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Review: The Garden Cafe in Woodstock makes some very tasty vegetarian food. Also some very bland food, but most of it is tasty. The restaurant itself is small but charmingly decorated. The owner is often on the premises, she obviously cares about making delicious, clean vegetarian food. I wish that she would care more for the staff, however. It might be a problem of the area, as there always seems to be a new wait staff, but I have had several really bad experiences with rude waiters at this restaurant. I'm a local, and for a while was ordering from them at least once a week. The staff is often disorganized, and a bit cold and rude. Truly it's a shame, because aside from this (and the relatively over-priced menu - 21 for a plate of Polenta with Peas and Mushrooms BEFORE TAX is really pushing it!) the restaurant would be very easy to recommend. As it is, however, I can just say the food is sometimes delicious.


Posted by misharyan on Friday, February 22, 2013
This is Pam Brown, the owner of the Garden Cafe. I am sorry that you have had bad experiences with our waitstaff. While rude service is inexcusable, I will mention that we often can only have one server working at a time, so they may not be able to be as attentive as we would like. If you feel that you are being treated rudely, please feel free to ask for me at any time to rectify the situation. As far as the price of the polenta entree, I would like to explain how that entree is prepared, so you can understand our pricing. First of all, the polenta is purchased from Wild Hive Farm, a local farm providing organic corn. This is much more expensive than regular bulk polenta. This polenta is cooked, the vegetables (peas and mushrooms) are prepared, and blended into the polenta. Each sauce on the entree is homemade, as we do not used pre-made sauces. A tempeh round accompanies this polenta. This is first boiled, then marinated, then baked. It is then mashed, and mixed with other ingredients, and formed into patties, and brushed with mustard, coated with cornmeal, and lightly pan fried. In addition, the asparagus in the salad is very expensive, along with black kalamata olives. This is also served with organic sauteed kale. The reason I have gone into such detail regarding the entree is to illustrate the amount of labor that goes into preparing all of our food. It is not 'scooped' on a plate before serving.
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