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by flabergastedohmy

Review: Boring decor is all I can say. I understand it, but it doesn't work in the space. It is very cramped seating which inhibits how you enjoy the food. If you want a place to relax, don't go here. It's like dining in nyc, but upstate, where you have all the space you can why not use it?! Instead you're sitting on top of each other and in uncomfortable seating. How are you supposed to fully enjoy the food if you're worried about knocking into someone else? Also, I've tried talking to the owner before, to tell her how I liked the food. She seemed uninterested and that I was an inconvenience to her. I felt brushed aside when I was offering a compliment. No thank you, how rude! The food is good. Especially the desserts. And the waitstaff is great! Very attentive and fun to be around. They each have a great personality which comes out in how they treat their customers. I can't believe what the previous person wrote regarding the waitstaff. They're always great when I go in. If you can get over the seating and the owner, then go ahead and eat there, you'll get a nice treat from the food and the waitstaff. Otherwise, just take it to go.


Posted by gabby123 on Friday, October 9, 2009
The owner is very friendly and sweet...Perhaps you just caught her on a very buy day, but she is always very pleasant and runs an amazing cafe...everyone I know who has eaten there has also had a positive experience with her.
Posted by Woodstock on Friday, February 22, 2013
I've had positive experiences with the owner as well. I think she perhaps just isn't the kind of person who is enthusiastically warm towards people; she's a chef, and a good one. But I have to disagree about the staff. Yes, they have had some very nice wait staff, but honestly, I consider myself a very friendly person and have been rubbed the wrong way by staff at least 4 or 5 times. The problem is there always seems to be a new waiter here! And honestly, there are so many mistakes made, I don't think the owner is training them properly. It's turned me off of the restaurant, which generally serves good food! A pity!
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