Western vegetarian cafe located in a pretty building in the heart of the French Concession. The menu is in English and Japanese. Cozy, relaxing atmosphere with wi-fi internet access. Chinese address 徐汇区桃江路3号(近衡山路). Price: Moderate more-less
Vegan-friendly, Lacto, Western, Asian, Beer/Wine


First Review by wanderer

Cute, friendly

4 Posted on 08 / 14 / 2013

Cute place, beautiful building, nice decor, friendly staff. Bit pricey, but fresh green salad was yum. Burger and curry were ok.

Pros: Friendly, Beautiful, Fresh
Cons: Pricey

They have kombucha!!

4 Posted on 07 / 06 / 2013

What a nice experience it was to have eaten in this venue!
The staff is very friendly and speak very good english (finally somebody in this area, it was so great to hear and speak english once again)!
There are many young people hanging out there and i'd say it's very intercultural. It has been a nice atmosphere.

The food is also yummy. And the best thing is; they have homemade kombucha! Very yummy and healthy!

Pros: Friendly and helpful, Speak english and do special requests, Have kombucha
Cons: Kind of old venue

Cool cafe

4 Posted on 04 / 14 / 2013

We chanced on this cafe, although I had read about it. Nice place for lunch or afternoon tea/coffee. They have a good range of dishes - some Chinese style but mostly not. I had the vegie burger which tasted great although both burger and bread had some structural integrity issues and were a little dry, while my wife had a salad which looked interesting and she enjoyed it. There was a very relaxed vibe. Kind of a unique place. Very pleasant experience all 'round and I daresay I would eat there again when I next go to Shanghai.

Pros: Nice food, Relaxed atmosphere, Classy

Something different!

4 Posted on 01 / 15 / 2013

Very nice place, also for just having some cake and reading a book!

A little bit more expensive than most vegetarian restaurants we tried but that's normal as it's not a Chinese place. And we really enjoyed that as we sometimes longed for something different and wholesome! The owner is very friendly and prepared to explain as much as you want ;)

Pros: friendly staff, good extraordinary food, nice atmosphere

Good soup, bit pricey

3 Posted on 11 / 14 / 2012

Not your typical Chinese restaurant. Small quiet place.  The menu is a set menu although you don't have to have a whole meal, you can choose just a couple of dishes.  The soup was excellent, the rest of our meal was okay, maybe a little overpriced.

Pros: soup, atmosphere, quiet
Cons: pricy


Good whole hearty food

4 Posted on 06 / 09 / 2012

I visited with 2 friends last week and as soon as I walked in the restaurant I felt relaxed, the vibe is very cool. Everything on the menu was vegan which was a saving grace for me as I recently turned vegan and I was spoilt for choice! I settled on the beetroot and avocado prep and did not regret it. My friend ordered the famous veggie burger but was disappointed as it was rather dry, I also agreed with this it just needed a bit more sauce but the fact there is even a burger that is vegan impressed me! For dessert we tried the tofu cheesecake, cheesecake is my jam and upon trying to turn vegan this was the thing I was going to miss the most but after trying this desert I felt like I was eating the real thing, it was just amazing! The passion of the lady that runs this is reflected in her food, the restaurant has a great ambiance and I could have sat there all day trying everything on the menu!

Pros: Everything is Vegan, Amazing cheesecake, Great ambiance
Cons: small portions, price

Lovely food and Atmosphere

5 Posted on 03 / 15 / 2012

Annamaya's food is really wholesome and tasty. The restaurant is in an old stone-walled/wooden beamed house....so it has a very nice atmosphere. The owner Kazu is a lovely Japanese woman who also runs a yoga studio in building at the back of the property. The food really makes you feel balanced and happy. The menu changes according to what is in season, but my favorite (standards) are the veg burger, the beet root/avocado prep (which comes on top of a bowl of brown rice). I also love their mustard potato (or is it pumkin) salad, and their curried corn. All the salads are tasty actually. The only problem is that the food is quite expensive for the quantity. I always end up laying down at least 100rmb without dessert (the chocolate pie is usually very good). Kazu has also cooked for groups of my friends, even without notice, making many big platters of food for us to share, and then just charging 100rmb per person....so she's flexible!
I would 100% recommend this place, if you live in Shanghai and are a vegetarian you MUST go!

Pros: Lovely food, Fantastic staff, Perfect atmosphere
Cons: a bit pricey, small portions

Cool and Tasty in Shanghai

4 Posted on 12 / 15 / 2011

This is one of the most cool vegetarian restaurants I have seen in Shanghai. The owner is Japanese and speaks fluent Mandarin & English and takes great care to provide authentic Vegan/Veg food to her customers. Many Western clients here and a great variety of dishes. Some items are organic. The restaurant also hosts workshops and caters for them.


4 Posted on 11 / 24 / 2011

I had a Thanksgiving themed meal there last night. The food was pretty good and some items we pretty unique. The place had a nice decor. Overall it was enjoyable. We will probably go back again sometime.

a happy place

3 Posted on 11 / 17 / 2011

The atmosphere in this place is very soothing which adds to the overall experience. The service is extremely friendly, but they subscribe to the 'slow food' concept, I think ;) so for a quick bite you need to go elsewhere.
However, if you have time: enjoy the unique flavors, go for the salad combinations that give you four little portions instead of one larger one and do try at least one of their beautiful vegan desserts - yes, tofu and chocolate do mix, trust me. :)

Pros: unique, tasty food, soothing place, friendly service
Cons: high price, but adequate, slow service


5 Posted on 11 / 13 / 2011

Annamaya is not just a restaurant with fantastic food, but serves as an epicenter of spiritual-community in shanghai. The food here has that spark of being something you wouldn't necessarily make at home, but is not so complicated that it loses connection to its original flavor. Their food is special because it is very healthy - the word 'pure' comes to mind. Also, everything is made with love and tastes amazing. You are going to get vegan and vegetarian food that is compassionate towards the "you are what you eat" concept...its a place that helps you stay away from deep-fried, enzyme-less food! Just as a heads-up for some readers, this is not the best place to go if you're really on a budget.

Updated from previous review on Friday October 21, 2011
Updated from previous review on Sunday November 13, 2011

Pros: great staff, warm atmosphere, scrumptious
Cons: expensive for china, petit portions, always want more

Lovely little oasis of health in Shanghai

5 Posted on 10 / 26 / 2011

A delightful find, run by a Japanese macrobiotic vegan who is great for a chat. Not a whole lot to add to the other reviews except that you should try the beetroot and avocado donburi rice bowl.. the beetroot is pickled in a light vinegar and cut in such a way that, combined with the avocado, it resembled a tuna sashimi and avocado rice dish I used to enjoy back before my vegetarian days in sydney.. took me way back and was thoroughly enjoyable. I must ask her next time if the dish is deliberately designed to replicate that dish.

The cakes are delightful too, but not very sweet so if you are a sweet tooth this is not your fix. For me it took the guilt out of ordering dessert, so all good ;) We also enjoyed the dumplings in a thick soupy sauce. Again, flavours not very robust, but the feeling is wholesome and handmade.

Only complaint was that they didn't seem to have many teas available. But maybe we just didn't have all the menu.

The wifi is slow (this is China i guess) but functional and if you sit in the right place you can even plug your computer in. We went here to get a bit of work done and ended up sitting there close to the whole day, which apparently is a frequent occurence at this cosy little spot.

Pros: lovely ambience, truly healthy and creative food, good company
Cons: expensive for china

Excellent non-Chinese vegan food

4 Posted on 06 / 05 / 2011

If you're getting tired of Chinese vegan food, this is the place for you. Tiny, but charming restaurant serves delicious food. Considering the somewhat small portions, the prices are a little high, but the quality is excellent. I was told that everything is vegan including desserts, but they have milk available to serve with coffee. I had a veggie burger, pesto soup, and carrot-gobo salad for 110 RMB. English menu and english-speaking staff.

Pros: delicious, nice ambiance
Cons: somewhat pricey
  • XN21 XN21

    The owner is a Japanese. She's running a Yoga studio right next door. The food has somewhat strange flavour, a mixture of maybe Indian, Japanese and Taiwan tastes. Not accustomed to it very well.



5 Posted on 01 / 02 / 2011

We met up with a friend from the Shanghai Veggie Club at Annamaya, a completely vegan restaurant in downtown Shanghai. It was only about 4 blocks from where we are staying and it was a nice walk and easy to find. The decor and architecture were interesting. It has an Indian or natural feel inside. It has high ceilings and is clean and comfortable.

We started with the mustard pumpkin salad. This was spectacular. I highly recommend this dish. It was pumpkin and I think potato chunks in a light mustard sauce and sprinked with pumpkin seeds. This was laying over a bed of fresh lettuce. It was refreshing and delicious.

We also tried the veggie burger. This was more of a hummus sandwich to me, and was pretty good, but I still preferred the pumpkin dish by far. We tried some vegan deserts as well. Our friend had the cheese cake with figs on top. It was perfect and tasted like the real thing. We had a rich chocolate cake made with tofu. It was very rich, but creamy and really good.

The owner was one of the best parts of the restaurants. Kazu is a Japanese woman who also speaks perfect Chinese and English. She explained all of the dishes, recommended what to eat, and talked about vegan life in Shanghai with us. I highly recommend coming to Annamaya, this is not a typical Chinese restaurant and everything is safe to eat, clean and the staff is friendly. The boast not having the mock meats as well, so if you are looking for that come here for sure...oh and everything is Vegan so go crazy!

Pros: friendly staff, great food, quiet
Cons: expensive

Great restaurant great food

5 Posted on 11 / 27 / 2010

It is fantastic vegan restaurant. I love Annamaya restaurant. The food is great and the atmosphere is very friendly. I have eaten there twice and I highly recommend it.

pretty cafe, tasty food but overpriced

3 Posted on 07 / 31 / 2010

I was happy when we walked in as the place looked like a comfortable cafe and perfect for lunch. It is quite small and quiet.

Shocked by the price as they had various set menus
e.g. main, soup, salad for 110 yuan.
Instead we ordered from the a la carte meny.

My friend ordered the pumpkin soup which was tasty but a really small portion and cost 30 yuan.

I ordered the curry plate which was a tasty curry with some basmati rice with cashews, spiced peas and sweetcorn, and green salad. I enjoyed my meal but again thought it would be a larger portion for 55 yuan and from the description. The menu offered various dressings in english, however the waitress did not actually understand what dressing meant, let alone sesame and ginger dressing. She used a tranlator on her phone and still did not understand so eventually I just asked her for some salt and olive oil for the salad.On the plus side the curry was really well spiced and very enjoyable

The desserts looked good but we did not try them.

If you do not mind about the price and the small portions, then the food is good and the menu is different to the other vegetarian cafes so give it a try.

Pros: tasty food, healthy cuisine
Cons: over-priced, small portions
  • Ashni Ashni

    The place is on line 1, near hengshan road station. around a ten minute walk.


Excellent fusion vegetarian cafe

5 Posted on 03 / 19 / 2010

This cafe is a great alternative to all the other traditional Chinese vegetarian restaurants in Shanghai. Good and healthy food, nice atmosphere, reasonable prices. Definitely a gem in the city!

Pros: great food, healthy, refreshing

Good food, great atmosphere

4 Posted on 09 / 20 / 2009

I wrote a so-so review before, but have since revisited twice. At the time of our first visit, the restaurant was still rather new. They were working on new labels and menus when we were eating. The atmosphere is very nice and homey here. It seems like a very good place to enjoy a tea or coffee.

The food was rather good the first time, but not amazing. The ginger scones we had for dessert were dense and not very tasty. I wouldn't order them again. It was the only vegan dessert available. Everything else, including the tofu cheesecake, contained dairy.

The food has improved drastically. I have since tried a tasty rice "lasagna" that's really more of a baked dish with coconut milk and veggies. It came with salad and was a good-sized plate. My husband likes the green tea soba noodles. The miso soup is also good. Our dinner companions were divided on the curries but the tofu sandwich gets good reviews. The onigiri is also very good. The white wine is a very nice Italian. It went perfectly with our food. The owner said she kept the wine from when it used to be an Italian restaurant as when she looked into getting organic wine, it was too expensive.

There are now more vegan desserts. I spoke to the owner and she said she was working on changing all of them to vegan and on my last visit, they all were. We've tried the banana sesame bread pudding (great!) and the cornbread with figs. The cornbread was more of a sweet polenta. Nice and different. There are also some delicious looking crumbles and a chocolate tofu cheesecake (vegan now), that I have yet to try. I spoke to the chef and he said they are working on developing more vegan desserts, so I expect they will only get better.

My main complaint the first visit was with our waiter, but he doesn't appear to work there anymore, so I will remove that part of my review. The owner served us on our second visit and a new waitress on our last and we had a great experience. The owner is super friendly and very accommodating even when more friends showed up and we had to move tables (twice).

The only complaint I have is that service is very slow, even for things that you wouldn't expect (like warming up puddings, etc.). Don't come here expecting a quick bite to eat. This is more of a place you go when you want to spend a good chunk of time with friends or a date. Order your wine and enjoy some conversation or play with the kitten while waiting for your food.

We will definitely go to Annamaya more often now.

Pros: tasty, healthy food, nice atmosphere and non-smoking, vegan desserts
Cons: slow service

Good Good Healthy Food

5 Posted on 08 / 12 / 2009

This place had some not only healthy, but tasty meals. I think its the only NON-Chinese Vegetarian Cuisine in Shanghai. Their meals are based on a macrobiotic diet and you can even ask them what your looking for if you'd like to hear their recommendations (if your sick, want something that really fills you, gives you energy, etc). I heard some stories about the small portions so I was worried about that the first time I went there since I'm a big guy. I told them I eat alot and they took care of me from there.

Anyone living in the area and wants a positive change in their diet, I DEFINITELY RECOMMEND you guys to set up a eating schedule their and talk to the owner! I think they deliver near by too...?.. Its so easy to eat like crap here, even in the vegetarian places, with all the MSG and oil they use in China..on my checkup the Doc suddenly told me that I had to really improve my diet! (and I honestly thought I was eating ok!). Anyways, I'm now a regular here on the macrobiotic diet, and I will speak from my own feelings. After a week, I feel like I have more energy, need less sleep, and happier, its weird haha. This place is awesome and I'm truly happy I have the privileged to work and live next to it!

Pros: Good Food!, Great Environment and Freindly Staff, Month Programs which turns out cheaper
Cons: Can't do programs if your far I guess

Well worth a visit

4 Posted on 06 / 03 / 2009

A beautiful space with very friendly staff. 'Japanese' is a little misleading. The owner is Japanese but the menu is more international. It's a nice change from the standard mock-meat veggie restaurants in China. Portions a little small but I'll definitely be back.

Pros: Healthy, Very friendly
Cons: Smallish portions

Quiet place to relax and eat.

4 Posted on 05 / 30 / 2009

I spoke to the chef during my visit, and she confirmed that no eggs/dairy products are used in anything except for some of the desserts. I was disappointed to find that the tofu cheesecake's crust ingredients were unknown. Otherwise, the food was delicious, but portions are small. Lunch set RMB50, dinner set RMB70 includes salad or rice/ soup / and main dish. Cakes RMB30, tea RMB25, juices RMB35.

Pros: healthy cuisine, friendly staff, excellent food
Cons: small portions
  • flamekat flamekat

    It doesn't matter about the crust -- the tofu cheesecake filling itself is not vegan. It contains cheese which I was told was essential for the creamy texture. To be fair, they don't have it labeled as vegan. The only vegan dessert when I was there was a very dense scone.



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