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by TofuCelt

Review: This place was a bit awkward to find from the map supplied as the marker is slightly misplaced. It is actually on the road between the Judenplatz and the Am Hof, on the Drahlgasse. When we finally found this place, we took a look at the menu and all seemed good, so we decided to go in. The waiter (I think also one of the owners) greeted us quite nicely. He chatted with us quite a bit and made us feel quite welcome. We went through the menu and decided to finally go for a meal for two. I can't remember the name. First we were served the so-called salad for two. Was probably the worst and smallest salad I have ever eaten. Wouldn't even feed a rabbit. Was this an indication as to what was to come? The main course was actually quite tasty. However, one thing I have noticed about Austria is that they like to serve things on over-sized plates to give the illussion that they are giving you more than you are actually getting. Our serving dish was basically divided in three small section, each with something different. In one section there was a few small roast potato pieces. In another section was a few roasted veggies. And, in the middle section was the meat-like veggie proteins. However, all were tiny, almost mean, proportions. They wouldn't even feed one. Just because I am a veggie, it doesn't mean I don't like my food!! There was nothing special about the taste of it. However, the sauce was quite nice. We also had one beer each. This basic meal came to a whopping €60+ and the waiter actually had the nerve to tell us that this did not include the 'service charge'. There is no such thing as a 'service charge' anywhere in Europe. Austria, like Ireland, Spain, and the rest of Europe, rarely leave tips but when they do they just leave a few coins. Even my Austrian friends told me that. The reason we go to restuarants and over-pay for food is because we are already paying for it to be cooked for us, served to us and our plates cleaned!!! When we refused to pay this huge service charge (as it was not even indicated on the menu anyway!!!), the waiter/owner had a sudden change of personality and started to shout abuse at us from across the restuarant in front of the other customers. What a pleasant way to run a restuarant!!


Posted by AndyT on Tuesday, February 19, 2013
Peace, but I beg to differ, I am Austrian and (like most other Austrians and Germans) normally do leave a tip of about 5% of the invoice amount (more if it was really good, less if I feel that it was really bad).

Paying the exact amount of the food is normally considered an insult to the waiter if he has really misbehaved (I have also done that, but not in this place). Mentioning that there is no service charge makes sense to me if the customers are English-speaking and might otherwise understand that the service is included like in their home places.

Sorry about your bad experience, I was there a number of times and always found it an agreeable experience.
Posted by TofuCelt on Tuesday, February 19, 2013
I have lived in Austria for a short while and travelled extensively all over Europe and I have never heard about a 'normal tip of about 5%'. Even my Austrian friend said that it is like places like Ireland and Spain, where you can leave a tip IF you want and usually it is just to the nearest even full figure.

Besides, that is beyond the point. To charge a huge tip (I think he wanted a 12.5% tip!!) on top of an already hugely expensive but very small meal, was ridiculous. At least leave that up to the customer to decide IF and how much they want to leave. They are already paying a fortune as it is.

Glad you are enjoying it yourself though.For me though, never again.
Posted by JasminV on Friday, June 28, 2013
Service Charge?
Just have been there once (disliked it too) and didn't ever hear about a service charge?!
What a strange place!
Posted by TofuCelt on Saturday, June 29, 2013
Too true JasminV. This place is an embarrassment to both vegetarians and Austrians as it lets both down. Not a pleasant experience at all. Was back in Vienna recently and went out of my way to enjoy my large group of veggie friends avoided it.
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