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by kindlizard

Review: It is hard to enjoy a meal when there is no heat. I think they had a door or window open in the kitchen bc when the front door opened, there was a swirling wind. I think it is inappropriate to have your diners so cold, bundled in coats and scarves to eat. The food was ok. The spring rolls were better than some but nothing truly remarkable. The other veg apps were all deep fried, and I have a feeling it would be the same fryer as the meat dishes. Note: bc the listing was anonymously by a guest and no one had to log in to enter it, I can't pm the lister to see how this place was vetted. Rule change that is necessary. I ordered Pho. I have never had the chance to eat Pho, it is never vegan. I was not a fan. It was bland and sour. Maybe I just don't get it. The waitress also had no time for us, but plenty of time for our neighbors. I ordered the soup since it was FREEZING in the cafe. My date got a "beef" dish w sesame that was like a "beef" & broc. That was good. I didn't lie the Pho so ordered another dish that was similar to the "beef". The waitress when asked about the fake meat being vegan said a lot of contradictory things. Forst she said her entire Veg menu was vegan, but I quickly pointed out the egg noodles, to which she said don't order that. I have a bad feeling that it may not be as straight in the back as we as vegans would hope. It took nearly half an hour to pay the bill. It was cold in there. She gave tea to the other table, but not to us.... I'd say service is an issue and knowing for sure if it is vegan is another. She wrote down a few words to check the products but she never looked for it. I dunno y'all, I won't be rushing back. Put the heat on! DAIRY WAS IN MY VEGAN FOOD. They lied!!!


Posted by kindlizard on Friday, February 22, 2013
Also I was DUPED! The lady said all her "meats" were vegan and they used a BRAND named Pure as their non-dairy milk. Pure milk isn't a brand, it is homogenized MILK. She has been lying to her vegan clientele at that rate. ISSUES!!!
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