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by LindaFern

Review: No real entrees, just a collection of side dishes cobbled together to form a 'meal (also out of what could have been decent menu items at 5pm?). All microwaved, my sons 'bread' and polenta-like dish were microwaved until rock hard. Hapless, inexperienced staff. Bizarre menu items, a dish that claimed to taste 'just like an omelette' was some dry, layered potatoes. Worst coffee imaginable. Cannot imagine how it's stayed in business this long. Also, much more expensive than 3 other excellent meals we had in York at Goji and Ambiente. I'm sure the owner will try to defend the restaurant but I would advise you to ignore the rebuttal.


Magdalena, owner
Posted by Magdalena, owner on Saturday, March 2, 2013
We are glad you enjoyed our neighbours. York is a great destination with lots to offer. It's a shame you didn't find anything you liked about EL PIANO. Fifteen years of 'food for all' has brought us success and a real sense of fulfilment in providing quality fresh food at a good price and we like all our customers to feel a part of that success.
Certainly much of what we serve is different from what you may be used to, drawing as we do, on recipes from all over the world. It enables us to offer a whole range of flavours that are BOTH vegan AND gluten free. Vaquero style coffee, for example, is for the coffee lover and not everyone's 'cup of tea' forgive the humour...
You are right. There is the option to order every dish separately (as well as many combo plates which you did not mention). This is for a couple of reasons. One is so that people can choose absolutely everything individually. Another is so that there is no blending of foods, one dish 'bleeding' into another. This is an important consideration for many of our more vulnerable diners who have restricted diets.
Microwaves are in ALL restaurants ALMOST without exception. The big difference in EL PIANO is that ours are not hidden.
HAPPY COW, as a website, and EL PIANO, as an eating venue, both depend on people’s integrity when offering their opinions. This means that what is written is circumspect, truthful and not motivated by a wish to do harm. Happily HAPPY COW readers are discerning.
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