Atlanta veggie restaurant with an extensive menu that is mostly vegan. Offers lunch specials. Egg can be eliminated on request. Price: Moderate more-less
Vegan-friendly, Ovo, Chinese, Take-out
1529 Piedmont Ave Ste D (Monroe)
Atlanta, Georgia 30309

Open Sun-Thur 11:30am-10pm, Fri-Sat 11:30am-10:30pm, closed Wed.

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First Review by cwavegan

I Loved This Food!

5 Posted on 06 / 02 / 2014

Admittedly I am new to being a vegetarian. I'm 19 days in on a 30 day challenge and this place was just what I needed. The atmosphere, the kind people working here and their willingness to help me navigate uncharted territory of Vegan cuisine. I got the Empire Chicken and let me just say that because of my experience here I have deeply considered extending my 30 day challenge to a permanent thing. Interesting food, great texture for the chicken itself. It even heated up well the next day. It's food like this that albeit is not the healthiest in the world but it's an imperative step to keep me on a plant based diet and that's an incredible feat as I have been a lifelong carnivore.

Pros: Friendly, Fast Service, Great diverse selection of food


5 Posted on 09 / 14 / 2013

I ate here yesterday. The hot and sour soup, general tso veggie shrimp and fried bananas were all delicious. I had to request no egg in the soup as a vegan. Highly recommended!
Updated from previous review on Saturday September 14, 2013

Wouldn't go back

2 Posted on 07 / 21 / 2013

My sister visited this place on her own and had a great meal, so she recommended it to me, but I really can't recommend it. The menu has a lot of variety, so I was very excited, but maybe I just chose the wrong things. I got the wok seared chicken with spicy peppers and vegetables and the chicken with green beans. The green beans were ok, but the chicken in that dish was extremely chewy and kind of rubbery (but it was edible). The wok chicken dish was terrible, though. It was more like fried flour dough balls and dry vegetables. The chicken did not taste anywhere close to chicken at all. I was very upset after spending that money, and I would not return to Green Sprout.

Vegan Galore

5 Posted on 07 / 01 / 2013

I was visiting Atlanta and stopped in to Green Sprout for lunch. The owners were very welcoming, the atmosphere was very relaxed, and there was an overwhelming selection of vegan options on the menu. My table ordered three different dishes and all were delicious. I would be a regular customer if I lived in Atlanta!

Pros: large menu selection, good value, relaxing atmosphere

Great Restaurant!

5 Posted on 06 / 15 / 2013

I live in Atlanta, so I have been meaning to write a review for a while now. I sometimes eat at Green Sprout more than once a week, and everything I have tried has been excellent and I am never disappointed. The restaurant is pretty much vegan, and since everything is cooked to order you have the option to leave eggs out of their fried rice. That is the only menu item that comes to mind that is not vegan, and they are always mindful to ask first. Also, if you have a gluten allergy their food is 100% gluten free. The staff is great and friendly. If you live in Atlanta, or you are just passing through, I highly recommend you give them a try.

Pros: Excellent food, Great Staff, Good value
Cons: None


Great place

4 Posted on 02 / 10 / 2013

Who doesn't love Green Sprouts? This place is awesome! Every time my friends and I drove up to Atlanta we would never leave without stopping at this place. I always stick to the "chicken" selections. My personal favorite is the General Tso's with the sesame chicken coming in 2nd. The eggplant and chicken with garlic sauce is pretty tasty too.

Pros: food is great, vegan friendly

Love This Place

5 Posted on 12 / 16 / 2012

This is one of the few places I go to over and over again because the food is always good and the service is always excellent. Vegan friendly does not cut it. Everything on their menu can be converted to vegan if you leave out eggs and they have a wide selection of soy meats and items you'll love. The soy drumsticks and soy crispy fish filets are my favorite. If you're a vegan purist or foodie snob this may be too close to meat for you or too fried food friendly but if every once and a while you just want a hearty, satisfying yet resonably priced meal with exceptionally friendly service you'll love this place. Each time I go, I'm just waiting for the other shoe to drop, waiting for the big "aha, I knew it was too good to be true" moment and it never happens. I'm always satisfied and sadly always amazed how rare good food and good service can be had in Atlanta if you're vegan.
Updated from previous review on Sunday December 16, 2012

Pros: very vegan friendly, excellant customer service, wide array of choices


5 Posted on 11 / 17 / 2012

Great Chinese style menu. All there meat is soy based and vegan. Apparently they do add eggs to some dishes so you should specify. The customer service was terrific. My husband even commented how much the "meat" was like meat. They did not have many customers while we were there which saddened me- I really hope this restaurant continues to survive because it is such a great place for vegan/vegetarian Chinese meal options.

Pros: Location , Vegan Option , Customer Service

Veggie-chinese place

4 Posted on 10 / 27 / 2012

I initially was very hesistant to visit this place as it always looks empty. However, given the positive reviews it had before I decided to finally go and I was not dissapointed. The menu is quite original with titles as chicken and pork with everything being veggy and with suggestions of omiting egg if desired. I tried the empire chicken and finished the plate! it was really good. The service was also quite nice and the place has a quiet environment. Definetively going back

Yummy. Affordable. Vegan. Nothing bad to say!

5 Posted on 02 / 02 / 2012

When I moved back to Atlanta from London, I was astounded to find that not only did I live near a vegan restaurant but also one that delivered to me. Best faux chicken I've ever had! Try the drumsticks. Fun! Affordable. Nothing negative to say about the place or the food. Lovely staff. I miss them!

Pros: Great food, Low prices, Delivery!
Cons: None


4 Posted on 10 / 25 / 2011

Took myself to the Green Sprout for lunch today. It's all vegetarian although not vegan. I'm not a huge fan of Asian food, but it was quite good and I will be going back. I had the lunch special General Tso's "chicken" with brown rice. Everything seemed really fresh. Would definitely recommend, especially if you enjoy Asian food.

Not impressed...

3 Posted on 04 / 17 / 2011

My stay in Atlanta was short and hurried so I did not get to try as many things as I would have liked to when I ran by Green Sprout. I chose General Tso "chicken" because I like spicy dishes. The flavor was good but the vegan chicken was rubbery and very unappealing. I was left disappointed. Maybe it was a fluke. I don't know. However, the staff was very friendly and the place was nice in appearance. I also liked the container in which my to-go food was packed; I wash and reuse it regularly, but it's recyclable as well. Whenever I return to ATL I may give them another shot and just try a different dish.

Pros: inexpensive, friendly staff, lots of vegan options

GS will hold a special place in my belly ;)

5 Posted on 07 / 14 / 2010

i just moved away a couple weeks ago but Green Sprout was my absolute favorite veggie spot, even when i was dining alone...i didn't try much of what was on the menu b/c i got stuck on the wonton soup, chikn drumsticks, and i normally had the 'salmon' or chikn cutlet and was THAT good! sometimes, ok, a lot of times i would just order a couple orders of the chikn drumsticks to go lol anyway, it wasn't until a few months before i left that i realized that they delivered...and THEN they started opening 7 days a week! i will DEFINITELY go back every single time i visit atlanta :)

Pros: SUPERB food, price, staff are great
Cons: 900 miles away :(


5 Posted on 11 / 21 / 2009

Need a junky Chinese food fix? This place fits the bill. The chicken drumstick appetizers are amazing and so is the orange chicken. The staff is super friendly and I love the quiet atmosphere in the restaurant. I always order extra food so I can take some home. I wish Green Sprout would expand to Augusta!

Pros: excellent food, friendly staff, inexpensive


4 Posted on 07 / 01 / 2009

Not saying that this is true of Green Sprout (or the myriad of other vegetarian restaurants in the city), but I think it's important to read some interesting findings out in LA.

Basically, a lot of what restaurants call vegan (or egg-free/dairy-free) isn't even close to vegan. Just adds more fuel to the fire that they really should be more careful with what you eat.

I have eaten at Green Sprout many times and it has always been delicious. Large portions, cheap prices. I will continue to eat there, but will likely forgo the fake meats and go with the best thing on the menu: Apple Fried Rice

Pros: Apple Fried Rice

One aw wipes out ten ataboys

3 Posted on 01 / 13 / 2009

Green sprout was a favorite as the food is good and the price is reasonable.Service is pleasurable as the staff are very friendly.I did have one really bad experience...after eating from there I became very ill.I was a regular and after staying away a long time they act as if I had been there yesterday. My friend still eats there but I am gun shy,I can't do it.

Pros: good food, good price

great for fake meat lovers...

3 Posted on 11 / 28 / 2008

a lot of the food is heavy on the sugar and fried...a bit heavy handed...mushroom soup is outstanding...friendly service..and brown rice is served upon request...

Pros: friendly service, mushroom soup!
Cons: atmosphere


5 Posted on 08 / 22 / 2008

Great place. Amazing fake meat. The fake beef is a little better than the fake port, which reminded me of spam. I can't wait to go back and try the fake seafood. The owner was very pleasant and chatty. He did not mind when I breastfed baby in the restaurant, and did not avert his eyes and pretend that I was not there, as many people do when the see a breastfeeding woman. He just served the food normally.

Pros: Excelllent food, friendly staff, great fake meat
Cons: none - this place is great!

green sprout is amazing!

5 Posted on 07 / 07 / 2008

I saw this on happycow, and had to go.My husband and I freaked out over the delicious food.The real standouts were the stuffed zuchini as an app. and the portion was huge!I had vegetable and tofa lettuce wraps with vegan beef added.Fabulous!My love had vegan general taos chicken.Unbelievebly good.After all that, we bought hoy and sour soup to go, minus the eggs,brown rice, and an order of vegan fish wrapped in bean curd skin and then fried until super crispy,Seriously, it was the best thing I have eaten in years.If you are in the Atlanta area, do yourself a favor and get to this place.!!!!!

Pros: friendly staff, fair prices, fresh and colorful food

Yummy but LOUD

4 Posted on 05 / 06 / 2008

GREAT food and very friendly staff, but MAN is it noisy. I mean, one guy that worked there just yells as his normal voice. Also had to switch tables because the halogen track lights were blinding. I'll probably do take-out next time, because the food is just fantastic.

Pros: Great food!, Great prices!, Great food!
Cons: Noisy, Lighting extremely harsh

Really varied and extensive vegan selections

5 Posted on 04 / 28 / 2008

As a vegan, Green Sprouts is on my top five list of restaurants in Atlanta.

First of all, the staff understands the concept of vegan, so I don't have to interrogate them about where the food comes from and what animal products may be hidden therein.

Secondly, the menu is extensive and varied, so I'm not confined to a third class afterthought section of the menu, which even happens all too often in ostensibly "vegetarian" restaurants.

Finally, the food is absolutely delicious, so I feel very comfortable bringing my non-vegan friends along with me.

It's also an excellent restaurant for a group of people to order a selection of menu items and share. I went in a party of five yesterday, and consequently got a really broad sampling of choices, from an odd but tasty sauteed potato dish, to a tofu skin wrapped bean sprout dish, a butternut squash selection, and a couple of stir fried noodle dishes.

The last time I was there, I ordered one of the simulated chicken dishes (Empire Chicken). While I realize many vegans object to that sort of dish, it was eerily convincing, and very tasty. Since a large part of my decision to go vegan was ethical,
I think well prepared dishes of that sort serve as
a "soft landing" means of introducing people to the possibility of veganism.

Many kudos to this wonderful restaurant.

Pros: vegan friendly, delicious, reasonably priced


5 Posted on 03 / 26 / 2008

I absolutely LOVE this place! I read the reviews listed on this site and knew we had to stop through on our visit to Atlanta last weekend. Green Sprout exceeded my expectations, providing flavorful vegan food in a relaxed environment. We started out with the spring rolls, which are made with a wheat wrapper. Simply fabulous! Then, I requested the General Tso's Chicken, and or waiter suggested I try the Empire Chicken instead. (I think that is its name.) It was so full of flavor and crispy vegetables. I'm getting hungry just thinking about it! I'm not a big mock meat type of girl, but the texture of their mock chicken was quite pleasant, closely resembling real chicken without the icky grease. I will definitely dine at the Green Sprout my next time in ATL.

Pros: Yummy Food, Friendly & Friendly Staff, Ample Parking

so good!

5 Posted on 02 / 20 / 2008

I'm in Atlanta this week for a business trip, and I found Green Sprout on this website. They delivered to my hotel room. If only they would deliver to my normal home 1000 miles away! The wonton soup was spectacular. I haven't had wonton soup since going vegan 5 months ago, and it's one of the few things I really missed. This was just like I remembered - the taste was spot on, and the wontons wonderfully soft and delicate. Whoever took my order on the phone was very helpful in guiding me the kind of entree I was looking for, which turned out to be chicken with mixed vegetables. The sauce wasn't gloppy at all, very light and flavorful (I asked for it to be spicy and they obliged). It came with *tons* of fresh, perfectly sauteed vegetables, and very yummy fake chicken. The price was very reasonable, no more than I usually pay for 'normal' chinese food, and delivery was fast. The portions were very generous, so I get to look forward to having this again for lunch tomorrow!

Pros: cheap, healthy options, great flavors

The Best Vegan Food

5 Posted on 01 / 13 / 2008

Green Sprout is a quaint and pleasant restaurant. The owner was really friendly and talked with us. He told us that he does not really advertise, but depends on his customers to spread the word...I thought that was awesome! There were some pricey things on the menu, but it was for like fish and some of the rare vegan foods that are normally pricey anyways. Now let's get to the food- besides there being practically an UNLIMITED amount of dishes to choose from- the food was like heaven. My redneck father ate up and my grandmother who has alzheimers didn't know the difference between real pork and fake. We ordered about 3 plates for the 4 of us, which left us loosening our belts and taking home two boxes of food. You gotta go.

Pros: tasty food, big portions, friendly staff
Cons: there's not a green sprout where I live

Awesome Restaurant!

5 Posted on 01 / 01 / 2008

I dine at green sprout at least once a month, and it has always been delicious and amazing. The waiter there is very friendly and knowledgeable about veganism and what dishes are good with certain ingredients. The ambience is serene with dim lights and cozy booths. You can also order takeout. Every dish I've had has been great. Try the sesame chicken or the mongolian beef, really any dish is amazing. Their soups are nice too paired with hot tea.

Pros: excellent food, friendly staff, resonable prices
Cons: closed wednesday, need sugar on all tables, wait on food 30min.+

Amazing delivery

5 Posted on 06 / 30 / 2007

They deliver within 5 miles, which for me was directly to my hotel room! They do require that your order is at least $10, though (so that would be an entree and a drink, or an entree and an appetizer at minimum). They had items I had never even though to make, but now will. I ordered butternut squash, which came cut into two large bowls filled with sweet hoisin-style sauce and sauteed veggies. The veggie pancake (sort of a rice flour pancake with asparagus and mushrooms in it) was oily, but yummy just the same. I also ordered mango bubble tea. Their bubble tea is different from any I have previously had-- the tapioca balls were the size of marbles and were brown. The mango juice tasted like it had been freshly drawn from the fruit itself. I was tempted to eat here every night of my stay in Atlanta, but wanted to try some other places. If I lived in Atlanta, I would order from here at least once a week.

Pros: All vegan, Varied Menu, Very friendly
Cons: Takeout not recycleable

Can Healthy Really be This Good?

4 Posted on 06 / 20 / 2007

I am not a fulltime vegetarian yet but I am on a track to becoming more healthy so Mock meat is helpful for me right now. I highly recommend this place. The food was very well seasoned, it was clean, and the staff/service was was very pleasant. I ended up eating there twice in my 5 day stay and I plan to go there again on my next trip to ATL in July.

Pros: Good Food, Very reasonable price, Friendly attentive wait s
Cons: parking on the weekends

Soup's On

5 Posted on 12 / 30 / 2006

Though everything on the menu is excellent, I really like the soups here the best. Maybe it's because you can't trust soup to be vegan in most places. Of the entrees, I think the crispy portabella is the best. The yukon potato entree is good too. I like the variety of apetizers as well. Typically I will eat and appetizer and soup in the restaurant, and then take the entree to go as it is alot of food. They do allow dogs to dine with you outside.

Pros: dog friendly, great soup, nice staff

A happy ending

5 Posted on 11 / 22 / 2006

Green Sprout is a treasure for vegans and vegetarians in a city of soul food and meaterys. I have enjoyed everything I have tried from this restaurant. I had been getting take out for months when I had time to eat-in and the food is even better(as if I thought that was possible) when you eat it there! The food is just like its meated counterparts, but better. All and all, when you eat there you have a very happy ending. Try the fish filets!!!

Pros: Delicious chinese food, Great service, Reasonable pricing
Cons: Not more locations


4 Posted on 07 / 27 / 2006

Yes, I said and they DELIVER! I live about 5 miles from Green Sprout and when I wanna order delivery and watch a movie, I don't get many choices as a vegan. No, fear, Green Sprout is here with yummy vegan friendly food right at your door in about 30 minutes. That's whats up!

Pros: Vegan, Delivery, Moderately Priced


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