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by veganordinary

Review: R. Thomas uses exotic birds to attract people to their place of business, but the birds themselves are treated HORRIBLY there. If you are vegan because you care about animals, I would not recommend supporting this business; it was very upsetting and distressing to see such cramped and confined birds who were trapped in cages on the outside of the building of the restaurant - that sits upon a very busy, noisy roadway. These birds are being used more for decoration than anything else and there is very little or no regard for their welfare as these animals should be in a setting that is closer to their natural habitat. The booming inside music along with the outside noise and the confinement must create such a hell for these poor beautiful exotic birds. If you are the kind of person who cannot stand to see a large living being cramped up in a small cage - or if you can't stand to see a bird not being given its right to a natural habitat or a place to spread their wings, then DON'T COME HERE. It's awful, and I will never go back again. I got the listing from HappyCow not knowing what to expect - I just got off a flight from the airport in Atlanta thinking I was going to a place that would understand a vegan lifestyle if they are going to serve vegan fare. This is not the case, here. Just keep going - and find somewhere else to dine in Atlanta.


Posted by Alisa on Saturday, May 21, 2011
Actually, this is not quite accurate. The birds are kept in very large and heated cages. They are taken out daily and are fed an organic vegetable diet. They are well-loved and well taken care of. The owner is an animal lover.
Posted by LBVegan on Sunday, June 12, 2011
Caged birds=Cruelty to birds
Posted by wheedl on Wednesday, December 7, 2011
I also would respectfully disagree with the facts in this "review". If you believe that caging any animal is wrong, that of course is your right; but don't try to spin the argument by exagerating the facts. The cages are large, appropriate for the birds they contain, and have been clean every time I visited the place - at least 6 times. Yes they are outside, but they are kept warm in the winter and are further from the busy roadway than the dining area for humans. Anyone who has seen Mr. Thomas with his birds knows that he cares for them a great deal, and they are much more to him than "decorations". So yes - if you don't like caged birds, by all means stay away. But if you can appreciate some sweet, friendly, beautiful, well-cared-for birds, take a moment and say "hi" to Sparkle, and she will make it worth your while.
Posted by bigbunny on Thursday, February 2, 2012
Regarding the birds issue: I have spoken both slyly & directly with staff & [I believe] the owner before. I was told the birds are "rotated out" and spend time at home as well -- not just at the restaurant. And again -- these cages are HUGE & heated -- "deluxe" if you will. While not ideal & possibly exploitative, *I* would say these birds are NOT stressed & generally seem happy (& I've been there countless times). Frankly, I kept my eye on the birds for ages, as I once lived across the street, before I moved back to London. If I thought these birds were unhappy or stressed, I would not eat there. But the birds seem happy and the owners seems responsible & knowledgeable with them.
Posted by veganordinary on Friday, February 22, 2013
Well, myself as well as some others who live locally have been there, and it sure does NOT look like what you are claiming. Anyone with compassion and eyes to see would take one look at what is going on there, and know differently. If you represent the restaurant, instead of trying to defend yourself, I would appreciate if you had a more compassion for those birds, got them away from the busy street, got them out of those small confining cages that are being used to decorate the exterior walls - and pass this message on to the owner who claims to "love" them so much. I would expect a change of heart - to have a conscience about this rather than to try to defend your name, here. I know what I saw - and so did the other people who are just as concerned as me.
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