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Review: I had to write this review after reading the ignorant and ridiculous review below. This is the best indian food I have ever had in San Diego, SF or anywhere else. The buffet is amazing and they even offer cooking classes. The food is always fresh and delicious the wait staff consist of an Indian family a mother, daughter, son and a father the father is in the kitchen. To say they were discriminating based on the way you dressed is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. I ware band t-shirts and shorts when I roll in to this place and they have never been anything but great. Please try Cafe India if you have not, you will be glad you did. To the reviewer below me, shame on you for stealing food from this mom and pop restaurant, go back and pay for your food.


Posted by Stig on Friday, February 22, 2013
"Judgement Day" - this is why I like HappyCow so much! - many of the Reviews certainly ain't bland! - remember to give helpful advice to the actual business owners also.
Posted by 80s-punk-dinosaur on Friday, February 22, 2013
Based on MissBunny's review, above, it does seem ridiculous to think they discriminated on lithophor based on his looks ...but they still ignored TWO customers rather than enjoying their work & taking their job seriously!

(maybe 1 or 2 waitresses just ignored customers whenever they simply felt lazy, rather than it being based on looks. But these are 3-years-old reviews & maybe they fired this staff. Then again maybe this was the owners' daughter and thus...not fired. ;-P )

I went once, and all 3 in our party thought this was mediocre compared to most Indian food...not horrible but not above-average either (even my East Indian friend said so...youch. As for me, I'm a big fan of Indian food, and move a lot; I've eaten Indian in all the states & nations where I've resided until I found a favorite "local" one, and at age 38, I'll say: this was 3-star food, i.e. completely average, on the night we went (summer 2010). 1-star if I had received bad service as these two described). We didn't personally experience what MissBunny or lithophor did, but we decided we wouldn't go back after one time, so maybe we got lucky. I do know from other restaurants, how frustrating it is to have a drink or a plate served at an irrational/senseless time (who serves a beer AFTER the meal, and despite being asked repeatedly for the beer to be served NOW?), or to NEVER be offered a refill on your water...which is especially bad if it's spicy food; what kind of server doesn't say to themselves, "This is spicy food, so I'd better keep up on water refills?" (That's just basic human competency...) If something doesn't come when it should, I'll wave for the server, but I've never had a server fail to come over or fail to deliver a drink, even when called, like these 2 reported.
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