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by anna molly

Review: the worst customer service I have seen in any country - though I would never thought it would be at a vegetarian restaurant. I came with my sister who was there for the first time. We both are vegans. Since I've been at this place before I ordered double chicken cheeseburger right away and showed my sister the right part of the menu where the vegan burgers were listed. She gave it a thought and then ordered 'chicken cheeseburger' pointing at the vegan burgers list (Since she ordered in English, she also pointed at the item she wanted on the menu). Of course she didn't know that 'double chicken cheesburger' is vegan and just 'chicken cheeseburger' is not vegan - the customers don't have to learn their menu by heart. She also asked if their cupcakes were vegan. Anyway, we got 2 different burgers and saw that one of them is vegetarian, that's when I asked her what exactly she ordered - and we realise there must have been a misunderstanding. She didn't touch the burger and took it back to the counter saying that she's sorry, but she meant the vegan chicken burger. They took the burger back and said "But you didn't say double - it's not our fault". She asked them to make her a vegan burger instead since she paid anyway but they refused repeating "you should have said "double"! She didn't want to argue and came back outside to me telling me what just happened and I decided to stick up for her - but there was no witnesses inside the cafe (everyone was eating outside) and there were 2 girls at the counter who kept telling me it's her fault and that they won't return the money or make her another burger. When I said why do we have to pay for a burger we didn't eat - one of them said a legendary phrase "I saw you wanted to pay with your credit card, so I know you have money for another burger!"


Posted by wildfang on Friday, August 31, 2012
Absolutely incredible, I'm glad I've stopped going there a long time ago. Unfortunately, too many tourists still do.
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