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Review: I wanted so badly to try this restaurant for a very long time so I had the opportunity to a few weeks back. Luckily a couple of days before QuarryGirl posted a review about the high pricing and pre-made processed soy patties they used in what seems to be their most popular menu item. I am always willing to give a place a try no matter what people say, but the fact that the patty was preprocessed got me to call the company that makes the soy patty and I found out it was not organic. I called the restaurant to confirm this and the girl that answered the phone confirmed it. So basically they boast the importance of organics and health, yet they choose to pimp preprocessed GMO soy patties under that guise. This basically tells me that I cannot trust what is organic and what isn't at this joint. Selling GMO soy in an organic Vegan restaurant is highly deceptive especially for people like me that know organic food is the healthiest food to consume. They now have me questioning all the "Organic" Vegan restaurants I go to that serve soy. I asked two restaurants that I go to every week about their soy and they proudly say that all soy their is organic. I really hated to ask for fear of a repeat of Mary's. I find that a lot of Vegans that care for animal rights are not very healthy in there choices and they consume a lot of cheap deep fried food that will in all likelihood make them sick at some point in their lives. GMO soy and corn are two crops that Vegans should not support for more than one reason. Just know that the Monarch Butterfly population is slowly being killed by the GMO pollen drift from these crops and to support this is not very Vegan. Just do a web search and you will find all the information about this Mansanto directed nastiness. I just want people to know that a business like this makes other businesses of its kind look bad. Because they talk a good line of health at Mary's I thought writing them an e-mail would get a response. BUT I never heard back from them which is really not surprising. Take this review as you will. I know that they are the only Vegan act in town, but that doesn't give them the right to deceive their customers.


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