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Respond to Review of Lian Siang Jhai Su Tsai - Jen Dow Vegetarian
by JesseD

Review: What everyone else has said here is true: if you want a fine-dining experience, and you're not vegan, you'll probably find this place incredible. But unfortunately it's very vegan-unfriendly. There is no service (other than a rushed person coming around to take your money and remove your used crockery) so no one to ask about what's vegan. I asked a busy chef, and he begrugingly said that all food not labelled (in Chinese) as having egg or milk was vegan, but this was clearly not the case as dishes containing cheese (eg pizza) weren't labelled, and something I thought was tofu (without any labels) was clearly egg, and I needed to slip out to the restroom feeling like I was going to vomit. There were also unlabelled chicken nuggets which (from my experience) are never vegan. I checked with the same chef and he assurred me that the mayonnaise dressing used on would-be delicious freshly-made salad wraps was vegan, as did the staff member making them. While she made my order, I (somewhat rudely) turned over the packed and it was clearly labelled 'nai-su' (lacto-vegetarian). I also tried to politely ask a staff member at the desserts counter whether the Haagen Daas rasberry sorbet was vegan (it sometimes has flavourings derived from milk) and was going to ask if I could see the lid of the container, as I know from another restaurant that it shows the ingredients. She just shouted back at me (as if I was crazy) that all the Haagen Daas products contained milk and egg, and didn't give me a chance to explain that I was asking about sorbet. The conclusion I reach is that they usually label what they add egg and milk to on-site (eg desserts) but don't check ingredients for products they buy (eg fake meats), and certainly don't want to be asked about it. If you want to impress someone with a taste for fine dining, bring them here. But if you're vegan and can't read or speak Chinese, then this place is simply not worth visiting. If you want a delicious, enjoyable and vegan buffet meal, I recommend going to Evergreen. In my two visits there (both over a year ago) staff were friendly, helpful and very happy to take me around and explain (in English) what was vegan, though it was hardly necessary because all dishes were labelled as vegan, lacto etc, along with their name (if you can read Chinese). I also find its more spacious and less ostentatious interior more pleasant, and they also have a bigger range of (vegan) food, including traditional Taiwanese desserts.


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