Vegan bakery and coffeehouse making a wide range of vegan goodies including muffins, cupcakes, peanut butter bars, cookies, pies, and cakes. Will create a cake for any occasion. Also offers a full espresso and coffee bar as well as light food including chili, hummus, vegan soup of the day, and mac & cheeze. Free wi-fi. Operating since Jan 2010 and moved to this current location in Jan 2013; previously on 900 South 282 East. Price: Inexpensive more-less
Vegan, American, Bakery, Take-out
1000 S Main St Unit 100
Salt Lake City, Utah 84101

Open Mon-Sat 8am-8pm, Sun 9am-4pm.

  • Outdoor seating
  • Accepts credit cards


First Review by chekova

Fantastic desserts, coffee and Macaroni!

5 Posted on 07 / 30 / 2014

Everything here was fantastic! The desserts and vegan mac&cheese were delicious! I had a great experience and the customer service was great as well. :) Would recommend to anyone!

Pros: Great food , Great drinks, Great staff
Cons: Wish they had more vegan meals

Best Vegan Bakery In SLC

5 Posted on 05 / 27 / 2014

I used to be a big fan of Cakewalk until I found out about CityCakes. I think they are the best vegan bakery in Utah. I love just about everything from their donuts to their tiramisu. Their baked good are outstanding, they also have some nice food options like Mac and cheese, which are pretty good etc.

Pros: Big, Outstanding, Fantastic Service
Cons: Little Pricey, Addicitive!

Great baked goods!

5 Posted on 04 / 14 / 2014

We stop here EVERY time we're in Salt Lake City. Staff is always friendly and knowledgable about there menu and bakery counter. It's not often you can have a vegan CINNAMON ROLL. Even our non vegan friends salivate over these baked items. TOP NOTCH - get here... You'll love it.

Pros: Great baked goods, Dairy free CINNAMON ROLLS!, Cafe too
Cons: Not one in Las Vegas

Loved It!

5 Posted on 02 / 12 / 2014

I stopped by here for lunch about a week ago. Staff was friendly and helpful. They were out of some of their best cupcakes, according to the lady helping me but I wouldn't have known because the one I tried was delicious! I also had the veggie sausage burrito (vegan as was the cupcake) and it really hit the spot. Prices were affordable. There are tables to sit and eat, surf the net, sip coffee, and watch the bakery do its magic. I'm definitely going here again. Oh, and they have gluten free items as well, if you need that. Cakes looked delicious!

Pros: Staff, Food, Prices

Best vegan bakery I've been to yet

5 Posted on 02 / 07 / 2014

Caveat: I didn't stop in at Cakewalk while I was in Salt Lake, so I don't know where I stand in that war.

However, I travel a lot and always make a point to stop in the local vegan bakeries, and I have to say, City Cakes takes the cake. My travel buddy and I ordered a ton of stuff for the road, and not only was it super affordable, but it was mostly delicious. My favorite item was the tiramisu -- best vegan tiramisu I've tried yet. I also really liked the au gratin potatoes and the mac and cheese. I don't recommend the red velvet cupcakes (we had the gluten free version). It was just like a vanilla cupcake dyed red, which is not what red velvet is supposed to be. Also the gluten free bread is too sweet and a little dry and crumbly. Overall, though, I LOVE this place and the staff were super friendly and helpful as we filled a huge bag with goodies to go.


Always excited to try a new vegan place!!

4 Posted on 12 / 08 / 2013

My mother (vegetarian), son (vegan) and I recently visited City Cakes and ordered a variety of food and pastry items. While I am always over the moon about trying any vegan eatery and will definitely keep visiting this restaurant to support vegan eateries, this is not my favorite in the city. My burrito was delicious, but was only warm...I am fairly sure that all meal options were pre-made and simply warmed up. My mom was not thrilled with her burger and had the same feeling about the temperature. My son did enjoy the mac and cheese (their homemade cheese sauce is really tasty). As for the bakery items (we ordered quite a few different items), they were just okay.

Pros: All vegan, Plenty of parking and seating, Many menu options
Cons: Food temperature, Just "okay" flavors

Really Good

5 Posted on 05 / 09 / 2013

After some disappointment with Cake Walk. I tried this place. I had been avoiding it because of the "not fully vegan" hype that it was getting. I don't know why I fell into that trap. They told me everything on display was vegan. Not only was it vegan. It was completely delicious. A must go if you are in Utah.

Very Pleased

5 Posted on 03 / 28 / 2013

After my experience trying Cakewalk, I was about to just stick to my own baking. But someone told me about this place. I tried the tiramisu. OH MY GOD! I don't know how she makes the whipped cream in it but... it is the best thing I have ever tasted in my life. I am going to probably start gaining a bit a chubb because I plan to frequent this place very often in the future.

Love this place

5 Posted on 03 / 25 / 2013

City Cakes is by far the best bakery in utah offering vegan treats. They have amazing tiramisu. Their cakes are the perfect texture and taste. They have a friendly atmosphere. I love getting the bags of cookies for like a buck and a quarter. Great tasting treats. Affordable prices. Great quality. That's what puts City Cake above all others. My only critique is that they offer traditional (non-vegan) cakes by order. Other than that everything in the case is usually completely vegan. I am willing to accept that.

Pros: Great Food, Friendly Staff, Good Atmosphere
Cons: not 100% vegan

Mac & Cheeze!

5 Posted on 01 / 18 / 2013

This is a great place for lunch as well as baked goods. Lunch menu had more options than I expected. Mac & Cheeze and the Carrot Cake cupcakes are delicious!!

Pros: atmosphere, friendly staff
Cons: limited seating

I dream of Mac N Cheeze

5 Posted on 01 / 10 / 2013

City cakes used to be a place I wasn't specifically fond of, but they've stepped up they're game and are a regular stop for a snack when I head up to Salt Lake. All they're pastries are great, they have a ton of different choices for milk in coffee, and they have the best quick comforting snacks around. I go out of my way to stop and get their mac n cheeze. I can never find a decent vegan mac n cheeze, but they seem to have mastered it here. The best part, you can actually buy their cheeze sauce. Stop by, the atmosphere is very laid back and a place I could spend hours in.

Pros: Mac N Cheeze

Love it

5 Posted on 11 / 17 / 2012

I think everything here is vegan, or at least almost everything. They have tons of cookies, muffins, cupcakes, etc. During our one week trip to SLC we visited them twice, both times with yummy food and friendly staff. They also have coffee, mac 'n cheese (it's good as far as restaurant mac 'n cheese goes), veggie burgers, and more.

Pros: good pastries, good coffee, good food
Cons: all the way in SLC ;)

Awesome Bakery with lots of options

5 Posted on 10 / 14 / 2012

I was so happy to find a vegan bakery in SLC. They had TONS of options and even had a small foods menu. I had a banana muffin that was exquisite!

Pros: tons of options, tasty treats, excellent tea

I can't even begin to say enough...

5 Posted on 01 / 19 / 2012

City Cakes is hands down the best bakery in the world. I have been to bakeries all across Europe and the U.S. and City Cakes is still my favorite. I have never found a (mostly) vegan bakery with such variety and quality.

City Cakes is a great place to drop by and hang out. They have awesome coffee, small meals (favorites are their chili and mac and cheese), and an array of baked goods. Their sitting area is cozy and large and never too full to fit you and the staff is so sweet. They have a water dispenser so you don't have to constantly ask for water if you are doing homework (free wifi!) and they usually have a bowl of vegan dog biscuits on the counter for free.

Beyond being an awesome cafe, they are AMAZING for catering and take-out. They did the cupcakes for my wedding and wowed so many people. They also do custom cakes and have done numerous of my friend's weddings and I always go to them on birthdays or special occasions.

Oh, and their tiramisu is fantastic. I've never had better tiramisu.

Best cozy vegan place in SLC!

5 Posted on 11 / 03 / 2011

I love this place. I live aaalll the way in Provo and I've already eaten here 3 times, and I'm going again tonight! It's a really nice atmosphere, cozy indoor or outdoor seating, couches, brightly lit, really nice girls who are super accomodating and honest (she was like "DON'T GET THE MAC AND CHEESE TODAY it's weird for some reason today" haha.

Pros: Taste, Nice workers, Atmosphere
Cons: I can't eat it every day :)

Love it!

5 Posted on 10 / 17 / 2011

City Cakes says that they are a traditional and vegan bakery, but anytime that I have been there, they only have vegan baked goods in their case. They also serve vegan soft serve, and vegan mac & cheeze. Their Sweet Potato Pecan Muffins are incredible! They also have multiple choices (soy, almond, coconut) for your cappucino or latte.

Pros: great muffins, multiple non-dairy milk choices

We LOVED City Cakes!

5 Posted on 03 / 26 / 2011

City Cakes offers an excellent variety of baked goods, my daughter has celiac and so she was thrilled that she could have a gluten free cookie and muffin there. The baked goods are delicious!! I was excited to find another vegan friendly place in Utah.

Pros: gluten free options, vegan options, great service

Cakewalk soldiers back off

5 Posted on 09 / 10 / 2010

Cakewalk is awesome, I love that place and the owner is a great lady. She really does some awesome stuff not just in her bakery but for the community as well. That said, all these kool-aid drinkers need to back off of City Cakes. 80% of the food is vegan and 80% of it's customers are not, is that not for the greater good? I think it is. Even if 20% (probably even less) of their menu isn't vegan. My theory has always been that my 95% friend is not my 5% enemy, or in this case I guess it would be my 80% friend is not my 20% enemy. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but I have serious doubts that there is enough vegans (that have money) in Utah to sustain any business. Cakewalk is going to have to appeal to non-vegans too if it wants to survive. How many of you patronize 100% vegan restaurants exclusively?

How about if Mrs. Tu from Evergreen went around spreading rumors that Sage's wasn't vegan-- does that help anyone? Don't we want more choices as vegans? Ideally, the competition will make each business stronger as each one will focus on what it does best and strive to expand to appeal to non-vegans with awesome food and good prices. Who loses in that deal?

We should put this controversy to rest. Every business needs to make money, get over it. Plenty of vegan owned businesses have to sell non-vegan stuff to get by, so what, if the choice is between having a business that strives to be vegan as much as commercially viable or having no vegan friendly businesses I'll take the first one. We'll never grow the movement catering to our own and casting stones at those who take a different approach. And by the way, I eat the shit out of enriched flour, sugar that was refined with bone char (virtually all of it is) and buy Silk on the reg-- so do most/all of the vegans I know-- no one has ever tried to challenge me over it. Need we go through the million item list of things that aren't really vegan that we all use? Bottom line- drop the personal vendetta. We'll all be happier with more options in town. Besides, travelers (like myself) count on these reviews to be honest assessments of food, not a soapbox for bitter people and their silly quest to destroy a business with a bunch of unsubstantiated rumors.

I haven't had anything here that wasn't amazing. I will say that I prefer my mac and cheese heated all the way through (usually isn't)with plenty of sauce and bread crumbs and my cinnamon rolls with white flour. Great staff, I hope they expand their food menu.

Pros: food, price, baked goods selection
Cons: mac and cheese never all the way heated, whole grain flour, not next door to my house
  • BlackJackJones BlackJackJones

    To say the owner wouldn't approve of the mudslinging shows just how little you know about her. I have known Kelly since her early punk days here in Utah. I can tell you she is one of the most grudge holding drama starting people I know. That being said. You don't think she is encouraging it? Then why are her employees and an old boyfriend of her's some of the ones posting? I know Kelly. Trust me, she is probably backing it up if not the one encouraging it.

  • Cameron Cameron

    By the way, I do not believe the owner of Cakewalk even approves of the mudslinging. My guess would be that she is focused on her business, not someone else's.

  • Snake Eyed Jane Snake Eyed Jane

    I'm not a "Cakewalk soldier" by any means, so I hope that you weren't referring to me, and you're right, I don't think that Kelly would approve of mudslinging by any means. I think that I gave a fair review of City Cakes, naming both pros (their amazing lemon coconut cake, and friendly staff) and cons, as any good reviewer should. I don't think that saying that you prefer one bakery over another (which has nothing to do with how "vegan" one is as opposed to the other, but rather the variety, and the over all taste of their products) in a polite manner is mudslinging by any use of the term. For the record, I eat honey myself, so I'm not an uber-vegan, I only mentioned that they may not be completely vegan for the benefit of others, who just MIGHT care about things like that.


City Cakes

3 Posted on 08 / 24 / 2010

I really love vegan cupcakes but City Cakes left much to be desired. Too much frosting. I really want to love this place as much as other people do but it just doesn't do it for me. Everything tastes vegan which may be good for some, but not good enough for me. I do like the atmosphere and it's close proximity to Channon Thai.


4 Posted on 06 / 24 / 2010

I personally think that Cakewalk is a better bakery, and it's all vegan. The owner of City Cakes is a wonderful lady, one of the nicest I've ever met, and the baked goods ARE tasty, with the lemon coconut cake being a standout. However, I think their lunch/dinner foods leave something to be desired, and I have heard from more than one person that their vegan goods are not completely vegan. I just think that it's because they're uninformed, not that they're being intentionally malicious. Again, I personally prefer Cakewalk, but I wouldn't thumb my nose at City Cakes.

Pros: Location, Tasty
Cons: Not vegan?


5 Posted on 05 / 25 / 2010

city cakes has some of the best vegan baked goods i have ever had and the cafe atmosphere is great.

Pros: great food, great value, great atmosphere


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