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by Epiphany

Review: I've been to Vegan Plate countless times and I've brought many friends there, mostly non-vegan/vegetarian folks who were open to trying it based on my recommendation. I've always found the food to be satisfying and so good sometimes, I've questioned whether it was actually vegan. For instance, they served french fries to me one day that tasted EXACTLY like McDonald's fries. There happens to be a McDonald's directly across the street and my dinner companion and I joked that they just ran across the street and picked up a few bags every day and then reheated them when customers came in. (I'm not saying they did this, but... boy, it really had that same distinctive Micky D's taste!) I was a regular customer who always had pleasant experiences with the wait staff, even coming in to pick up take out food now and again. One day when I picked up an order to go I signed off on the card as usual and even gave a cash tip. So imagine my shock when I took a look at the transaction online a week or so later and noticed they'd tacked on an additional FIVE BUCKS for themselves that I didn't authorize! (The bill was over the $15 minimum.) I suppose I could have gone back and disputed it with them, but I had already entered my receipt in Quicken and shredded it. I was so pissed I never went back. I am sad about it too because had they not ripped me off I would have given the place a great review. P.S. - You can avoid the small parking lot and valet service entirely if you don't mind a short walk by simply parking down the street (Radford) near CBS studios.


Posted by iamjona on Thursday, December 12, 2013
I apologize for additional charge of $5 we have had no idea too what was going on? but from my experience it might be that the server might mid adjust the tips, I know it might sounds like excuse but I don't think that there're any shady people working in here, there must be some kind of mistake misunderstanding, and I guarantee that we are 100% vegan with no msg at all! I swear on my god and my pride
Please stop by again, I believe it was some kind of error, we would never rip off any one, the owner (Cookie) she even delivery free food to regular customer who got laid off or young college student who had no money to dine in, even to homeless, there're no shady people here
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