neither of us got through the whole meal, so we asked for take away containers. Our waiter bought out BIODEGRADABLE take away containers, which were 50c each (bargain) and a great touch.

We were pretty full after our big meals but we were tempted by a freshly baked, still warm, apple cake and of course we agreed to a piece, to share. It was served with coconut cream, which was just lovely! That cake is worth a return trip alone!

I have to say I was very impressed with the set up - the menus were well displayed on the walls, and there was no overally obvious indication that it was a veg*an restaurant. The tvs were a great touch - not too in your face, the volume was low, and we didn't really pay to much attention to them. We were too busy talking.

Everything was clean and tidy, and the staff were very friendly. The prices were very reasonable. The mains averaged $9.90 and a piece of cake was $3.50. They have iced coffees and chocolates, coffees and other hot drinks, and non-alcoholic beverages. It would also be great for lunch with salads and sushi also available.

Pros: excellent food, friendly staff, good value
Cons: chairs were a bit hard

Good food, excellent price, some teething problems

4 Posted on 11 / 02 / 2008

I'm not a vegetarian - but my wife & I decided to try this new Vegan restaurant instead of the steak restaurant that we usually frequent next door.

Pros: The food was excellent - and great value.

We had a '10 veg' mixture that was a special (but will soon be on the regular menu, we were told). $7.90, and it was a very large bowl.

We also tried the "Loving Wrap' ... essentially steamed vegies, beancurd 'omelette', and steamed rice. $8.90, and again, a substantial meal.

Cons: The restaurant is very new, so staff were still 'finding their way' ... for example, one of the meals was initially presented without an essential sauce. The manager noticed that and had it fixed before we'd had more than a mouthful, but ...

Also, the restaurant is run by followers of the Supreme Master - and programming is broadcast on three or 4 screens in the restaurant. That's not a great problem - but the TV volume was set for a packed room .. and was just a fraction too high given that there were only two couples in the restaurant.

Overall: we'll go again - to try a few other menu items. But next time we won't take any wine. The restaurant only serves non-alcoholic beverages, and is NOT byo.

Pros: Good food, good value
Cons: A little noisy


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