Opened in 2011, this cafe is painted green outside. Serves lunch that's all vegan (since Mar 2013). Take metro to Bastille. Price: Inexpensive more-less
Vegan, Organic, French, Fusion, Beer/Wine
9 Rue Jacques Coeur
Paris, France 75004

Open for lunch, and Fri-Sun 7pm-11pm.

  • Outdoor seating


First Review by Joanna Dubois

An Excellent Meal next to Bastille

5 Posted on 07 / 26 / 2014

I and my wife have just eaten an excellent meal here at Cafe Ginger. We were given a very friendly welcome here and I do not mean the plastic greeting you receive from some ''tourist'' restaurants. There were three choices for starter, main and even more for .dessert.
You can eat a formule or possibly go a la carte as you prefer. We did not enquire about this.
The food was very imaginative and had things I would never have dreamed of such as Mexican wraps with spiced potatoes covered in a chocolate based sauce. It sound weird but it works and the chocolate is not sweet.
Desert was terrine au Chocolate which was delicious and had hints of real ginger , hazelnut and cranberries with fresh mixed fruit salad as a counterpoint.
Good drinking tap water is freely given but I chose a bio beer which was very tasty.
The patron is at least bilingual and speaks excellent English as do his 2 colleagues. We felt very welcome and booked tomorrow night when a different set of delights is promised.
Another thing which impressed us was the genuine passion for the food which is prepared. If you want something with fries and ketchup then look elsewhere. If you want a family feel to a quiet restaurant then this will not disappoint .
The cafe is very close to Bastille Metro station and only 5 mins from the busy Rue de la Roquette which is full of nightlife if you want that.
As a long suffering vegetarian in Paris for the past 7 years I have to say things are now well and truly on the up.

Pros: Quality, Flavour, Welcome

Had to taste all the desserts

5 Posted on 07 / 04 / 2014

We took three desserts because they were all so special and rare to find. The chocolate terrine was absolutely French, you can't get it elsewhere! They indeed used ginger in many dishes, in a very innovative way.

Lovely coffee cups, free WiFi, super nice staff. One of the nicest places I have ever been to. Don't miss Cafe Ginger if you go to Paris.

Pros: Great desserts, Great other food, WiFi

Great Vegan Food and Environment

5 Posted on 05 / 28 / 2014

I visited here on a Saturday afternoon. The place was busy and we had to wait a short while for a seat but the staff were friendly and helpful, talking us through the menu as we were waiting.

The food was fantastic. You get a set menu with a choice of a tart with tasters of salad. You can also have a soup and dessert. I opted for the 3 course meal and enjoyed it thoroughly. It was really fresh and tasty and was real high quality vegan cuisine.

I would recommend Cafe Ginger to anyone in Paris.

Pros: Food quality, Service, Location
Cons: Maybe a bit small but that's Paris!

Lovely little place!

5 Posted on 05 / 13 / 2014

I visited here at lunch time on a weekend trip to Paris. It was so nice. I ordered three courses for €20.00, which is extremely good value for Bastille. I had soup, Asparagus tart that was served with a little tasting of 5 different salads. Being someone who likes variety I thought this was a great way to serve, instead of just loading up with one huge salad!
I had the Vegan Tiramisu which was superb.
The staff were friendly and the owner even recommended a vegan bakery for us to try!
The place is very small, but it is the Centre of Paris and in order to grow they need all the support they can get. To ensure you get a seat i'd reccommend to book before hand.

Pros: Location, All Vegan , Staff
Cons: Small


5 Posted on 02 / 17 / 2014

We had dinner here, and it was great. Lovely staff, delicious food obviously made with love, reasonably priced (22 euro for a menu) and the restaurant looks really nice. It's recommended making a reservation, at lunch time as well.


They ran out of food!

2 Posted on 01 / 25 / 2014

I foubd it very challenging to be a vegan in Paris. I was so delighted to see this cute little cafe, but unfortunately for me, they had run out of food! The staff were so lovely and the vibes were so good, I couldn't be upset or angry!

Pros: Nice staff, cute cafe.
Cons: no food

Love it here

5 Posted on 10 / 06 / 2013

I always bring my friends here, even if they're not veg. I really love their juices and desert. I consider it to have the best cost-benefit of all veg restaurants in Paris.
And, it's the only veg place you can eat at 4pm in Paris.

Pros: Price, Location, Juices
Cons: It's in Paris

Simple, good and healthy

3 Posted on 10 / 03 / 2013

My partner and I went here a couple of times because it was close to where we were staying. The second time I decided to go because I was sick and needed healthy food like fresh juice and soup. This place has health and freshness as a focus, which means in general you have to book or at least turn up early, because everything is made just before lunch, and it runs out because they only make enough so that it doesn't waste. We discovered this the hard way. Lunch consists of a vegan tart - one of about four options - plus a number of small separate portions of salad components. The tarts are quite delicious and the salads are OK in a 'healthy' kind of way. Additionally you can buy juice, soup and dessert. In my experience the juice was pretty good, but on the occasion I was nursing my sickness with their soup, I must say it was a tad watery and not overly tasty. The staff are friendly and helpful, and the enthusiasm and the ethos of the place scores them points with me. I imagine I would go regularly for lunch if I lived in Paris.

Pros: Food made fresh and not wasted, Tarts are interesting and yummy, Friendly, helpful staff
Cons: Soup a bit watery and tasteless, Food runs out quick (flipside of Pro #1)

Cute and cozy

3 Posted on 09 / 20 / 2013

I was exited to go and visit this place, especially after all the reviews that I have read, and I am still to be impressed by a vegan meal in Paris.
The place is very cozy and the location is great. Classic cozy atmosphere, which is typical for small restaurants in Paris.
I have to say that my first impression was of the staff not being very hospitable. I know that I'm in Paris and the service is not as the one in the States, and once we sat down I found out that they are very nice people, but still they seemed so out of it because they were so busy, it was obvious that they could barely handle it.
Unfortunately half of the lunch options were unavailable by the time we sat down, which is fine, because I'm open to try whatever they can make. Once we ordered the food came in very fast and I have to admit that it was delicious! Even though simple, all the dishes were well balanced and very flavorful. I still remember the gratin and the dessert had a nice home-made feel.
I will keep searching for the best vegan meal in Paris, but I am also definitely willing to give Ginger another try

Pros: Food, Inexpensive, Location
Cons: Busy, Staff a bit lost

My fav lunch place in Paris

5 Posted on 09 / 15 / 2013

I lived in Paris for 1.5 years and tried over 20 veggie restaus, this is hands down my favourite place!! The owners are great, the food is super fresh and the price is right! I love all the variety you get on one plate and that there are gluten free options! My favorite tarte is the sweet potato one!!

Pros: Price, Taste, Staff
Cons: Hours

Nothing extraordinary about the food

2 Posted on 07 / 29 / 2013

The Chef seems to be a friendly person who cares about the customers opinions.

On the other hand the other person there to serve the customers couldn't speak either French or English and didn't make any effort to smile or try to understand what people were saying which made it very difficult to ask questions about the food or anything else.

The menu was an hand-written paper with only one name per dish, no explanation written so it was hard to know what it was, the Chef had to come to each table to explain the menu.
Once he had explained it all we had nearly forgotten what were the first few dishes of the list.

We randomly made our choices ending up with 3 starters and one dish.

Each of them tasted good but nothing out of the extraordinary here, I cook the same dishes at home. Shame because the Chef seemed to be working hard for it.

I had a basic dessert of a blended banana with a soya yogurt, again nothing special there.

We ended up paying 62€ for 2 menu and a beer, which is really expensive !!!

Maybe there was a mistake but it wasn't really possible to get an answer from the waiter as he didn't bother to try to understand our questions.

Not sure I would try it again...

Pros: Friendly Chef
Cons: Really expensive, waiter not friendly, basic vegan food

Simply delicious!

5 Posted on 07 / 19 / 2013

Delicious food, super friendly staff, nice outdoor seating, I'm eating it in this exact moment and loving it! Their home made savory tarts are just a dream!!!

Pros: fresh, tasty, friendly

1* dinner - 5* lunch

3 Posted on 06 / 30 / 2013

Dinner - I went on a Sunday night so I am not sure if the food was different for this night only.
The chef was really nice, he came and chatted to everyone and made sure they were alright, which makes writing this review that much more difficult. I found the food the least appetizing restaurant food I have eaten for a long time. I can't recall ever thinking this in a restaurant (I am by no means a good cook) - but I felt even I could do better. It was healthy - composed of cut up vegetables, but from the more 70's school of hippy vegan (or how I imagine it) that says top everything with dried herbs to add flavor (it doesn't). If I had brought a carniverous friend I would have been embarrassed for this vegan representation. On top of that it was very very expensive for what it was (I didn't eat my dessert - again I cannot recall that happening before). The service was relatively efficient but passionless & a little cold.
Lunch - I went to dinner there because my lunches there have been so good. They turned out to be the opposite of dinner; delicious, thoughtful, fresh, good value and tasty. I had a savory crumble of the day which came with a lovely assortment of little salad dishes. The chocolate 'pate' dessert was also good, and the couple serving there were very friendly and approachable.
I'm very sorry to have to give Cafe Ginger such a mixed review.

Pros: Fantastic delicious lunch, Good central location, Friendly service at lunch
Cons: Dinner was very unappealing, Dinner expensive considering qualit

My first vegan restaurant

4 Posted on 06 / 28 / 2013

The cafe is really small and cozy but is well organised ans run efficiently(at least when I was there)by the friendly staff.

There is not much to choose from but I was very happy with my plate full of delicious healthy things to try. I really liked almost everything and it was really well priced for Paris.

I didn't get to try any of the desserts because I was full from the food but will most likely return.

Pros: well priced, tasted great, relaxed atmosphere
Cons: really cramped, outdoor seating is squashed

Great stuff

5 Posted on 01 / 24 / 2013

In advance of the opening hours, I was let in to the tiny cafe Ginger by this very friendly man, that I have presumed is the owner. Hungry as I was, I ordered soup of the day and a plate with pie and some 'extras'. The soup arriving first wasn't amazing in taste but far away of being bad. I never asked what it was but it might have been green lens soup. Anyway, it had a healthy feeling to it. Afterwards I was guided through a small variety of pies and chose a corn-based one. This was delivered to my table on a plate together with the extras. These extras turned out to be at least six small salads and hommus-like creamy things. The plate turned out to be the best veggie food I have ever eaten in a cafe or restaurant. A perfect balanced meal both in the taste and health aspect. It felt obvious to me that this very pleasant mix of fruity and salt tastes, was ambitiously thought through and put together.

A lot of people would argue that a small menu is a negative thing. For me it ain't necessarily so. Rather the opposite if the case is a menu that changes, which is the case here.

When I left Ginger it was full of people and later times it's been full to the last spot when I've arrived. Not surprising.

Pros: Cheap, Great food, Friendly staff
Cons: Hard to get place sometimes


4 Posted on 12 / 12 / 2012

My lady and I stopped by one Sunday afternoon for brunch and found ourselves at a completely empty Ginger Cafe around 13:00. We were greeted by a friendly and charming man who I assume is the owner.. he guided us in English through the options that day and we both settled on the pumpkin soup.. then it take it from there. Although the restaurant is quiet inviting and the staff was terrific we both felt that the soup was quite bland and underwhelming. I was rather disappointed. There just wasn't anything to it. I realize this a common problem with a lot of pumpkin-centered dishes.. the taste just doesn't pop out. Well we weren't persuaded to try anything else and by the time we left the place was still empty which is always a bit strange.. being the only people in a restaurant. Regardless of the disappointing soup I'll be back the next time I'm in Paris and try something else. We may have just gotten a dud item. Fortunately they seem to be doing some other things well so I won't give up hope. Can't do 3.5 cows so I'll go with 4.

Pros: ambiance, staff
Cons: soup was bland

Like homemade!

4 Posted on 09 / 15 / 2012

I'm so glad I decided to visit this place. The staff were probably the best I've ever come across in a restaurant. They were so warm and genuine and it felt like they really had their heart in the job. The husband especially had plenty of interesting conversation to make, and both the husband and the wife made me feel very much like this was a place I wanted to be giving business to.

So, then, how was the food? I think it'd be best described as "lovely." It was healthy and homestyle, but usually when I hear those adjectives, I just think of bland stuff that I'll eat if nothing else is available but which I wouldn't ever choose as my first meal preference. Here, the food feels healthy but is also flavourful. It's the perfect illustration of how food doesn't always need to be complex to be satisfying, and I say that not because the food was overly simple, but because it wasn't presented in a fancy way or anything. The flavour spoke for itself, and even though I was eating a small pie with a plate full of salad, I didn't feel left wanting (though I did have the dessert, which was a comforting fig and apple tart whose crust had a delicious, melt in your mouth texture and whose apples had the perfect combination of softness and residual crispness).

My only word of warning is that I think I got there like halfway through their hours and they were running pretty low on their pies. This and the relatively small number of meal choices are understandable, though--they do everything themselves in that kitchen. I'd simply suggest to get there earlier rather than later, but if you do miss out, they do great things with salad, so don't be disheartened!

Cafe Ginger was great, and it really reminded me of a restaurant I love back home. I think I'll be going back before I leave Paris if I have the time. The owners are simply fantastic (and had knowledge of veganism and what there is for vegans in Paris, as well as English skills) and I found the food both tasty and health-conscious, characteristics which aren't often well-balanced. I also found it remarkably economical for a place that is referred to as "moderate" in price on Happy Cow--I got the pie with a big plate of mixed salads and the dessert for 14 euros. In Paris, I find that a pretty good deal!

Pros: Surprisingly easy to find, Amazing staff, Healthy and yummy food with a good price
Cons: Popularity may mean shortages of items, Not a huge amount of choice

they ran out of food twice

2 Posted on 07 / 09 / 2012

I wish I could review this restaurant, but we came here two times during the advertised opening hours and they had no food left. The first time it was before 3PM, and they said that they were also closing earlier than usual because they had to go someplace. The second time it was around 2:30 PM, and once again, they were out of food "we had a busy day". The proprietor was nice enough, apologizing and suggesting another place in the area (we were there before and not particularly impressed), but I think that any business that wants to thrive must prepare extra food, and if there is leftover, they can offer it to some of the many homeless in the city.

Nice healthy restaurant

4 Posted on 06 / 24 / 2012

I really liked the plate of the day I ate there. It had a lot of variety and everything was tasty, and healthy.

There are not too many options, but if you're looking for a healthy meal (no junk food there) that won't blow you away, but still fully satisfy you, this is a great choice.

I find many macrobiotic or health-oriented restaurants in Paris offer this kind of menu, but many of them serve bland food. This is not the case here.

Pros: organic, inexpensive, healthy
Cons: lack of options

Simple and delicious! A must.

5 Posted on 05 / 27 / 2012

After fabric shopping all day, I arrived tired and starving to Cafe Ginger!

What a gem this little cafe is!

The owners are warm and welcoming. I felt immediately at home. The food was simple, fresh, delicious, and presented beautifully. I had a vegan shepherds pie accompanied by plenty of sides like carrot and beet salad, beautiful bean sprouts, an eggplant puree dip with bread.

They also have vegan desserts and fresh juices and tea. I will certainly visit again during my next trip to Paris! Thanks so much guys!

Pros: Friendly, Fresh, Delicious
Cons: Not 100% vegan

Not my thing...

3 Posted on 04 / 27 / 2012

First, if you're liking for it off the metro, go to the Henry IV exit to the street. It's 40 yards away. The place was small and had no menu, just a few things to choose from for lunch. While very healthy, I prefer more protein (tofu, seitan). Was a bit expensive for what we got, but still I line with Paris prices. Two workers (assuming owners?) were great, especially the guy. Fantastic service and friendliness were certainly there. Wouldn't go back but worth a visit once to mix it up! It was busy at 3:00 in the afternoon...

Pros: Vegan selections
Cons: Lack of options

Fill up on a healthy, hearty vego lunch

5 Posted on 04 / 19 / 2012

We ate here twice and loved it. Owned by a couple who make all the food themselves, they specialise in tarts and do an awesome Shepherd's pie. Plates are filled up with a heap of little extras, like avocado, mashed yams, couscous, grated vegetables, etc. It's really healthy and filling. We got addicted to a chocolate pate they do for dessert, delicious. They gave our 8 month old daughter some mushed up food which she loved - for no charge. Really nice people and an intimate setting. One block from the Bastille, so it's in a fantastic area and easy to get to.

Pros: Tasty, healthy food, Super-friendly owners, Relaxed, intimate setting
Cons: Only a handful of tables, Not 100% vegan

Great and special home made food

5 Posted on 03 / 23 / 2012

We just loved this place. A nice variety of vegan home made food is served for a very good price (which is kind of hard to find elsewhere in Paris). The place is not as crowded as the "hip" vegan places, but the food is as good if not better. The staff is super friendly (and English speaking ;)). We will definitely come back next time we are in town.

Pros: Great home made food, Very good prices, Super friendly staff
Cons: -, -, -

Great cafe!

5 Posted on 03 / 09 / 2012

This is a wonderful little spot for lunch! We made a trip to this place because of the good reviews here and we were not disappointed. It's a tiny little place, probably only 12-15 places, but that means a lot of personal attention. We ordered the plate of the day (shepherd's pie) and were pleasantly surprise with the variety platter that was served. Several little salads and sides that were all delicious. The owner/staff were all very attentive and friendly. I would make this special trip again.

Pros: Owner/Staff, large portions, variety of options

A great little veggie cafe in the heart of Paris

5 Posted on 01 / 14 / 2012

Cafe Ginger opened a few months ago. It's well hidden behind Bastille and opens every day for lunch and afternoon snacks except Mondays. We were served a hearty soup of the day and a selection of vegetable tarts, followed by a slice of vegan cheese cake. Although Ginger Cafe is technically vegetarian, most of the dishes on the menu are vegan. The owners are well aware of diet requirements and are very involved in making their business a success. She bakes and cooks while he looks after the customers. Brunch on the weekend is always busy, so think about going early or making a booking as seating is limited. Definitely a place we will recommend to people who are looking for a cosy location with delicious well-priced home-style food prepared with love and care.

Pros: Taste, Friendliness, Location
Cons: Small - need to reserve


5 Posted on 01 / 04 / 2012

The food is delicious and they have many (mostly) vegan options. The owners are very friendly as well. You order at the counter and then sit down and wait for the food to be brought to you. It's very busy at lunch time, and very small but cozy. Loved it! Payed EUR 17 for soup + juice + salad and tarte salé... Lots of food and all organic.

Pros: Delicious, Affordable, Friendly

Vegan friendly cafe in central Paris

5 Posted on 11 / 29 / 2011

Excellent little cafe just next to Bastille, a very welcome addition to the Paris vegetarian scene. Great selection of different teas and infusions along with creative fresh juices.

The food looked great, especially the deserts many of which were vegan, I will definitely be eating here when next in Paris. There was also a soup of the day and an interesting selection of creative savoury tarts made fresh daily which were served with a mix of salads. Many of the tarts were vegan, and there was also a gluten free (vegan) option available.

Unusually for Paris the tea was very well made - no doubt due to one of the owners being English!

Definitely one of the best veggie options in Paris.

Pros: Good value, Gluten Free and Vegan options, friendly staff

Great Vegan comfort food, with lovely service

4 Posted on 11 / 16 / 2011

I stumbled across Cafe Ginger recently, and was pleasantly surprised by its wonderful organic vegan/vege lunches.

I had a courgette, onion and mashed potato tart, with a side salad of vegan risotto, lentils and a green salad. (9€)

This was the perfect comfort food meal, the deliciously filling tart would have fooled any non-vegan!

Having only been open a few months, the owners are still trying to find their feet, but this also adds to the charm, you can tell they're passionate about their new veg-cafe venture, and it shows in the food!
Much lighter than Le Potager du Marais and perhaps more modern, but equally filling and tasty.

I'm very keen to go back and try their juices and desserts!

Pros: Light, tasty cafe style food, Good value, Friendly owners
Cons: Atmostphere needs work, but will come..., Not close enough to my front door! haha

The best place for vegan food in Paris

5 Posted on 10 / 23 / 2011

As a long-time vegan, until now eating out in Paris was a bit of a challenge. Not anymore. Totally by chance I discovered the newly-opened Ginger Cafe and it really is vegan heaven. It is run by a most simpatico young couple: he's English, she's Latin-American. She does the cooking (with organic ingredients), he runs the show. Although it's not 100% vegan, the choice of vegan dishes is both imaginative and very tasty (which in my experience is often not the case in vegetarian restaurants, where vegans seem to be considered the poor relations). I had a watercress soup, which tasted even better than my own soups, even though I've been called "The Queen of Soups" by (non veggie)friends. Served with the best bread I've tasted in Paris.Then I had a mushroom and sweet potato quiche, which was served with a lovely, imaginative salad.By then I was full, so I took the apple tart as a take-away for later. The whole lot came to € 17. At the moment, they're only open from 9h30 till 18.00 Tues-Sun. since they've got a young child. But check with them before you go, since they are planning to extend opening hours. Another thing I am very pleased with is that they don't use microwaves.

Pros: Excellent food, Organic, Good value


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