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by TS

Review: I first went to the Treehouse for a massage and was told during my session that I seemed to have some digestive issues. I was convinced to schedule an appointment for a health screening. After the screening I was told that I was very sick and that if I didn't start taking certain herbal treatments and follow a very strict diet prescribed by the Treehouse it would be very serious. As I was in a very vulnerable state I believed the information I received. I was convinced to buy several different herbal remedies that I was told I would not be able to find anywhere else and needed to buy directly from the treehouse. I had shared my concern that I should check with my doctor before starting these herbs as I already took a medication that was hard on my liver. I was assured that it would be fine and was made to feel like I was stupid for even asking such a question. I went home and researched the herbs I had bought and found that one of herbs did in fact effect the liver. I called the treehouse to share my concern and again was made to feel like I was stupid and inconveniencing them by asking such a question. I began taking the herbs and two weeks later when I went to get my blood taken (as I routinely do for a medication my doctor has me on) my liver enzymes were elevated for the first time in my life. My doctor was very concerned and took me off my medication because he thought that it was my medication that was effecting my liver (I had not had the chance to tell him yet about the herbs). From the advice of a friend I stopped taking the herbs and two weeks later my liver enzymes were back to normal. I have since gone back on my medication with no problems to my liver. When I shared this information with the Treehouse staff (Matt) he never e-mailed me back and I have never heard from him since. Even before this no one ever called to do follow ups on how I was progressing, I was always the one to call or e-mail them. I was always made to feel stupid and ashamed for asking so many questions and was condescendingly told by Matt "You sure ask a lot of questions". Well, yes, I do, especially when it comes to my health and well being. I do not recommend anyone to step place in this filthy and chaotic place. These people do not know what they are doing and are therefore very dangerous.I do not usually ever take the time to write a bad review but I feel that people must be warned not to go there.


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