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by chobesoy

Review: The best sign of an ethnic food restaurant is to see it packed with people of that ethnicity. I went to Rajdhani for a Saturday lunch and it was packed with Indian families which made me immediately happy. (Parking on the street was impossible btw, we braved the parking lot. Don't use it if you have a large car with a small turning radius.) As much as we love them, and as veggie friendly as they are, Indian buffets are commonplace now and the usual dishes are almost interchangeable. I knew there was a lot more to offer but I didn't know where to go to try something more authentic. To my great joy I finally discovered the little india area of Los Angeles! Having moved here a few years ago I'm a little embarrassed to only find it now, but better late than never! Rajdhani turned out to be a great place to start. They explained how the place works, and it's perfect for those who don't know what to order - you have no choice here but your plates are continuously refilled as you eat. For indecisive people, this is awesome. You get "all of the above!" And being a vegetarian restaurant, you can eat all that they bring you without having to ask what is veggie safe [note: it's not vegan]. There are several small bowls at your table and a large platter, and the staff diligently keeps everything filled unless you tell them you're filled to the brim. The flavors are very deep and these are not buffet style mass-quantity dishes, although the quantity is all you can eat. As explained to us, it's family style, you eat what your parents bring you, and it's all made with care. Unfortunately I don't know the names of what we ate, I just know I got refills in everything and had enough breads for a few meals. I only caution those who don't have a hot palate, as some dishes are spicier than others so go with friends who can take the spice and let you know which ones are within your range. They told us the spicy level was mild...but remember Indian scales are a little different than others, so use your own judgement if you eat the deep fried chili peppers. Overall, I loved this place, and I loved being the only party of non-Indian descent here. I ate until I could eat no more. After paying (easy, reasonable, the same price for everyone), we left, making our way through the pack of indian families in the waiting area. I was a very content, veggie indian fan here!


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