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by abrah

Review: So, I am sitting at All Saints as I type this and I have to agree with most of the reviews that I've read thus far. This is maybe my third time here and every time I'm here, I get the "I am too cool for you" vibe from the baristas that goes beyond the usual barista arrogance. The young hipster man behind the counter, although thankfully not sporting a greasy mustache, had an abject look and a seemingly blank or too cool for you personality. I had not realized that it was cool to dress like Jason Priestly from 90210 again. But, that's cool. Apparently, it's even too cool for me and I am DAMN cool. Whatever. So, I wanted a piece of cake but they only had red velvet and I know that the red from the velvet didn't come from beets. I wonder if their food coloring is vegan. I thought about getting their chickpea curry masala but I just figured that it would leave me longing for incredible chickpea curry made with friends over a few bottles of wine. Anyway, since I was only getting a cafe americano, I paid cash. I only had change. Cafe Depresso or Jason Priestly behind the counter seemed pretty turned off by me and my quarters. I saw a stack of styrofoam cups and let him know that I'd be drinking in. He gave me my cafe americano in a styrofoam cup, no lid. I asked why he didn't give me a MUG and he explained that he just always served in the styro. I then asked for a water cup and he told me that it would be $. 50. For the water or for the cup? Wait a minute! I just wanted a mug full of coffee and a glass of water from the sink. I will assume that Cafe Depresso was just tired from being up all night writing poetry or listening to a friend going through crisis. Maybe he's worked three shifts in a row and is still short on rent. The charm of an "indy" coffee shop. I have to disagree with one of the reviews that I read on the charm of an independent coffee house being more in the personal touch that it put into every facet of your experience. The hand of the artist or creator if you will in the comfort and satisfaction of your visit. It is not in leaving you dehyrated and feeling like maybe you are just not cool enough for a college coffee house off of a major thoroughfare. I think that they need to revamp their attitude and take pride in their customer service. Again, maybe I caught them on an off day. I've been to a lot of coffee shops in a lot of towns and their arrogance and lack of willingness to give me some water is lame.


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