Bistro 1847 - City Centre

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Bistro and bar at the higher end of the scale offering modern vegetarian cuisine; gluten-free options. Small plates available from the bar during bar opening times. Dec 2012 relocated from 58 Mosley St. Previously named Detoxretox, same owner and similar menu. Price: Expensive more-less
Vegan-friendly, British, English, Western, Beer/Wine
58 Mosley St (Booth St corner)
Manchester, England M2 3HZ

Open Mon-Fri 12-3pm, 5-10pm, Sat 12-10:30pm, Sun 12-6pm.



First Review by taffboy72


2 Posted on 06 / 04 / 2014

I used to go in the 1847 every time we visited Manchester, but the last time I went in I was let down. There were hardly any Vegan options available, the soup tasted old, the main course was suppose to be a Vegan option but it was a vegetarian meal the same as my partners, with no Vegan ice cream available, I chose the sorbet, which was dairy ice cream with lemon flavouring. I was very disappointed, because I thought it was fantastic to have a Vegetarian restaurant with plenty of Vegan options. Unfortunately I feel that I could not trust my food in there now. When we visit Manchester now we struggle to find anywhere suitable to eat a decent meal that I can trust and therefore can enjoy.

Pros: Friendly, Good atmosphere, Good choice of Vegan wine
Cons: Slow service, When the boss is away, the staff ?, Toilets need an upgrade

Lots of style but lacking a bit in substance...

4 Posted on 03 / 14 / 2014

Well located restaurant for Manchester city centre although walked past a few times without knowing it was there! Signage could be improved, blends in with the offices in the surrounding area and could do with standing out a little more.

Some vegan choices although not an extensive menu. Only one choice for a sweet when I visited although I believe the menu does change quite often. I opted for the battered tofu which arrived quickly and was cooked to order and fresh. I have to say it was probably the most aesthetically pleasing meal I have been given since becoming vegan. The food was well arranged, colourful and looked incredibly appetising. The portion size is a little on the small side however. Taste, well the tofu was a little bland, it certainly didn't match the presentation.

I did have a sweet as I was still quite hungry after the main course. This in comparison took some time to arrive. From memory it was a chocolate cake with ice cream and was perfectly adequate but not mind blowing.

I dined on a weekday at around 6pm. There was only myself and a table of two dining. I found this quite surprising given the central location. I'd definitely return but maybe later in the evening when hopefully the restaurant is a little more alive.

Pros: Central location, Food well presented
Cons: More choices needed, Portions a little small for the price

Tofu and wallpaper...

3 Posted on 02 / 02 / 2014

Great to have this restaurant in the city centre (and a branch in Chorlton), but not sure it does such a great job in promoting veggie/vegan dining.

I only went here once, so perhaps I need to return, but as my friend said at the time, it felt as if we were paying for the privilege of eating overpriced tofu in a place with posh wallpaper!

Most people would visit Bistro 1847 for a special occasion, as the menu looks amazing, but the standard of cooking (bland), small portions and cost would prevent me from recommending it. The staff are lovely, but this didn't compensate...I just felt flat after our meal. This is a real shame, as we need more restaurants in Manchester to set the standard and show how great vegan food can be.

Pros: Vegan options, City Centre, Great staff
Cons: Bland food, Cost

a bit pricey

3 Posted on 09 / 28 / 2013

I came here for a vegan Sunday roast, food was delicious but the portions were so small...I was still hungry when I left, plus it's not cheap.

Pros: delicious food
Cons: small portions, expensive

Best restaurant in town

5 Posted on 04 / 28 / 2013

I love this place, the food is delicious! For my full review visit

Pros: Excellent service
Cons: Just off Mosley St


Fine dining!

4 Posted on 12 / 31 / 2012

Ate here with family on Sun 2nd Dec and was glad it was open as few places were. Between us we had 1 starter, 3 mains and 4 puddings and it was all good. One person was very taken with the mini 'basket' of chips in their main! I can't remember now what we had but it was all tasty and the service was friendly and helpful

Pros: vegetarian, choice

Will return!

4 Posted on 11 / 30 / 2012

I was excited to see a meat free venue that appeared to be more aimed at fine dining then grab-and-go style food. I took my boyfriend who is veggi and we have very mixed views on the experience. The place itself is beautiful and welcoming and the staff seemed genuinely pleasant and interested in providing good service. The food however was hit and miss. I had the vegan 'fish and chips' (being the health freak that I am ;) ) which was battered tofu and my boyfriend had the veggi version (battered halloumi) I would say the quality of food was good,it was more an issue of quantity! Considering the price bracket being on the high end there really wasn't much on the plate which was disappointing. I had a dessert as I knew that I would be hungry later. I had a chocolate cake with poached pear and vegan cream and I have to say it was one of the best vegan treats I have ever taste! Very rich and creamy tasting. Over all I would consider going here again for a treat as it is a lovely place to go not to be surrounded by the disgusting smell of cooked flesh but it is just a little bit too expensive if like me you have a big appetite! I believe that they update the menu regularly so I would be interested to see if this was just a one time issue.

Pros: Beautiful Interior, Friendly, helpful staff, Good range of food
Cons: A bit expensive, Portions are a bit mean!

Good food all round!

4 Posted on 11 / 11 / 2012

Went here last night for my birthday.
Had sundried tomato and olive crostini as an appetiser which was very flavoursome and cheaper than getting a starter. My boyfriend had the chillies stuffed with cheese which was pretty much as its title suggests. He liked it and wanted more but I did point out we had ordered an appetiser rather than a starter so the portions would have been smaller.
I then opted for the bangers and mash with red onion gravy which was delicious. My only criticism would be that it would have been nice to have had the gravy served separately as there was slightly too much for me. The sausages were fab; very herby and cooked to perfection. The mash was made with garlic which I loved but garlic lovers may want to stay away from. The star of the show was the gravy, which is why I thought there was too much as it would have been nice to have tasted the rest of the meal without the gravy on it at times. Rather helpfully, my boyfriend had the same as me, which meant he had my leftovers-- the portions being quite generous.
For pudding, I had a strawberry and peach tart served as a vegan option with soya cream which was pleasant enough. I'm not really a pudding person so probably cannot comment with any authority! My boyfriend had a shot of orange liqueur instead!
We both drank white wine and black coffee at the meal. I think the wine was expensive for what it was (fairly standard Sauvignon Blanc) but at least I knew it was veggie, with it being a veggie-only restaurant.
The restaurant is pleasant to sit in and we were seated immediately, despite it being quite busy. There was only one person serving which meant it was a bit slower than I would have liked but it's probably the same anywhere in Manchester on a Friday night.
I hope that the restaurant does well enough to expand its menu in the future. It is a pleasant enough evening out and the price is OK for the location--I paid £9ish for my main which is about right for a bistro in Manchester city centre.
Total bill for 2 meals, bottle of wine, coffee, liqueor and tips was £55. I believe they do lunchtime deals so I will have to try one of these one day.
I think I'll go back there in the future and would recommend it if you have time to take over your meal and don't want the hassle of having to check that everything is veggie. It's also convenient for the city centre.
Updated from previous review on Saturday July 30, 2011

Last night I had the rosemary polenta. OMG I even dreamt of it-v.Yummy!

Pros: delicious food!, nice atmosphere, friendly staff
Cons: overpriced wine, too much gravy, more choice please!

Great Location

3 Posted on 10 / 09 / 2012

This is in a great location, and the restaurant itself in well appointed, comfortable and has a great ambience. Staff are friendly and attentive.

The food is okay, and quite creative. But the portions are tiny, and the mains come alone. Vegetables, salads, potatoes are all extra - so the main can look rather lonely, and also this means that the meals are not well-balanced. Prices, seem okay, but when you come away not really feeling satisfied (and a little peckish too), then it feels expensive.

Probably a good place for a special treat, if you have a small appetite or are on a diet.

Pros: Location, Ambience, Lovely staff
Cons: Small Portions


2 Posted on 08 / 20 / 2012

I have visited Bistro 1847 around five times and have had meals ranging from good to average. I have usually been at times when there has been a food and drink offer (such as a glass of wine and a main for £10) and I think this has sometimes offered good value. However if I had regularly paid full menu price I would have been disappointed with the standard of the food.

The food has never been of awful quality (scrap that, see edit) but it has been under-seasoned and some dishes have been bland. I think the disappointment of a sub-standard dish is increased by knowing that I have had some very good food at the Bistro.

The service is excellent and it is a really attractive setting to eat in. Additionally, it is fantastic to have a vegetarian/vegan restaurant right in the centre of Manchester.

EDIT: After having such a poor meal there recently and following from the inconsistency of the meals I have decided not to return, particularly due to the large prices.

Pros: Great service, Location
Cons: Inconsistent, Price

Delicious food, not enough options

3 Posted on 08 / 02 / 2012

We visited the 1847 Vegetarian Bistro 29th July, for lunch. I am a gluten-free vegan, so was quite happy to see that the menu offered options to accommodate my requirements. I was disappointed, however, to discover that the options for creating a gluten-free or vegan dish changed the essence of my choice. Example - Beer-battered tofu with hand-cut chips and mushy peas. Interesting. However, the gluten-free option meant that the tofu was served undressed -which resulted in a very brown, deep-fried dish. As most vegetarian/vegans, I love the array of colour I can usually look forward to with a meal. The menu offered only 6 dishes from which to select - and only two of those would meat my requirements. Though the food was fine, this is the type of selection I can find in most mainstream restaurants, so I wasn't overwhelmed with a tasty vegan experience. I'd give this restaurant a 6 out of 10, and that would mostly be in favour of our very friendly waiter. Not far away is the 8th Day cafe. A much better choice in the area, but unfortunately closed on Sundays.

Pros: friendly service, GF VGN options, open Sunday
Cons: poor selection , conflicting atmosphere, no colour!


5 Posted on 07 / 31 / 2012

First visit to Manchester, this place stood out and did not disappoint. Lovely food, pleasant decor and great service. Recommended.

Pros: Good menu, Central location, friendly staff
Cons: hundreds of miles away...

A veggie gem in central Manchester.

4 Posted on 07 / 31 / 2012

This bistro is stylish and cosy, and is very central and easy to locate. The food was all delicious and the service was excellent - the roasted artichokes were amazing!! The only down side was there was a pervasive smell of cooking oil in the air, as the kitchen is partially open, and this settled in our clothes and hair. Other than that, a really good restaurant.

Pros: Excellent food, Nice decor, Friendly staff
Cons: Quite expensive, Smell of cooking

Only vegan Bistro experience in Manchester!

5 Posted on 07 / 27 / 2012

Bistro 1847 is an affordable vegan option in Manchester City Centre with a menu that changes seasonally and delicious food. Plenty of offers for those on a budget, and an all round excellent vegan dining experience. Service can be slightly slow when the restaurant is very busy, but all food is made fresh and the staff are lovely. Highly recommended!

Amazing!! Fine Veggie Dining at its Best!

5 Posted on 07 / 19 / 2012

I have been to Bistro 1847 more than a few times and every time the food and service has been second to none. The waiters are friendly, professional and attentive. The food is fresh, reasonably priced and inventive and the atmosphere is relaxed. I went the other night with my husband and his veg-sceptical parents. I had the sundried tomato and bean pate which was to die for, it had whole chunks of fresh tasting sundried tomatoes and the portion size was quite large for a starter. The flat bread it came with was plentiful and tasted freshly made. My husband had the edamame beans which come in their sell and are marinated in a lemony, salty sauce. I kept stealing his and he mine they were both so good! For the main I had the beer battered tofu (a new addition to the menu mocking their beer battered halloumi) which was served with fresh cooked chips and minted mushy peas. The whole thing was amazing, I hate mushy peas but somehow they managed to make these so appetizing I did not leave a trace on my plate! My husband and his parents had the leek and broad bean pie. They were very impressed and said the roasted veg served with it were amazing. For dessert I had the salted caramel ice cream which was something I had never seen on a menu before, it was so good! My husband and in-laws kept stealing bites of mine which was fine because the portion size was huge.
I cannot find anything to fault with this restaurant but would advise that it can be a bit expensive so is best saved for a special occasion. I must also complement them on their wide selection of vegan options on the menu, almost everything except for the halloumi dishes are vegan and now that they have the beer battered tofu as a main not even that is a problem anymore!

Pros: Excellent Service, Lots of Vegan Options, Excellent Food
Cons: None!


4 Posted on 06 / 30 / 2012

One of the nicest veggie places I have been to. A great up-market addition to the Manchester veggie scene. Plush interior with huge windows and pleasant decor, there is a sense of opulence but definitely no pretentiousness. You don't have to dress up to come here, I had my Stone Roses t-shirt on and jeans and it was totally cool. The food is excellent with plenty of vegan choice. I had beer battered fried tofu with chunky fries and mushy peas. I would recommend booking online to take advantage of the special offers such as lunch for £10 consisting of any main course and a drink of your choice. There are other offers like these available if you book online. Would definitely come here again to sample the evening dining experience and menu.

Pros: online deals, staff, setting

Good food, nice atmosphere

4 Posted on 06 / 02 / 2012

I went here with my wife for a nice romantic evening. The restaurant is located on the edge of China town, near Manchester Gallery and the gay village. It's easy to get to by bus or tram, but I expect parking could be a bit tricky at times as the area is quite busy.

The decor is modern and sophisticated, without being in your face. We were there at 9:30 on a Friday, it was busy but there were available tables.

With 6 starters and 6 mains there is a good choice. I had the salt and pepper tofu, with wasabi, satay and soy sauce. Mrs g'n't had the halumi lolly pops with salsa. Both were excellent.

For the mains I had the broad bean and leak pie. This was a decent size portion, with summer veg and a red wine reduction. My wife had savory scones with mushroom ragu. Again this was a decent size portion, with some interesting mushrooms, (not your standard button mushrooms) and asparagus.

The desert menu looked good, but we had no room. Perhaps next time?

The staff were attentive without being intrusive. Overall a good, higher end, veggie and vegan friendly restaurant.

Pros: Good food, Atmosphere

not bad

3 Posted on 05 / 06 / 2012

I went there twice in November. I was offered a tatser menu for £ 15 which includes 3 tiny starters, a main, and a drink. The starters were both times really delicious. The mains were both times not as great as the starters. I had haloumi the first time, which was a bit dry, and barley risotto the second time, which was a bit bland. Still not bad at all.

Great food, great service, great place

5 Posted on 02 / 27 / 2012

We visited 1847 on 14 February 2012 and had an excellent lunch. The lunch deal (main course plus a soft drink or beer or glass of wine for £10) is great value. There was a good selection of dishes including plenty of vegan options and the food was tasty, plentiful and modern - none of your old fashioned 1980s veggie food here. The service was excellent and we really couldn't fault anything. We will definitely eat here again next time we're in Manchester.

Beautiful bistro, great value posh nosh

5 Posted on 10 / 22 / 2011

This is an excellent venue, ideal for a romantic dinner! They have a big menu which changes seasonally and an exceptional value lunch deal which is a main course and drink for £10. The staff are friendly and knowledgeable and are happy to explain the menu options (there are some beautiful dishes, Hendricks gin and tonic cake with cucumber and pepper granita is perhaps the most unusual thing on the menu).

We had a baked camembert to share (great fun) and the portions of food are very generous for the mains; all beautifully presented and full of flavour. The red rice salad was packed with vegetables and perfectly seasoned with herbs; so healthy. The soufflee of local cheese with seasonal vegetables was baked to perfection.

The window seats give a lovely view across to Manchester art gallery, The atmosphere is friendly and the decor is beautiful. A warm welcome awaits you.

Pros: friendly staff, great location, good sharing options

Welcoming, friendly and worth a visit

5 Posted on 08 / 24 / 2011

We went to 1847 Bistro for my husband's birthday on a Saturday night. The place was comfortably busy, with a good atmosphere. The staff were friendly and welcoming, and we were seated straight away. We were given time to make a selection from the drinks menu, and were told what the soup of the day was, before choosing our courses from the menu. The appetisers and starters looked so good that we decided to go savoury and risk not being able to fit a pudding in. Thankfully, the Bistro staff don't rush you between courses. We had plenty of time between finishing one course and the next one arriving (because all the food is freshly prepared to order), so we had plenty of time between courses to digest our food and ended up having room for pudding - hooray! The appetisers we had were well balanced and tasty: chilli peppers stuffed with cream cheese and focaccia crostini with olive tapenade and sunblush tomatoes. Our staters were also spot on: salt & pepper tofu for my husband and white bean and sundried tomato fritters for me. Everything was perfectly seasoned. We had the same main course, because it sounded different: roasted shallot and poppy seed barley risotto with pickled onion shells. This needed a little extra seasoning for both of us, but the pickled onion shells added a lovely zing to the subtlety of the risotto. When we discovered that we did have room for dessert, we chose the rose scented white chocolate pot and pistachio cookies (for chocoholic husband) and the blackberry mille feuille with almond cream and cameralised apple sauce (for me). Both were out of this world good. The blackberries on the mille feuille were plump and juicy and the apple sauce was beautiful and just sharp enough. We will definitely go again.

Pros: Friendly staff, Nice atmosphere, High quality food
Cons: None

I like it, but...

3 Posted on 07 / 12 / 2011

WELL. I was very excited when I heard about a new veggie restaurant opening in Manchester, and the 3 courses for £18 voucher made the decision quite easy - we visited the place within the first couple of weeks it opened.

We all ordered different items off the menu, there were mushrooms stuffed with blue cheese (which were just what it said - 4 mushrooms stuffed with blue cheese, slightly undercooked), a curry, the battered halloumi 'fish and chips', the filo parcel, the port + chocolate pudding, a sticky toffee pudding (meh), and some more (yep, three hungry girls!).

While the food was good and reasonably sized, I just wasn't massively impressed by it. It seems that 1847 (or DetoxRetox back then) is trying to position itself on the same level as Greens in West Didsbury, but it somehow feels miles away from it. Maybe I'm already too spoiled as a vegetarian (if that is possible...), but I've had veggie food with more attention to detail and a more consistent menu, at a much lower price, which wasn't trying to aim high. I'm sure the little bumps will be ironed out soon (if they haven't already), but I was just a little disappointed at my first visit.

Pros: nice atmosphere, food okay
Cons: expensive

Great Place

5 Posted on 07 / 07 / 2011

Just had a starter today - filo parcel with wensleydale cheese and blueberries and a little salad/garnish. It was delicious and stylishly presented plus attentive service. I will be back for a 3 course meal with my husband!!

A good quality experience all round

4 Posted on 06 / 29 / 2011

This is a nice, small, well presented establishment. I thought that the menu was varied and interesting overall though maybe not providing as many options as I would have expected.

I ordered the bangers and mash which was very nice. Not amazing but good portion size, nice textures and strong flavours (the gravy in particular stood out for me).

Service was friendly and attentive but relaxed, the design and layout is stylish but not OTT.

Overall I thought this was a great little spot. I'll definitely be back for more.

Pros: Interesting menu, stylish setting, Good service

Detoxretox, Manchester

5 Posted on 03 / 24 / 2011

I had dinner in here on Wednesday this week. I expected it to be a quiet night & it was something of a surprise to be told there were no spaces. I was given the option of waiting for 45 mins for a table to be free, an option I accepted.

There are only 24 seats and space for more tables. I asked the owner about this and was told that at present there is only 1 loo and that this can cause a bottleneck for customers. There is a refurb program following imminently and toilet capacity will be trebled. This will be accompanied by an increase in seating space.

On the subject of the loo, the entire restaurant is disabled friendly. Its all on the ground floor and the loo is big and spacious.

And so to the serious business of food. The menu is a la carte consisting of each of 5 starters, mains and after courses. I counted eight of the fifteen dishes clearly labelled as vegan. Unusually from what I have seen before, there was a comment on the menu stating, 'All vegan dishes can be prepared as vegetarian'. Resisting the temptation to make the comment that all vegan dishes are vegetarian (just like every square is a rectangle but not every rectangle is a square, every vegan dish is vego...), I again asked the helpful owner. He informed me that option is on the menu for any dairy junkies who may prefer to have dairy produce in their dish.

This place is clearly targeting a more upmarket niche in terms of decor, menu content and pricing. If you're on a tight budget at present, this place isn't for you (e.g. £12 for a main).

The seats I am advised by the manager are fake leather, likewise with the sofa by the bar.

The roasted suede & carrot soup was nothing less than delightful. Similarly when it came to dessert, the sticky toffee pudding was perfect. I had the laksa Thai curry for a main. I don't have the strongest resistance to chilli and for me it was a serious nose runner. It certainly had a Thai twang but for one I would have preferred the spicing to be more rounded rather than so chilli dominated. My friend had the haloumi and said it tasted great although he felt the portion of chips accompanying could have been more generous.

The entire place is being rebranded in a few days time as, '1847 The Vegetarian Bistro'. I am advised by the manager when I asked that 1847 is a reference to the year that vegetarian society was found.

I'd defo go again next time I am in Manchester. I'd also take omnivores who otherwise wouldn't go to a vego restaurant.

Pros: Vegan vego friendly, lovely food, Pleasant atmo

New kid in town

5 Posted on 02 / 25 / 2011

I took my work colleagues here the other day and we were all delighted with our meal, including two hard to please carnivores. The atmosphere was great, the owner very helpful and friendly and the food out of the world. There was a real buzz about the place and I can't wait to return. Plenty of vegan options including lots of deserts which makes a nice change.

Pros: Lots of vegan choices, Nice decor, Amazing food
Cons: none

A pleasant suprise!

4 Posted on 02 / 25 / 2011

I live local and walked past this place a few times thinking, with the name, that it was probably a juice bar. Imagine my suprise when browsing Happy Cow to find out it was a new veggie place in a city still a bit underserviced for them.

The style / ambience is contemporary with a slight quirky twist. Very nice.

Prices are reasonable restaurant range for a city centre (no menu in the window which is an oversight)

A main is perhaps £10 to £12. There are "small plate" tapas. The more you get the cheaper they are. We got 3 for £10, and they were all excellent (all vegan) (sweetcorn fritters - slight curry tinge and gorgeous. Sweet Potato chips with mint/corriander and salted endame soy beans - plain but still very nice)

60% of stuff there is vegan. Soft drinks are cheap, like £1.20 for a coke.

As the website says, "Manchesters only veggie bistro" - there are other veg places to eat in the city centre but this is by far the nicest ambience and "poshest", though it aint actually posh or anything if you know what I mean.

Might be an idea to book for Friday or Saturdays.

Note, it's easier to find on Booth Street than on Mosely street, it's just off Mosely Street, a couple of mins walk from the Town Hall.

Pros: not over pricey, lovely ambience and food, very central
Cons: no menu in window, look on Booth Street, not just Mosely St


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