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Review: I'm a regular visitor to Terre. Food is always great. Ok they don't change the favourites on the menu very often hut as it's soo good I don't mind. However last visit their device was bizarre - bordering on the Fawlty Towers school of service. Basil would be proud! We have previously ordered a Terre tapas for three ( normally served for two) and got a portion three could share. So we asked for this again but only a portion for two came up with three plates. No problem we thought as the server was friendly so we called them over and explained. This was where it went surreal. We were told by several members of staff who all saw it fit to come and strongly and very rudely tell us that they had never ever served it for three and could we tell them who it was as they got their job wrong and words were needed! I've never ever had any restaurant before (a) refuse to do a bigger sharing plate for extra cost and (b) tell us off for asking for it!!! At Terre the customer is not always right! They had no idea we were regulars. If we weren't it was so bad it would have put us off. Firstly we can't understand their strong and rude objections as we made it clear we expected to pay more for the extra, secondly they could have put portions for three on the plate ( yes it would fit), thirdly they did not need to be so rude or send so many staff members to come and tell us off! Now we are not wallflowers so we told them they wee being silly and we wanted to pay extra for any extra portions for the third person that they could provide. To their credit they did then give a few more nibbles for free but after being told off by three different members of staff ( and they were very loud about it) it was the least they could do. We saw the funny side but other dinners may not have done. Perhaps the answer lies in the fact that every table had a reward offered for anyone who recommended a chef. There clearly is trouble in the kitchen which means they can't load a plate with a three person portion or here's a radical idea - put the third person's portion on a smaller separate plate. As for charging for it just charge half of what you charge for two - you guys did it before with no problem!! It won't stop us going back but beware if you complain at Terre over something reasonable expect a comedy sketch response! Can't wait to order the tapas to share for three again! ;0)


Posted by kennyp353 on Tuesday, May 8, 2012
"I'm a regular visitor to Terre."
"Food is always great."
"Can't wait to order the tapas to share for three again!"
And you write this enormous review and give it only three stars because they wouldn't make something not on the menu? Really?
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