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by Raydoggy

Review: What a shame we still have to rely on humans to serve the food as well as cook it. Zest has some of the best veg food I have tasted so far on my world travels, (23 cities), what let it down was the attitude of the totally unfriendly waitress who seemed to be afraid to smile in case her face cracked open. It was like some kind of Monty Python "rude waiter" parody sketch. Would someone please tell the people of Leipzig that punk is well and truly dead, that it stinks and no one is impressed by it except themselves, no one even thinks it's cute or funny anymore, it's just a pathetic excuse for being too lazy to be civil to people. I think the best way to experience Zest is to get your food to go, rather than have your gastro experience destroyed by someone who would much rather be at a funeral than to be in the terrible predicament of having to serve people food of the gods. Food = 5 stars, absolutely excellent. Service by the short haired blonde with the Madonna gap in her teeth (looks pretty, but...) = minus 2. I couldn't possibly imagine that anyone would leave her a tip. It bugs me how people employ others to do jobs that are totally wrong for them. As the woman next to me said, "Why would she bother coming to work if she hates people so much". It's a shame that all the effort that has been put into Zest's menu could be undone by such a %$#^&^@ rude %^&&^ Don't miss the food, it's worth writing home about. Actually,maybe get a taxi to pick it up for you.


Posted by Merciless666 on Friday, February 22, 2013
The people who run this place went through a lot unhappy times until they finally opened this place. They had to work hard to get a fine reputition and still don't earn as much as they should for all their strain to run a decent restaurant different from the average!!!
You shouldn't bring down the whole thing just because you happened once beeing served by a moody waitress. And by the way who cares about your opinion on punk anyways???
I was always served decently and have the deepest respect for them holding on to their believes, even though it's much more work then they probably expected!
Posted by Petesternz on Friday, February 22, 2013
Agreed. After being served by the same waitress, I hardly found that it ruined my experience. While I share the view that service is an important part of the overall experience, this waitress was hardly inept. Service was competent, if cold, and as I said in my own review, I felt she warmed up with some effort. In any event, with food like this, I'd sit through incompetent service as well...
Posted by aprilday on Friday, February 22, 2013
Wow! Harsh words for a waitress who a) is simply not American, and will therefore behave differently, and b) is simply shy, maybe especially so when speaking a language that isn't her mother tongue. True, she doesn't smile a lot. She is quiet, shy, efficient. That alone doesn't make her unfriendly in my book. Unfriendly is the above review, if I may say so.
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