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by castagnetta

Review: Where can I start? My husband and I, are both vegans and as we were in the South of France in August 2009, we decided to go to this restaurant as the reviews rated it well! What a disappointment that was! We're still recovering psychologically today! For starters the place is very small and upon arrival we were told that we would have to share tables if someone else came, which we didn't mind at all. The menu had about 4 choices for starters, 4 choices for lunch and 2 desserts. Upon ordering we we told "sorry I didn't prepare that" or "sorry it's out of season" why have it on the menu? We were left with the prospect of ordering either a potato pie or a sausage, so both opted for the potato pie. It repeated on us for the whole day, to the point where we didn't even bother with dinner! Side salad were served communaly from one bowl and passed in between tables (not the most hygienic way of serving!). The place not only was small, but very cramped with unnecessary bulk like a big dresses and a big TV! Felt very cluttered and dingy. The owner, a Californian old lady didn't have much spirit and we almost felt like it was a struggle for her to be there and was almost annoyed that people were coming in! The only positive things were: it was cheap and in a central location. So to summ the experience up: restaurant itself was terrible (if they had benches along the walls, with stools and got rid of the clutter it would be tons better) the hospitality was terrible and the food even worse so all in all: DON'T BOTHER GOING! you'll be much better off buying a vegan baguette and sticking some hummus and tomatoes in it!!!!


Posted by castagnetta on Thursday, June 21, 2012
Sorry for not replying earlier, life's been busy! I appreciate that it might be cool place to meet other activists, but maybe the lady had a bad day? It can happen to the best of chefs. I was purely reviewing the food, which I didn't find very exciting and not good quality considering the amount of fresh produce you can get in France. If that's the quality of food that you are used to, then I'm sorry. It's not a personal attack on the lady, all I'm saying is: use fresher local produce, tidy up a bit, smarten the place, and it might just be a nicer experience............but what do I know? I'm just a customer.
Vegan Jonathan
Posted by Vegan Jonathan on Friday, February 22, 2013
A bit harsh! I enjoyed it, though my wife who is less precious about the cause may sympathise more with your views. What i was interested to comment on was your suggestion that an alternative was to buy bread and humous, trouble is i couldn't find any humous in Nice that didn't have dairy products in it.
Posted by Koko on Friday, February 22, 2013
I think this is really harsh indeed, considering how the vegan movement is small in France. This lady has been running this place on her own for years, trying to provide an alternative to vegan people in here and although the menu is quite limited, I have never had to complain about the quality or the taste of the food and the price is really reasonable.
But I do aknowledge that this is not the kind of restaurants where you should bring bourgeois, food fetishist or dietary vegans - it's more like a place to meet with other activists.

P.S. if you're looking for vegan paté to stick in your baguette (although I really recommend the vegan potato paté of Janne, the owner), there's an organic shop a few meters from the restaurant, called La Vie Claire, where you can find vegan spreads.
Posted by Stevie on Saturday, September 14, 2013
Hi there,

If I may be able to reply to your review since, in my humble opinion of course, it seems very unkind.

Firstly it seems that part of your criticism is that the place is small. I don't see why a place is small means that it can't be enjoyable.

I can't comment on the specifics of what happened when you went obviously since I wasn't there. When I went though, the food was great, the service was great and the atmo was great. The positivity of my review is based on that and has nothing to do with, 'meeting other activists'. I don't see myself as an activist and I don't recall being engaged by any there.

Lastly, I don't understand why anyone vego would care what would Gordon Ramsay thinks about anything. The man has a clear anti vegetarian agenda and enjoys nothing more than his vego bashing. He also has an unashamed bullying management style that if there was an HR department in the places where he worked, he'd be pulled up for inappropriate behaviour. And lastly I remember watching one of his tv programs because he was going to 'revitalise' a vego restaurant in Paris. His secret of good vego cooking? Lots of salt, butter and cream. Hardly culinary genius.

Like I said, just my humble opinion and we are all different.
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